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20090811_falling_packageMaking her first appearance, Anna Falling:

Republican mayoral candidate Anna Falling said Tuesday that putting a Christian creationism display in the Tulsa Zoo is No. 1 in importance among city issues that include violent crime, budget woes and bumpy streets.

“It’s first,” she said to calls of “hallelujah” at a rally outside the zoo. “If we can’t come to the foundation of faith in this community, those other answers will never come. We need to first of all recognize the fact that God needs to be honored in this city.”

Yeah, who the fuck needs sewer and water?

Falling, who has founded several Christian nonprofits and is a former city councilor, also said the next mayor needs to appoint people to city boards, authorities and commissions who will “honor God.”

“We will also look for people who want to characterize the origins of both man and animals in a way that honors Judeo-Christian science that proves God as the creator,” she said.

Does it surprise you that James Inhofe is her senator?



Does it make me a bad person that I want her to win, do all that, then watch the town slide into the shitter? Cause really, nothing would be funnier.

That, and the antidiscrimination lawsuit after she starts appointing people should be equally entertaining.

BTW, one of the comments from the article should be turned into a bumper sticker:
“Jesus was the original single payer plan”

Yeah cause Jeebus cures the potholes and cleans the water.

Is it any wonder that theocracies always end up in the shitter?

@al2o3cr: When, not if, Tulsa turns into Sarajevo the white Xtians will have to blame it on somebody else. You can bet that some poor people with darker skin will be the scapegoats and will probably get burned at the stake as the willing tools of Satan.

It would be entertaining to watch these hysterical people trying to stop the tide of evolution that’s happening in their own nation right in front of their eyes if only they weren’t so well armed. Fortunately in the end you know they’ll turn on each other as their cause inevitably splinters for the same reasons Christianity has always had so much internal warfare. In the meantime this nation will continue its inevitable march toward a much darker skin color assuming there’s not another massive wave of Irish immigration anytime soon.

@al2o3cr: No, we need this shit to come to the surface. Tulsa is probably as good a place as any to see sucked into the vortex of ass-backwards theocracy. Every mullah and padre from Jakarta to La Plata will be tittering behind their hands at the hapless attempt by America to Go Crusader.

@Dave H: I can’t wait for the Methodists and the Lutherans to start a war over who has the most sacred recipe for a three bean salad.

Are crucifixions covered by Obamacare? Wingnuts rarely if ever disappoint.

@moeman: Yes, it is part of the mandatory End Your Life session that Obamacare requires everyone to have with their doctors after the age of 35 and every year thereafter until you agree to commit suicide. They leave you alone in a room with a loaded gun and a bible or, if it is Easter time, give the patient the opportunity to be crucified in a re-enactment.

The Evony girl is getting bustier by the day.

@Dave H: Been there, done that. Are you familiar with the Tulsa Race Riot that destroyed the business district known as the “Black Wall Street”?
The really sad thing is that Tulsa is one of the less wingnut-redneck parts of Oklahoma. I know actual Democrats there.

@FlyingChainSaw: Ooo just like Logan’s Run! I can’t wait until we get our Obamacare life-crystals implanted!

Check out the slideshow and article about the thousands of uninsured people who showed up at the L.A. Forum for free health care.

@Dave H: It’s already been done there – Google Tulsa Greenwood Massacre of 1921. The worse racially-motivated massacre* in U.S. history.

*other than the repeated and widespread massacres of Native Americans by whites

ADD: @ Cynica – missed your post on that.

A real Republican would want to shut down that taxpayer funded madness. By promising to keep it open, Mrs. Falling proves she’s a RINO.

@Dodgerblue: Did you see the ads for Plants vs. Zombies (awesome game btw) that spoofs the Evony ads? Check it out!
Also, this is a great overview of Evony’s downward internet ad spiral.

@FlyingChainSaw: FCS, will you be my Barabbas? I don’t want to be death paneled alone.

Interesting piece on how the teabagging protesters are using the rhetoric of the anti-choice movement and how the insurance companies may not realize what they’ve unleashed.

@The Nabisco Quiver: nabisco, mainstream methodists and lutherans have no common cause with these whackos.

Read up on the history of the death penalty, their was a strong movement to abolish the death penalty in the early years of the 20th century, and I believe many states did abolish it then, and that movement, if I remember correctly, was led by the methodists. Our heartland christians were once leaders of the progressive movement, back when, I don’t know when this changed, but it sure did.

Tulsa, hasn’t it already been lost to the idiocy anyway, else this person would never be a viable candidate to begin with.

Sad times, we are in.

I cannot help but get marxist here, its all about economics. The liberal, progressive areas of the country now, are also the wealthiest areas of the country. Liberals who are doing well, economically, on the coasts, do not have the fear and anger of those in the heartland whose economy has been wrecked by the last 50 years of agribusiness consolidation, the destruction of the family farmers, the exportation of manufacturing. Here on the east, and there on the west, coasts, we still have the financial industries and the information and tech industries, in the middle, and the south, they are sucking wind, and those people have no hope, and are inclined to become angry and bitter and xenophobic, to grasp at any chance to blame their circumstances, on liberals, gays, blacks, jews, mexicans, anyone anyone, they need someone to blame, because they are hopeless.

Its the economy stupid, prosperous people who have hope, they don’t need to turn to a worldview of hate and anger. They are not filled with resentment against those who are doing better, not filled with blame for those they perceive as causing their misfortune.

The rural economy is shit, people who have lived in the south, the middle states, all their lives, and who now see no future in the traditional endevours that used to be available to them, they are the angry ones.

Maybe its that simple, this phenomenon of these “insane” spittle emitting angry white people, its because they have lost their world as a result of economic forces we on the coasts don’t have much awareness of, the collapse of traditional family farming and the loss if the various small industries in those rural areas.

What Tyson and Perdue and Hormel have created in rural areas is a form of peonage, and its only the lucky who get to scrabble by raising chickens fofr next to nothing for Tyson, those who are even poorer, have nothing, they cannot even work in the processing plants, which are the worst offenders when it comes to employing illegal aliens and abusing their powerless employees.

maybe the reason all these angry people at the town hall meetings appear to be unemployed is for the simple reason that unemployed people, who don’t m understand why they are unemployed and don’t understand what happened to the way of life they expected, are of course angry, and they may be lashing out in the wrong direction, led by evil demagogues to point their anger at the wrong targets, but you know, maybe we need to understand that the best defense against this phenomonen is not expecting to convince or change minds, it is simply to provide opportunity for a prosperous life to these people, so they will not be vulnerable to those offering them scapegoats.

A big problem is that they don’t want to believe the people feeding them lies are the very ones screwing them over.

If it weren’t for the “generosity” of the richer blue states, life in these small states would be even worse.

threadjack, but, has anyone seen the WaPo article about Cheney’s book? It says that Cheney is angry and ready to let loose against W, and criticize W for all the instances in which W did not go along with Cheney’s wishes.
Here is a link:

Ya know, this is great news. Its obvious Cheney’s megalomania knows no bounds, and he harbors deep anger and resentment that W wasn’t even more of a puppet to every pull Cheney exerted on his puppets strings.

Cheney has lost his mind, and does not seem to have any awareness or care of what he is doing. He is insane, and he is going to go public with his insanity, and its great.

For an ex-VP to write a book criticizing his president, because that president didn’t obey the whims of the VP, that will only confirm the truth that this country was hijacked by a VP exerting far far far more power than a VP ever should and who is now angry he was not even more powerful. Wow. The fact that Cheney is doing this in service of, and to, in his mind, further the agenda of the neocons, who are now so thoroughly discredited that the only politician in america openly championing their cause is Lieberman, makes his effort more delicious for being futile, and for the fact that it will certainly only further discredit the neocon cause. Yay!

It’s not a bad thing. Dick’s being tortured by his own powerless and ineptitude seems a tiny, but fitting bit of fate although it would be better if he was rotting in an Iraqi Jail.

@Promnight: I think it’s more about race, education, and geography than straight income. The poor who have an understanding or concept of the greater forces at work are not the ones losing their shit at town hall meetings. They’re still trying to do what’s right and not tear others down.

@SanFranLefty: Which factor is stronger, what other factors there are, thats fascinating stuff for some serious social research.

@SanFranLefty: I mean, its obviously a nearly impossible to weigh combination of inherited personality type, received culture, whether its fundie or racist or whatever, people are most strongly influenced by the small group they are in close proximity with than anything else, and economic factors. Fascinates me, this stuff.

Right now, frustration and resentment, those seem to be the biggest visible common elements among the crazees. Frustration, that they simply can’t accept that their ideology is not in power, for some, frustration that their race is not in power, from their perception, in others, and simply incoherent frustration and rage against the forces and powers going on in the world that they simply do not understand, at all, for the majority of them.

The resentment, the misdirected animosity, towards those they perceive as thinking themselves “superior,” is the most dangerous element in this mix. These people hate us, and blame us, for looking down on them. They are just smart enough to understand that we do.

@drinkyclown: When I filled out the End Your Life Card from the White House I checked the box that asked for me to be beaten to death by Afrosupremist Islamofascists, dismembered and barbequed and then eaten by Satanists.

@moeman: @moeman: Sure. It will cost you a beer. Real ale. None of that dietetic stuff.

@Dodgerblue: Yeah, from the ads it looks like a First Person Tit-Fuck Game.

@FlyingChainSaw: That sounds like a winning idea for the gamer crowd. Y’know, if the Star Trek holodeck is ever actually invented, the patriarchy will come to and end because every male over the age of 13 or so will spend all his waking hours in it, fucking his brains out.

Sign you’ve been reading Stinque for too long:

You read this article:

And the first thing you wonder is how long it will be before the photos of Rep. Benton being caned while dressed in leather will surface. Seriously, these things have gotten entirely TOO predictable.

Or, as an alternative, how long it will be before someone discovers the acres of weed growing behind the good Rep’s house…

WOW, just WOW
rep. benton, in a very competitive field, wins wingnut of the year by a mile.

and i thought the good rep who wanted to surround the capitol with plexiglass, as the entire house “stared at him dumbstruck” couldn’t be beat.

when i filled mine out i re*uested stoning, then pan fried with thai seasoning and eaten by bernie madoff’s family. i’m kosher!

and Saw, i didn’t forget:

ti zhal hazra letoch hatahat, syphilitic, shel hagmel shebata.

handy hebrew for any of us!
(“crawl back into the syphilitic camels asshole you crawled out of”)

@baked: Is that the phonetic spelling or the true Hebrew spelling? Nice…

@baked: Interesting, but being able to say that in Spanish would be more useful here in L.A. Maybe “burro” instead of “camel.”

@Dodgerblue: Nabisco and OA and all other Spanish speaking types will no doubt correct my verb conjugation in the third person command tense, but I think it’d be along the lines of

“Se arrastre dentro el culo del burro” or “Se arrastre entre el culo del burro” if you want to use “crawl” – it’s a reflexive verb, arrastrarse

but I would go for a shorter all-purpose “Vete a la mierda” = “go to hell”

@SanFranLefty@Dodgerblue: : I wouldn’t go with the reflexive. I think the default would be something like “véte al culo del burro” or “metate al culo del burro de donde vienes, puta cabrón” if we want to get fancy.

@The Nabisco Quiver: Oh look at you all fancy using the accent feature of your keyboard.

@The Nabisco Quiver: Excellent, altho the fancier curse is tougher to use if, say, you’re on your bicycle and some ojete from south of the border opens his car door suddenly.

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