Haven’t had time to sort through the online photos (at work), but this one caught my eye.


(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

I LOL’d at the sign on the right – I’m sure the jackoff holding it was all for the Patriot Act and torturing “terrists”.

That photo of Nancy is so two noses ago.

I like how the photog tried to show how large this group is, but the empty street behind them says otherwise.

@ManchuCandidate: Watched the last 45 minutes of Beck’s two-hour program, and even Fox had to crop tight. The cutaways to southern Illinois and (rainy) Texas could have been a picnic.

Wait, I’m confused. The picture of Madame Speaker… um, doesn’t it contradict them? It say they’re astroturf and Nancy is wondering who the Nazis are. Puzzling. Boring. But puzzling.

Benedick: So, what I’m thinking is that your teabagger here is trying to say that Nancy wants to bring in a Nazi regime (filled, oddly, by socialists), and wants to shut these morons up by alleging astroturfing.

You know, it’s just easier to call them idiots and move on.

Politico: “Police officials declined to release a crowd estimate, but the number of protesters along the route appeared to number well into the tens of thousands.”

Autzen Stadium (Eugene) capacity: 54,000.

Eugene, Oregon, population: 142,185.



Wingnut minds are a collection of contradictions, unacknowledged issues and fear and guilt. I think that is 90% of your brain activity right there, plus breathing of course (and unfortunately).

Their hypothalamus functions work well, so that’s…something.

It makes sense to him. That’s enough.

Let’s wrap up the crowd counts…

DC Fire Department, quoted by ABC: 60,000 to 70,000

FreedomWorks prez, “quoting” ABC: 1 million to 1.5 million

TPM reader reports: 50,000-ish, based on how much earlier, larger protests filled the place

WND, quoting the London Dailiy Mail (huh?): 2 million

Turns out the turnout is a controversy in itself…


WND was only willing to say 2 million? I’m amazed they weren’t claiming 20 million; it’s closer to the truth than most of their “reporting”.

@al2o3cr: Glad you asked

The capital was rocked today by a taxpayer march and rally that could be the biggest protest ever – potentially dwarfing the Million Man March and the Promise Keepers Rally.

But not, according to TPM readers on site, dwarfing major anti-Iraq war rallies, which filled about three times the space.

MMM, depending on whom you ask, drew about 650,000. The 1963 March on Washington, a few hundred thousand.

And the Obama inaugural? 1.8 million. Suck on that, teabaggers.

WND wanted to go with 2000 Kajillion, but someone pointed out that Kajillion wasn’t a real number.

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