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imagesSenator Jim DeMint on Hugh Hewitt’s show:

Well, I grew up watching Andy Griffith, and this is a story that involved Opie, and he was essentially being blackmailed. And of course Deputy Fife got involved. But it turned out that Opie decided to take the matter into his own hands, and fight for his own freedom. And after Andy shared a story from his childhood with him about a fishing hole that a bully was running him off from, but the end of it all is that Opie took charge, he got a black eye, but he was proud of himself, and he was responsible for his own actions, and he made a difference in his own life. And it’s not always easy to be responsible. And the temptation is to give up your freedom for some kind of supposed security. But that little story just reminded me that I need to keep swinging.

You can’t have health insurance because Little Jimmy channels fictional characters to guide his actions in the Senate.

I wonder what Andy Griffith would say about that.



And it’s not always easy to be responsible. And the temptation is to give up your freedom for some kind of supposed security.

These lowlifes have no fucking sense of shame…

Affordable health insurance is “giving up your freedom for some kind of supposed security” while the Patriot Act, unlawful wiretaps, secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, torture and the repeal of a Habeas Corpus all in the name of bombing the shit out of a sorry bunch of ragtag, desert nomads who just happened to be lucky enough top pull off a spectacular, one-time terrorist attack on U.S. soil is just fine and dandy.

Fuck these GOP hypocrites. Fuck them in the ass with a frozen catfish.

Since Ron Howard got Andy to do a pro-Obama ad — in character — I think we have our answer.

@nojo: I emailed Jane Hamsher and suggested they approach both Ron Howard and Griffith to do a spot countering DeMint’s horseshit.

Problem is, Aunt Bee kept showing Andy the Queen of Diamonds when they were playing pinochle.

TJ: things once again degrading the perceived value of an Ivy League degree — apparently Senator Diapers has one. This may have been common knowledge to the rest of you…if so, sorry.

@Signal to Noise:
I didn’t realize Hahvahd had a program to allow one to major in Sexual fetishes and religious hypocrisy with a minor in diapers.

And if he thinks he’s going to take down Canada City’s HC program, be prepared to refight the war of 1812.

As for the thread, I agree with Serolf. They can really go fuck themselves.

DeMint harbors a deep desire to go back to a time when Barry and his family was considered only 4/5 (1/2 white 1/2 black) or 3/5 of a human being. He’s not a conservative, he’s a fucking revisionist “librul” who wishes that Harry Turtledove (What if the South Won? Quasi SF bullshit) novels were true. He wants to redo what was undone.

Well, I grew up watching Leave It To Beaver and this is a story that involved Beaver, and he was essentially making up stories. And of course his father got involved. But it turned out Beaver got caught and embarrassed himself. His father told him how wrong it was to make stuff up so Beaver apologized to everybody. The upshot was that Beaver didn’t grow up to be a wingnut or a Republican Senator.

At least DeMint got Henry Kaiser’s wonderful cover of The Fishin’ Hole (Theme to the Andy Griffith Show) running through my head.

And more wingnut whining from Washington state.

@ManchuCandidate: I say we encourage the South to rise again and take their lousy tax base with them. No more subsidies from the North and West — that’s unAmerican!

@Jesuswalksinidaho: Henry Kaiser? I stand impressed when anybody’s esoteric knowledge exceeds mine. I can reach no further than Frank DeVol.

But speaking of the Beav: Harry Shearer almost became the other Ronny Howard of his generation. He was in the Beaver pilot, playing a character who became Eddie Haskell in the series.

@ManchuCandidate: Do you know anyone in the media you could forward this to? He deserves to be trashed in every newspaper/on every TV show you have.

@Serolf Divad: Thank you. Now I don’t have to try to articulate the incoherent rage making my head asplode.

I submitted this into the “general” tips email at the Toronto Star.

Well, I spent most of my teens watching gay porn, and if it taught me anything about police, it was that if they want to handcuff you, go ahead and let them. Oh, and they like it if you struggle, but not too much. Also, if you happen to have a hot Asian buddy with you, you should go ahead and try to get him arrested too, and then of course there’s the forced shower…

Wait, what was the post about again?

Er, but that’s just the South’s capitalism, not socialism… y’all know?

@Jesuswalksinidaho: don’t send Randall back here to Oregon. We don’t want him either.

@ManchuCandidate: apparently Oxford offers graduate studies in Diaper Fetishism too. He’s a freaking Rhodes Scholar?

@blogenfreude: again, David Vitter has to go and prove on a damn near weekly basis that one can have all manner of advanced education, yet still lack a brain in his head. No wonder all the blood flow goes to his dick.

Just another Republican letting fictional characters guide his actions. At least (AFAIK) nobody’s ever been killed over the meaning of the Andy Griffith show, unlike another fictional work his party’s fond of taking literally…

@Serolf Divad: Ouch ! Is there any chance you could shave the whiskers off dat catfish first?

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