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I'm being paid for this microphone!Picking up one of our favorite subjects from the past couple of weeks, a new poll asks 909 voters what they really think about socialized medicine:

Do you think the government should stay out of Medicare?

Yes: 39%

No: 46%

Not Sure: 15%

If we grant the wish of 4 out of 10 Americans (and 6 out of 10 Republicans), we’ll have enough left over to cover everyone else and keep costs down. Let’s do it!

Obama’s approval…increases [Public Policy Polling (PDF), via TPM]

In an unrelated poll, it found that 39% of those that answered the previous poll were also Dumb As in Incredibly.

Government stay out of Medicare? Whaaa? Is the question intended to mislead?

@IanJ: Looking at the other questions, I’d say no — this question was intended to reveal. It’s not a push-poll, although you could argue that “Is the government involved in Medicare?” makes a better question. But under the circumstances, I like the gotcha.

goddamn, there’s a lot of stupid in this country.

@Signal to Noise: I’m willing to pay an extra $10 a month to our neo-Comm overlords to euthanize the Stupids.

Reagan has so much blood on his hands – from his appointments to the federal bench to helping derail health care reform … but GWB sure gave him a run for his money.

@IanJ: @nojo: The whole “Keep govt out of my Medicare” meme showed up early on at Town Hall meetings, flummoxing even Republican congressmen. And they wonder why we want to haul them all before death panels–which, BTW, should ask one question and one only: Are you too stupid to live?

Its absolutely an improper question. I am sure you would find a big difference in responses if you asked a question without the implicit assertion within it that government currently is not involved with medicare.

Is President Obama’s plan to provide affordable health insurance to Americans a sign that he is the reincarnation of Hitler?

Yes: 39%

No: 46%

Not Sure: 15%

@nojo: I agree, having looked at the first few questions — they’re weeding out the stupids, or at least the ill-informed. That’s a pretty sad number to see, though.

What country has Mexico City as its capital?

California: 39%

Canada: 46%

Not Sure: 15%

What channel broadcasts Dancing With the Stars?

My Local ABC Affiliate: 85%

Um, the Dancing Channel?: 10%

Not Sure: 5%

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