Glenn Beck, Brought to You by Whole Foods


You may have heard that former healthcare-reform advocate Glenn Beck is losing advertisers because of some unkind remarks he made about Our Racist President. You may also have heard that Whole Foods is losing customers because its price-gouging, union-busting, competition-averse CEO made some unkind remarks about healthcare reform in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

Which suggests an obvious solution. Please, folks, no gunplay in the produce aisle — there’s enough arugula for everyone.


An added bonuz, the Whole Fuds CEO is willing to go onto blogs as a commenter and praise himself and his geniuz to others as a “paid” shill for Whole Fuds. I figure that he can do something similar for Sobby Becky.

 Repeal all state laws which prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines. We should all have the legal right to purchase health insurance from any insurance company in any state and we should be able use that insurance wherever we live. Health insurance should be portable.

This is the core of all libertarian/right-wing “health care reform” proposals. And it would work. It would reduce health care costs for healthy Americans. But anyone with a chronic disease would be completely SOL as would people with rare, but costly diseases or people with a known genetic propensity to disease. Absent any government regulation, the health care insurance market would gravitate towards a system that covers healthy people and leaves those who need health insurance the most to fend for themselves. Health insurance policies would be written like credit card policies, where the company can raise your rates as much as they want, at any time for any reason whatsoever and drop coverage for specific diseases and treatments at the drop of a hat. It’s simple mathematics. That’s how profits could be maximized.

The simple truth is, any health care insurance system in which the profit motive drives the business is fundamentally unworkable, a prime example of market failure.

LOL, I just noticed today’s VOX STINQUE poll and realized that in many ways we already do have Socialized NASCAR, what with the government bailouts of GM and Chrysler. Indeed what’s amusing to note is that TEAM SOCIALISM (i.e. GM & Chrsyler) hold the top four spots in the standings:

And you have to jump all the way to number 5 before your find a rugged-individualist free-market team (Toyota) and not ’till 6th place do we see Ford, a totally not-socialist American company.

So all I have to say is: Go Team Socialism!!!!

Repeal government mandates regarding what insurance companies must cover. These mandates have increased the cost of health insurance by billions of dollars. What is insured and what is not insured should be determined by individual customer preferences and not through special-interest lobbying.
I prefer that anyone who voted against Obama not be covered….think that will work? Will this be American Idol style voting? God help us all…

I read the WSJ piece and it was all beside the point. Even if every company in the US did what he suggested, it doesn’t mean the insurance companies would stop being caught in the cycle of marking up whatever they get billed by providers – or that they’d discontinue the customer-killing practice of coverage stop-loss. Deregulate the market and you’d end up with two or three providers and all they would do is accelerate the exchange of information about customers to avoid covering any with any conditions that could even theoretically cost them money.

Last night I was channel surfing, and Sicko was just starting. I watched it again. It should be required viewing for every tea party patriot. When the 9/11 rescuers got free health care (at last) in Cuba, I teared up.

@blogenfreude: Yes, what is the wingnut response to that? The victims should have been tried for treason for going to US enemy Cuba and failing to take back the island for christ?


The insurance cos. would also all move to the state with the most irresponsible or non-existent laws, just like the credit card companies did a generation ago.

Heh. Bill Maher scores big today.

Barack Obama has taken up golf with a passion, playing almost every weekend for the past few months — and I feel betrayed. He campaigned as a basketball player. It said to us, “I’m urban and athletic and hip and a team player.” Golf says, “I like Lipitor and white collar crime.” And it’s not just golf — he’s been purposefully eating a lot of hamburgers in public lately, to prove he loves meat. And he said that, unlike before he became president, he prays all the time now and that his Faith and Neighbor Initiatives Director sends him scripture on his Blackberry to start every day. Jesus, is there something about that House that turns people into assholes?

@Original Andrew: Right, the Citi decision in S. Dakota. Sweet piece of judicial engineering. The beginning of the end for usury laws and for the economy.

@Original Andrew: Classic.

This preznident is all about playing golf with Goldman/Sachs overlords and not at all about helping the Black Man (much less the providentially poor white man, asian man, hispanic man, etc.)

I’m not sorry, but our President Unicorn has proved himself, over and over, a complete tool of Wall St. and beyond that, beholden to the self-interested National Security State behemoth.

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