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Maria Bartiromo:


Our elite media.

BONUS Wankery – The USS Constitution:


I’m growing more certain that the folks most satisfied with their health insurance have never needed to use it.

@ManchuCandidate: Check out the video I added – that is some weapons-grade dumb.

Who was the brunette of “The Mothers In Law?” Thats who she looks like.

I think I am starting finally to understand what is meant by “not with a bang, but a whimper.” We all thought our country would go in a cataclysmic nuclear war. But no, instead, we are just turning shittier and shittier. Shitty media, shitty politics, shitty people, crappy dishonest shit. No grand scale evil is destroying us, no great noble, but quixotic adventure will be the end of ther USA. Instead, as they sang of the town of Rockridge, “Our Country is turning into crap.” Ignorant, incompetent, corrupt politicians, kleptomaniac businesspeople, stupid, inept, media, idiots, morons, raging angry dipshits running free in the streets, Britney Spears, American Idol, Glenn Beck, Paris Hilton, just trash and shit and dirt and corruption. Paultards and Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars and Disney and Giuliani have destroyed Times Square and Joe the Motherfucking Plumber, really, isn’t he the symbol of all that is just painfully, embarrassingly crappy? Soon we will all live in Wassilla.

We are festering our way to 3rd world status.

@The Nabisco Quiver: You went and made me cry over Joey, dammit. He only needed 7 syllables, and there was the hook, the rest of the song marking time before he throws it at you. Damn I miss Joey.

@Prommie: In a better world, the Top 40 would have been filled with their hits, and they all were hits – even “Warthog”.


Weapons-grade dumb indeed! I particularly liked the part where the guy was ranting about how Jeebus was going to sort out healthcare. Sounds like he subscribes to one of the weaker varieties of Christian Dominionism, which makes your average teabagger’s views look like a those of a “godless pinko”.

Apparently in that guy’s Bible, Jesus only healed people who could afford it. WTF?

@Prommie: Who was the brunette of “The Mothers In Law?”

Kaye Ballard, I think. Or Eve Arden.

It actually crossed my mind as a reference the other day, but I was sure nobody would get it.

Obviously all the screwing people one is supposed to be covering has affected Ms. Bartiromo’s brain.

T/J: Gmail is down. Here’s a hint from the NYT about why it may be taking so long to fix: “Google engineers will have an extra handicap while trying to fix the problem. The company uses Gmail internally, and Google employees confirm that they too are without email.”

No, but I’m not surprised. The actual poll results depend on who did the poll. Any poll commissioned depends on the bias.

Polls done by Global and CTV usually put the Cons up 5-7% than actual results. If the Cons actually had a REAL 10% lead on the Libs, Fatty would have called an election and walked in with a small majority.

Dude, shut up and I will buy you a roll of toilet paper! Really!

They are picking up the cadence and elocution of Glen Beck, have you noticed?

@Dodgerblue: I just noticed all the GmailFail tweets, but mine’s been working fine.

Then again, I use it through Apple Mail, not the web interface. Seems it’s always the browser version that goes south.


Wow. That just isn’t as hot as you would think it would be from the description.

@SanFranLefty: oh. won. der. ful. Where are the sexually confused sorority girls the brochure on a career in international intrigue promised me?

ADD: reminds me of the time I hired a Guatemalan reggae band to play at an embassy 4th of July party, during my peace corps days. *snicker* The band ripped off a bunch of the marines *snicker*

@SanFranLefty: Hey! Don’t say mean things about those private contractors! People are shooting at them and trying to kill them! That’s why they’re paid $350 to $1500 a day, because it’s so dangerous we can’t get anyone to do their job for less.

Oh, wait. Troops in America’s volunteer army only earn $225 a month in the same war zone.

You have to hand it to “private enterprise.” It sure knows how to work the system.

@SanFranLefty: With a name like Wackenhut, it has to be good!

Re: Wackenhut

So hetero-man Stinquers, would ya’ll like to help the rest of us understand this?

@Original Andrew: It’s a frat boy thing, I doubt any of the hetero-man Stinquers would understand.

@Original Andrew: I do understand that people in the armed services spend most of their time shitfaced, going someplace to get shitfaced or recovering from being shitfaced when they are not on active duty. But standing around naked getting shitfaced and putting your nose near some guy’s rear end, it’s inexplicable unless it is some kind of gay thing. Maybe Wackenhut is where all the gay guys go when they get tossed out of the armed services.

@Original Andrew: The Wackenhut Corporation is a United States-based private security and investigation firm. Founded in 1954, in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three partners (all former FBI agents), the company is now headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

[qikipedia] (and that typo stays)

@blogenfreude: I thought Wackenhut was a mail-order company.

@nojo: Can I nominate that for tomorrow’s tweet?

@SanFranLefty: You can, but I don’t think it works out of context. Unless I’m desperate.

Blogenfreude’s second video post seems to refer to the “Town Hall” thingy in Nojo’s and mine very neighborhood. It was held in Spring Valley, renowned around the county as the home of meth labs and 50-60’s tract homes that display their woefully failed suburban aspirational hopes with front yards full of crabgrass and rusting wheel-less automobiles mounted on concrete blocks.

Yet I heard on my own local NPR station reports of brave embattled libruls shouting the crowd down at this very meeting. Not sure what ensued afterward…I’m thinking perhaps the pitchforks and torches were in the wrong hands.

There is pretty much no informed or educated political discourse left in this country (other than Stinque), witness the likes of Joe Klein and his infantile screeds against Glenn Greenwald.

I think there’s a great capitalist opportunity here to import tissue paper from Cuba.

“Somebody oughta investigate that just like Glenn Beck has been doing!”


@nojo: Simple: they were afraid of the ghey cooties swirling about the intersection of Tenth and University (not to mention Vermont and that enabling bridge from University Heights.)

@Pedonator: Thank god for that bridge. Google Maps placed the town hall location on the other side of Washington…

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