We Have Our Answer

I think this angle is conclusive:


And check out this patriot:



I think it is time for Sheik Obama to call in an air strike on these assholes. I mean turning the flag of the North American caliphate into a pair of clown pants must be a crime against Allah.

Prostitation: how Republican politicians unwind.

Why am I not surprised at the FlagWear? These people take flag desecration to a whole new level.

@FlyingChainSaw: Clowns scare me.

Glad to have definitive proof. I spent way too much time last night looking at the other photo.

I dunno, those could be moobs. Can we split the difference and call him a lesbian?

Home Schooling + Felt Tip Marker + Construction Paper = Prostitation

Speaking of Betsy Ross, you are no doubt aware that was the name “Serial liar Betsy McCaughey” went by during her tenure as Lt Guv of New York. Her husband Wilbur Ross divorced her during her campaign for Guvner and asked for his campaign money back. There are many things about her that parallel the career and personality of Guv Palin.

@texrednface: Yes, but when I was a little Lefty in the wilds of Texas as a chillin, the only acceptable heroines for us “spunky” little girls were (not that there’s anything wrong with them):

-Betsy Ross
-Abigail Adams
-Amelia Earhart
-Helen Keller
-Lady Bird Johnson

We never heard about those rabble rousers like Sojourner Truth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, Barbara Jordan, or Sarah Weddington.

Watching a PBS documentary about LBJ and the assassination of JFK, featuring vintage footage of Lady Bird talking about it is totally freaking me out. Her description of the climate in the South in 1963 is more than disturbing.

@chicago bureau: As part of my LBJ documentary or the litany of post-modern feminist heroines?

I feel like Unicorn needs to watch this “American Experience” documentary about LBJ and pick up a skill or two from our brother from Blanco County, TX.

ADD: And learn not to get sucked into a war in Asia.

Don’t forget Jane Long, Mother of Texas. She was really spunky.

@SanFranLefty: The only acceptable heroines held out to little girls in SC who were smarter than they should be were Jacqueline Kennedy (Before she married that nasty little Greek guy) and Scarlett O’Hara. Just ask my therapist(s) how well that worked out. And my mama always believed that Lady Bird had JFK killed so her daughters could be married in the White House. Southern women imagine anyone is capable of anything to have a really great wedding venue.

@Mistress Cynica: Well, that’s just mean of your mama. Because I always had a soft spot for Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson and not just because we share the same birthday and she gave me a scholarship in her name for graduate school.

@texrednface: Actually, speaking of founding ladies of Texas, I’ve always wanted to write the definitive biography of Ima Hogg, whose foundation has done more to help the mentally ill and the children of Texas than anyone else, bar none. Unless it’s already been written, then my work is done, or I can become the hair-splitting historian who disagrees on nuances. Shit, it’s a good excuse to go spend a few months in Austin rattling around the UT archives if/when I lose my day job.

@SanFranLefty: You didn’t hear about Barbara Jordan? You must be from east Texas.

@Just Jamie: They didn’t teach about her at school. I knew about her at home.

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