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TAX CUTSOne of yesterday’s contenders goes home with the roses:

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday defended critics of Democratic health care reform plans who claim the proposals would provide subsidized health care to illegal immigrants. Kyl said Democrats have long sought to block curbs on public services for people illegally in the country.

“In the last couple of bills … there were efforts to ensure that only eligible people would get the benefits … those efforts were defeated by Democrats,” Kyl argued, pointing out that hospitals currently are required to provide illegal aliens — as well as anyone else — with health care if they are in need.

Except, well, that’s a lie:

Over the past two weeks, questions have become common about whether illegal workers would get subsidized insurance or benefits under health care reform. In Iowa, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) faced immigration questions at all four of his town-hall events.

None of those events saw heated exchanges over the issue — and Grassley said there are no bills being considered that would extend benefits to illegal immigrants.

How bad have things become when we have to rely on Chuck Grassley telling the truth?

Kyl Says Concerns Over Illegal Immigration Are Valid [Roll Call]

So Kyl, a Repub from Arizona, wants the brown folks who serve him his enchiladas to get sick and die? I hope they piss in his Coke first.


Much too kind. I hope his “brown” help gets swine flu, can’t get treatment, gives it to him, and HE dies. THAT would be some seriously poetic justice.

But seriously, is he implying that the emergency room should be checking green cards before giving treatment? Who’s setting up a “death panel” now?

@Dodgerblue: Hey it looks like the hired guns teabaggers are going to get bused in to attack treehuggers next. Fun!!

@blogenfreude: Johnny Mill – Klassy with a K!

“Out of town agitators” are OK so long as they are RW whackos.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Whatever it is, I want lots of door-slamming.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Not nearly enough class for Coward. Maybe a Fox reality series. I know: he can team up with Todd and Sarah for a “switching moms” theme show.

@SanFranLefty: yeah, I’m kinda bummed that I’ll miss the phony anti-global-warming-bill rally in Excremento later this month. It would be fun to go and bait them.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m with you. Fox reality show. And to add to the oddness – Christopher Hitchen’s review of Elizabeth’s book elevates it beyond what it might have appeared to have been on first glance (Oprah show tripe).

@SanFranLefty: Saw that review. Note to Johnny Miiillll: when Hitch thinks you’re a douche, you’ve really achieved legendary levels.

@SanFranLefty: It’s only a matter of time before Xe (nee Blackwater) hires teathuggers to show up at defense appropriations hearings — Government out of the DoD!

(Oh, wait — did that already happen?)

Totally offtopic, but did anybody else think of the whole birther/teabagger/guns at townhalls crowd when they read this article?

I realize that it’s about a pack of dogs, but quotes like this, out of context, could be applied to both:

As few as two or three dogs, whether urban, suburban or rural, can behave like a pack, Beaver said. And when pack mentality takes over, “they do insane things that they would not do” under normal circumstances, she said.

“My bet is there was one ringleader who kind of started it” in the Georgia case, Beaver said.

Something as simple as making eye contact may have made one dog in the group feel threatened, and its body language put the other dogs on edge, triggering an “escalation,” she said.

Replace the various occurrences of “dog” with “stressed-out talk radio listener”, and tell me it doesn’t fit.

Hopefully the recent Mexican immigrant who serves Sen. Kyl his lunch at the local restaurant (who also is incubating a resistant strain of TB that he can’t get treated for because he can’t afford health care because some asshole pays him $2.50 an hour) coughs pestilent phlegm all over this phuckwad’s meal.

Now THAT would be justice.

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