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One of these things is just like the other.

Glenn Beck, whom we’ve recently begun to suspect is a masterful comedic performance artist outranking even Sacha Baron Cohen and Andy Kaufman, recently took his viewers on a magical mystery tour of Rockefeller Center, warning them against being subliminally influenced by John D.’s commie iconography. See that hammer and sickle in the door frieze?

“It drives me nuts! that nobody knows what this is,” he said.

Which makes it all the more curious that the logo for the 9/12 DC event featured a raised fist — a cliché of lefty symbolism first used by the Wobblies in 1917. Don’t get too cute, Glenn — with winks like that and oligarhy, the yahoos will start catching on to you.

Glenn Beck’s ‘9-12’ logo based on communist and socialist designs [LA Times]

Not surprised considering the strong vein of stupidity among Bekc’s audience and Bekc, himself.

If he was a true patriot then the fists would be colored blue and the capitol would be painted red.

Wouldn’t blue denote democrats’ fists? Yellow would be more appropriate maybe? Teabaggers need their own color. Get out the pantone book and look for an analogous nadsack color.

OR, perhaps he is co-opting the Black Power fist. A cynical racist ploy.

Is it just me, or does adding “bloody fists” to the “teabaggers” make the whole thing sound like some kind of vaguely homoerotic hazing ritual?

“homoerotic hazing ritual?”

I thought that was the whole point!

Macy’s uses that red star for their logo. What’s up with that?

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Kanawha County textbook protests and last month the protesters gathered in West Virgina for a reunion.
“They said the protests helped birth a conservative movement, now manifested through anti-tax tea parties and the raucous protests at town hall meetings on health care.”

Some of the protesters, including a preacher were jailed for conspiring to blow up school buses and an elementary school was bombed.

@texrednface: All the crap is made in China, destroying American industry and jobs, part of the grand commie scheme to place America in debt to the Han who will finally foreclose, carry away the women, kill all the guys and move into our homes and drive our cars around and shit. It was in the sermon at church yesterday. Guy held up a Macy’s bag and everyone hissed.

In case anybody wasn’t clear where this ends up, go back to one of the beginnings:

Book protesters reunite

The book protests started as “concerned parents”, but escalated to overt racism including the KKK claiming a Jewish conspiracy of some sort. From there it was just a short hop to “set fire to several elementary schools and attach explosives to school buses and carpools”.

A quote (from Wikipedia) that should sound oddly familiar:

Reverend Charles Quigley asked Christians to pray that God would kill the three board members who voted to keep the books, leading one student to point out, “They’re shooting people because they don’t want to see violence in books.”

History may not repeat itself, but it certainly does rhyme…

@texrednface: “Posters displayed at the gathering included those saying:

‘Concerned Citizens Agianst [sic] Textbooks'”


TJ: “Those are people who died” now includes Jim Carrol himself.

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