Douchebag of the Day

Jonah Goldberg:

Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large of National Review Online, went on Fox News today to fan the flames of the latest fabricated “death panel” controversy.

Goldberg equated a Veterans Affairs pamphlet — one that’s reportedly no longer being used — with Nazi eugenics, saying “death panels may not be too far off the horizon.”

The pamphlet in question is one that, Fox reported this weekend, encourages disabled veterans to decide whether their lives are worth living. Tammy Duckworth, an assistant secretary of the VA, told Fox on Sunday that the department instructed VA doctors to stop using the pamphlet in 2007.

As you know, Jonah is the spawn of the hideous Lucianne. He is one of the prime recipients of wingnut welfare.  And he is mind-bendingly stupid.

He may win Douchebag of the Year.

Jonah Goldberg Compares VA Pamphlet to Nazi Eugenics [TPM]

Like Goldberg to be late to the show yet again.

Death Panels were so last week. This week it will be mining the elderly for precious minerals and body fluids.

I have to wonder if he’s thought the whole “test people before voting” thing through – as we’ve seen, most of his party’s base wouldn’t be able to vote if there were two questions on the test:

(1) Where was the President born?

(2) Who administers Medicare?

Somewhat OT, but stumbled on via the Wingnut Welfare article:

A rare outbreak of teh crazeee from the typically quiet Lutheran side of the fence.

@al2o3cr: The only upside that I can see to the Birther/Deather craze is that we’ve been hearing a lot less about how much God hates fags. And how ss marriage (is it a coincidence that the initials are the same as for Hitler’s – or ‘Hotler’ as his gay friends called him – oberstammfuhrerstrudle? I THINK NOT.

But… People… T/J!!!!! Michale Steele called Boehner sewage!!!! He called the leadership of the party something only fit to be flushed!!!!!

I have been singing my happy song. My happy happy happy song.

I would post a link but nojo hates me.


What song, exactly, is your happy song? Just curious…

@Benedick: I hate you for not picking up on Sunday’s Shakespeare reference.

@Tommmcatt Floats: “Oh, I’m H. A.P.P.Y.
I’m H.A.P.P.Y.
I know I am.
I’m sure I am –
I’m H.A.P.P.Y.”

@nojo: Missed it. Obviously not paying attention. Probably nothing a good spanking can’t fix.

@Benedick: “There the men are as mad as he.” Didn’t realize until the next morning that it was also an inadvertent Mad Men reference.

@nojo: Why Hamlet’s sent to England. No one will notice he’s nuts. Shakepeare’s version of a New Jersey joke.

@nojo: We need an option on the poll for those of us who would answer “What’s a vacation?”

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