Not The Best Start, Is It?

(laws may vary from state to state (except the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure))Orly, to TPM — who, apparently, is taking her calls so we don’t have to:

This threat of sanctions gives me an opportunity to demand rule 11 discovery and get all of Obama’ records through the back door.

(Shitty grammar in original.)  All this in the context of her client dumping her like a cold fish and going off to Iraq anyway, and Orly claiming that the client’s letter to the Judge was (yes!) forged, and blah blah blah.

This is what interested me, though: Rule 11 discovery?  Good Lord.  I mean: forget the fact that Rule 11 has no provision for discovery.  None.  This woman is thinking about asking the Judge to allow her to get evidence in order to show that her filing wasn’t totally full of shit?  You’re kinda sorta obligated to do that before you file something.

All of this is further proof, of course, that one would be better off getting a law degree from a Cracker Jack box than Taft Law School.  But we knew this.

Oh, one more last hit from Orly [sic, natch]:

The most important question is still on the table: why would the judge levy $10,000 in sanctions instead of instructing Obama to produce a real Hospital birth certificate with a name of the hospital name of the doctor and signatures, so we can locate this birthing file?

Why?  Because you are an idiot.  That’s why.


Paging DodgerBlue, will you join me in a letter to the State Bar? For realz. Don’t we have an ethical obligation under the rules of professional conduct to report this crap? Any other CSB members of I’ve missed? Can non-CA lawyers make complaints?

and that this woman gets so much MSM play horrifies me.

SanFranLefty: The enemy — it is us.

I mean, there is no self-respecting lawyer (and, thus, no member of Stinque & Assocs., Ltd.) who isn’t totally stunned that she hasn’t been shot to the dark side of the Moon by a disciplinary board. And so there is anger and frustration when, if we were to ignore her, she probably would go away.

But, truth be told: we can’t bet on “probably,” lest she remain and fester. It’s the Lawyerz Code. And thus ridicule is the order of the day.

I love you all. Some of you in inappropriate ways (oh come on, you know who you are) but lawyer geek…? Again?

Orly Taint is a lawyer? Oh yes. And I am Marie of Romania.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken:
She’s also a dentist and real estate agent.

BTW, she’s the ONE dentist that doesn’t approve of Crest Toothpaste and sugarless gum.

@SanFranLefty: It’s tough to get disbarred in Cal unless you steal money from your client. Being a whackjob doesn’t seem to count.

@ManchuCandidate: Rilly?

/dancing about in happiness

@Dodgerblue: How about incompetence? Sorry. My bad.

/slinks away to dark corner

Dodgerblue: Yeah. You screw with the trust account, you be dead. No do-overs. No counseling. The Fucking End.

Flat out making up stuff gets off light by comparison.

@chicago bureau and Dodgerblue : Sure, making up stuff gets off light, but I think her Achilles heel is so vociferously slandering the judge in the media. The State Bar seems more upset about DUIs than DVs, trust fund theft than idiocy, but badmouthing the judge the way she did…it gives me hope.

@SanFranLefty: Some dude who teaches the ethics of law at like Case Western or something already sent a letter to the state bar. It was pretty hilarious and his last line was “She is an embarrassment to the profession.” Not sure where the link is…

That said, I am so totes going as Orly for Halloween. I wonder if she will let me borrow her wig?

@SanFranLefty: There’s that out-of-state lawyer (and “inactive” member of the CSB) who filed a complaint last week. Perhaps join that one and give it some in-state cred?

@SanFranLefty: The thing that struck me the most about the recent clip of her was how, when the MSNBC guy warned that she wouldn’t be invited back on if she didn’t behave, she laughingly replied, “That’s a real threat.” Because it’s not, and she knows it. That guy or his producer may have had their fill, but lord knows there’s probably someone in the next studio over who is only too eager to book her. Crazy sells.

@chicago bureau: Can’t you just tie her to a parking meter in front of the bar association building on Howard Street with a sign around her neck that says, “Will Blow Judges for the Right Rulinga.”

Rule 11 is the only thing I loved about Civ Pro, and I wish it were used more frequently.

ADD: Oh, and JNOV, natch.

@chicago bureau: The Cal State Bar Journal runs a monthly rogues’ gallery of disbarred and suspended attorneys. I read it to see if I know any of the perps and to see what kind of bad behavior cost them their ticket. 9 of 10 are exactly what you say — sticky fingers in the trust account. The 10th is being convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude, like selling drugs. So if you want to up your chances of a top billing, steal your client’s money to finance your drug wholesaling ring.

Orly may be crazy, but she’s got a long way to go before she can catch up with Jack Thompson. Here’s one of his greatest hits:

(Word document) I’d love to see how they entered *that* into the legal databases – did they have to describe the included pictures?

The list of what gets you fired in the investment industry is long, but actual firings aren’t that common, especially if the person in question is bringing in tons of clients and commissions.

The top two are usually commingling assets, similar to lawyers raiding their IOLTAs, (“Did I deposit that client’s check into my personal account–whoopsies!”) or, even more brazenly, simply signing the client’s signature on an investment application.

You’ll be relieved to know that doing drugs with and fucking your clients is A-OK in the securities industry, unsurprisingly, as far as I know, so long as these little conflicts of interest are disclosed to compliance.

@Dodgerblue: Mr. SFL is always excited when I bring the Cal Bar Journal home for us to read the disbarment notices (we know how to party here, right?). So true – 90% boring trust fund raiding, only 5-10% exciting like the DA in SF who was selling and dealing X and giving his dealer special dispensation. The Recorder and SF Bar Ass’n also runs local stories. Sad true story was that a law school classmate of a coworker of mine was disbarred for his total incompetence on a case my office got involved in for an IAC claim. Still, I want to write something. In my spare time manana, I’ll draft it and circulate it in the sandbox or IRL to you and CB (check your gmail tomorrow, dude, or I’ll have flippin’ give you a heads up).

@mellbell: Yeah, that clip made me want to smash her head in FCS style.

@JNOV: And Rule 11 has nothing to do with discovery, she’s such a dumb twat.

ADD: Watching Lebowski on cable. That movie never gets old. The dude abides.

@SanFranLefty: that this woman gets so much MSM play horrifies me.

Orly’s more fun than the runaway blondes they usually cover.

@nojo: Except the runaway blondes aren’t on teevee opening their mouths.

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