Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Shrub adjusts his Death Ray.Continuing Presidential Fashion Day, let’s go to correspondent Andy McCarthy at the Corner

Derb, I’ve noticed that President Obama frequently forgoes the necktie — lately, even in public appearances. That reminded me — I have no idea why — that the Iranian regime has shunned the necktie ever since Khomeini pronounced it a symbol of Western decadence. I’ve always assumed that’s why Michael Ledeen is often pictured wearing a big, bold tie — you know, as a signal to the other conspirators.

Well, it’s an improvement over Hitler comparisons, we guess. And as Think Progress observes, previous Conspirator-in-Chief Dubya also proclaimed his hatred of America in plain sight.


If these tards bitched about Barry’s policies (and it’s not like there’s nothing to bitch about) then I might consider these thinking people who I happen to disagree with, but if he’s getting pissy about Barry’s fastball (same dud) and his ties then what we have here is a Major League Dipshit only worthy to be made fun of.

She made it worse by complaining about all the mocking to the editrix of Brand W. I think that cutting my hands and dipping them into shark infested waters is much smarter than what she did.

Epic Intertubes fail.


Granmamma Obama only sacrifices free-range chickens, so it’s cool, at least with the Whole Foods-set.


Maybe she runs an exorcism business outta a trailer on the South Lawn.

FSM knows she’ll never run outta clients in DC.

@Original Andrew: Except now the Whole Foods set is boycotting Whole Paycheck over the remarks made by their idiotic libertarian anti-union CEO. Why it is suddenly a revelation to liberals that the owner of WF is an asshole is beyond me, but then again I pay attention to things and I lived in Austin and didn’t buy into the WF hype. (I was an H-E-B Central Market kinda gal).

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