Save the Dates

Manufactured teabagging.

  • The 9/13 Project: Sleep in.
  • The 10/31 Project: Bark at kids who come to your door asking for handouts.
  • The 11/2 Project: Set up Death Panels to scare the immigrant workers at the Home Depot.
  • The 11/11 Project: Demand an end to socialized healthcare for veterans.
  • The 11/26 Project: White meat only.
  • The 11/27 Project: Curse the government that props up the banks that issue the credit cards that you’re carrying when you get trampled at Walmart.
  • The 12/8 Project: Recapture the spirit Americans felt the day after Pearl Harbor; key a Prius.
  • The 12/25 Project: Crucify that commie bastard who says we should love thy neighbor.
Democrats Inflate Expectations for 9/12 Rally Turnout [TPM]

I’m prepared to be indignant but what is this 9/12 thing? I was away working (as if!) for a couple of days and seemed to have missed something.

Big storm last night. Today I must try to plant the dozen gallon-size irises I ordered from the nursery. They are to go in the fringe of the new pond.

BTW/ As to reading: y’all might consider Pnin. I bet none of you have read it. It is in paperback and is a lot of fun. Plus, three-quarters of the way through your heart will break.

Oh you, Demrats. What the hell!!!!?! Why are you playing mind games? What next? Growing a spine?

Guys — I have a confession to make.

Yesterday, I was totally swamped with work. As a… [clears throat]

As a result, I… I forgot 9/11.

I’m sorry.

@chicago bureau: What kind of American are you???? You libruls make me sick!!!

Steve Forbes on FOX has a solution! Let consumers shop around!

(Oh, and they accused Black Eagle from fleeing D.C. for Minnesota on account of teabaggers. Classy.)

CNN now with a shot of them —

Well, give ’em credit… it looks like a big turnout. But one guy holding a sign saying “Thank You Fox News And Talk Radio” and another with socialism and fascism on the same sign and…. I’m done giving them credit.

I want every single one of these tea-baggers to rip up and turn in their Medicare cards. Srsly. Assholes.

On an unrelated note, we had insane thunder and lightning storm here in SF last night complete with rain. It never rains here in September, but in addition we never have thunderstorms. Weird.

They depress me. I am only stoic when drunk, and not only then. The stupid, its like entropy, its like rust, it never sleeps. Stupid. Here is a happy song to describe the teabaggers, anyway:

Oh, Glenn Beck is just lovely right now. And by lovely, I mean stupid. (Tying in teabaggers with 9/11 at the moment.)

I’ve subjected myself to a minute of this and feel like I am owed something in the way of good karma. So let me check something…

STAN 14:3 WAKE (9:40 left in 2nd qtr)

Ah, sport. (Bonus! Stanford doesn’t look completely awful this year!)

The photos I’ve seen of the rally aren’t as large as the crowds like, say Barry’s inauguration. It’s bigger than the first Teabagger circle jerk in DC.

CNN, MSNBC: Obama speech
Fox: Glenn

Glenn: “Name one person who has a bigger brain than Benjamin Franklin!”

I think I might stick around…

“Come out. Find a microphone. Purge the disease. Enforce the quarantine.”

“Become one of the Refounding Fathers of this generation.”

Apparently we’re supposed to skip healthcare reform and other unimportant stuff until we clean up corruption first — which has been shown to be a major preoccupation “the past few years”.

Um, Glenn, who was running the show the past few years? And didn’t we do something last November to clean it up?

Graphic: Snake encircling the Capitol Dome.

Glenn: “We must restore God to his rightful place, because these rights belong to Him.”

Black Texas pastor: “An attempt to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with a socialistic doctrine, an atheist doctrine that is formed within a Darwinistic frame and does not recognize the divine.”

Oh, and the real point of reform is to depopulate aging Baby Boomers. I can get behind that.

“I’m a big fan of Ayn Rand. I dismiss her godlessness.”

Bronx-inflected guest: “Judo-Christian morality.” Jesus was a Ninja.

More like the re-re founding fathers…

Objectivist Guest: We need to reject this notion that somebody’s need (including hunger) lays a moral claim on us.


That’s like the Randroid equivalent of a C-Streeter; pick and choose your own morality!

Crowd shots are a Rainbow of Beige.

@al2o3cr: Apparently Glenn’s new shtick (always have a second act) is to find “56 men and women” who will be the refounders. What they will do is unclear.

@nojo: Any gratuitous H8erade directed to the gheyz and the baby-killing wimmins?

Pat Caddell is Glenn’s Token Democrat. Remember him? Anyone?

nojo: The one with the beard, right?

Shit. I was listening to Beck on the XM radio (the STAN 17:17 WAKE scoreline was pissing me off). When I heard that 56 Refounders line, I damn near drove off the road.

But — the road was recently rebuilt thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And thus I could regain control. Were it otherwise, the potholes that were there would have seriously taken my car out and over the curb. BARACK OBAMA SAVED MY LIFE!!1!

@chicago bureau: Bingo!

And Glenn’s out. Top story: ACORN scandal!

Oh, and Fox News has been going off on Acorn with NEW BREAKING DEVELOPING HARD VIDEO.

I’m now convinced. Fox News isn’t evil. Worse: they’re boring.

For those who didn’t watch Glenn Beck: the point behind the 56 Refounders? You know how many guys signed the Declaration of Independence? Yep.

Oh, and nojo: get out of my head or I’ll get a Oregon running back to punch you in the mouth.

(Too soon?)

(And as punishment for that blast — it’s a near final: STAN 17:17 WAKE, 20 seconds left, Deacons on the Stanford 3. Great.)

@chicago bureau: “56 Refounders” sounds like a detergent pitch. Billy, you’re missed.

@chicago bureau: The running back gets his ideas from the mascot.

Trivia contest answer: Pat Caddell was Jimmy’s pollster. Glenn reached to the bottom of a deep barrel.

NEWS: Cornell student dies from swine flu. Sad.

BlueGal tweets a winner:

Betty Ford Clinic’s new favorite drinking game — every time you see a minority at Beckstock…

@chicago bureau: Did McCarthy claim there were there 56 communists in the State Dept? No? OK. Is it something to do with ketchup? No? OK. Is it the size of Rush Limbaugh’s waist? No? OK. Is it…

Can we nominate re-founders? I think Tommy Tune might be free.

@Benedick: Refried founders, or frijoles as we call them here in LA.

Benedick: You know who’d be two perfect Refounding Fathers? Bill Walton and Bill Lee. Two blissed out hippie types. Also, famous for Sport. Americans love Sport, right?

SanFranLefty: Frankly, this win would have been a bonus before the day started, but they blew it in the second half. Still — we got a good quarterback for the next few years.

Sometimes I wonder whether O’Reilly and Hannity are resentful of all the attention Beck gets. He’s really raised the bar (or lowered the Limbo) on clownishness.

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