Of All The Death Panels in All The Town Halls in All The World, We Walk Into The Boring One

The Dark Side.Traveling wingnut buskers provide welcome entertainment for the true-blue crowd.

Despite Duke Cunningham, and the Minutemen, and Mission Accomplished celebrated in the waters off our shore, Sandy Eggo is no Orange County. Our local Congresscritter is a Demrat, and when we heard she was holding a health-care Town Hall Tuesday night, we feared the worst.

Which is to say, we feared nothing would happen.

And we were right.

The Sunny Side.An informal sidewalk poll revealed that everybody watches Keith Olbermann.

At least that’s our impression after standing in line for an hour, and then having the doors shut on us when we were four from the front — the room had reached its 320-body capacity, leaving another 250-ish outside. And this not being south Florida, we didn’t start pounding on the windows. Probably because there weren’t any.

Whatever happened inside, those stranded outside made the best of it, trading well-behaved chants and heckles with the dozen or two protesters who huddled together for protection in the pinkest part of our blue district — for the event was held in the heart of the city’s sodomite neighborhood. We’ve endured far scarier scenes at college basketball games.

Actually, we’ve caused far scarier scenes at college basketball games. But the statute of limitations expired on our hoop hooliganism long ago.

A Series of Unfortunate Tweets [Nojo/Stinque Twitter]

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@blogenfreude: If all of Canada were filled with teh gheyz.

You could have asked people their views on Obamacare’s cannibal death squads and asked them why they approve the use of their tax dollars for them.

I guess Arlen’s tango in Lebanon (try the bologna!) was a mob scene. I haven’t caught up with any reporting on it, but I can tell you that the local news squawk radio was pounding the drums the day before, our local asshat spewing idiocies and falsehoods to get his listeners to show up and get angry. A woman called in to tell “Bob” that the teabaggers were busing in folks from Philly, and this yahoo took that to mean “Obamacare” sympathizers from Philly and he started shouting “We don’t want you Philly types in our neck of the woods. GO HOME!”.

I like to think that my periodic forays into local wingnut radio is akin to Blog’s trolling of the webz. I just can’t stomach it for more than five minutes a coupla times a week.

“Actually, we’ve caused far scarier scenes at college basketball games.” This would be a reference to the Oregon Ducks? My team (UCLA) has had some tough road trips up to the wacky Northwest. One can’t help but be reminded of the “Lumberjack” song.

@Dodgerblue: Well, UCLA just needs to dish it back to the Ducks. Besides, the Stanford Band‘s spotted owl performance in 1990 in Eugene is still a historic thing of beauty and offensiveness.

@SanFranLefty: Did you ever hear their White Punks on Dope chart?

Speaking of college hoops, Rick Pitino has been accused of rape by a woman (the wife of the team’s equipment manager) who, along with her husband, has apparently been threatening Pitino with extortion ever since the incident in question (he claims it was consensual, and — though he’s overtly Catholic — paid for her subsequent abortion). Rumors of infidelity have always swirled around him, but never anything like this.

@FlyingChainSaw: They played White Punks on Dope outside the LA County Courthouse during the O.J. Simpson trial.

@mellbell: WTF? Coach has sex, consensual or not, with a woman, with one of his assistant’s listening in. Later, he suggests they meet at an assistant’s condo, where they have sex, and she also meets the (assistant) owner that day – who she later marries?

That’s one of the most awesome pick-n-rolls I’ve ever heard of…

@mellbell: Okay, that story has so many holes in it. First off, she waits until she’s under indictment for extortion to raise this. Second, highly unlikely you would know just two weeks after having sex that you’re pregnant. Doubtful timing at best. Third, were they using a gold-plated speculum? An abortion doesn’t cost 3 grand. Yeah, they’re in Kentucky where you probably have a harder time finding one, but for 3 grand you could fly to NYC, stay a couple nights, have an abortion, and still have money left over. That right there was extortion and she probably wasn’t even pregnant. Finally, she should have gotten her story straight – say the second assault happened when he was actually in town and not when it can be documented he was on the West Coast.

And I’m a little skeeved out by the fact that Pitino’s assistant was within earshot during said sex.

@mellbell: @SanFranLefty: it’s skeevier that the assistant married her after hearing that. Must’ve heard something he liked.

@SanFranLefty: What’s with the assistant? Did Pitino need a pestorker pep squad?

@FlyingChainSaw: Yes, they’ve played that in L.A.

@The Nabisco Quiver: Comment o’the day: “That’s one of the most awesome pick-n-rolls I’ve ever heard of…”

@Signal to Noise: No, she was already married to Pitino’s assistant at the time. It was a DIFFERENT assistant who listened to them have sex.

@SanFranLefty: I had the same questions about her story. I don’t know much about birthin no babies but I’m fairly certain it takes more than 2 weeks to figure out you’ve got a bun in the oven.

The assistant listening in doesn’t faze me, though. Seems pretty tame for sexual shenanigans in the world of Sport.

@SanFranLefty: dammit, this shit’s confusing. Can we assign diapers to this one? I know he’s not a politician, but as far as the South goes, college football and basketball coaches are basically the same things as governing figures.

@FlyingChainSaw: is that a coach-style pep talk or is it more of the cheerleader variety?

“Gimme an F! Gimme a U!”

@Jamie Sommers: Well, sure, anyone who has shared a dorm room has probably had to listen to people have sex. I just don’t understand why you’d *want* to listen to your boss and your coworker’s wife have sex.

@Signal to Noise: I’d say the hard-core Catholicism of Pitino (bringing along a priest to pray with him and the team before every game) combined with the adulterous perstorking and the possible baby-killing is worthy of at least a couple diapers on the hypocrite scale.

@SanFranLefty: The priest serves my grandparents’ parish in Henderson (they’re actually quite close with him), and my dad and stepmom often dine at the restaurant in question. It’s a small world, after all…

@Dodgerblue: Once a Deranged Idiot, always a Deranged Idiot.

@mellbell: Small world indeed. And of course, it just hit me, your thread jack isn’t really off-topic, because the excuse she gave for needing the $3,000 was that she didn’t have health insurance. Of course, again, that raises questions because if her husband worked for the University of Louisville, you’d think the family would have insurance through his job. But since it’s a Catholic university, I’m sure the health insurance plan doesn’t cover contraceptives or abortion, and ergo back to my point that an abortion doesn’t cost 3 grand.

@The Nabisco Quiver: @Signal to Noise: Just read the NYT article which says that the equipment manager did indeed marry the woman after the encounter w/ Pitino. The original story made it sound like the equipment manager was already married to her. Sloppy seconds are worth half a diaper, right?

@SanFranLefty: UofL is public/unaffiliated. Bellarmine is the big Catholic college in town.

@mellbell: Really? Why on earth did I think Louisville is Catholic? Am I thinking of Dayton?

@SanFranLefty: Dayton and/or Xavier maybe.

Like them U of L was a private school – but never a Catholic school – until it joined the state university system. You could be confused because U of L is now in the Big East with all those elite east coast Catholic schools plus Notre Dame and Marquette. The universities of Louisville and Cincinnati were brought in to create a college basketball superpower.

@SanFranLefty: I’m going with three diapers for this one.

@Signal to Noise: More of a cheerleading squad!

The Porker!
A Porker!
Give her Pestorker!


Tell her I said ‘Hi!’

@SanFranLefty: Think of it in terms of her divorce from Pitino’s assistant. Did she keep quiet until the divorce, or did Pitino keep quiet (by not reporting the extortion) until the divorce?

Was the assistant marrying her a succesful pick and roll, kinda like the one Edwards tried to pull by having his assistant claim to be Rielle’s baby daddy.

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