Obama’s Real Agenda



Beck won’t be happy until a few administration officials are assaulted and perhaps killed. Then he’ll weep on the air, claiming it’t not his fault.

No. Just as Bill O’Reilly was a “factor” in the death of Dr. Tiller, Beck will have blood on his hands.


The Daily Show, of course, flat-out smoked this one.

“Go on, say it.” “That’s just so racist!” “Feels good, right?”

Part of me thinks it is a *gulp* good thing that people like Beck make this an overtly racist issue. Easier to marginalize the wingnuts from the middle of the roaders when the agenda of the former is out in plain sight.

Finally dispensing with the chaff, Glen?


I can’t watch all six minutes of this. My blood pressure hit dangerous levels after 15 seconds.

All hyperbole and exaggeration aside. I watched his Nazi comparison commentary this afternoon and was horrified. I honestly can’t believe that was on American television in the 21st century. I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch him ever again.

More liberal media:

It’s interesting that, at least in Martin’s telling, the pro-business CNBC was specifically looking for an event with “lots of energy and lots of anger.” Earlier this year, they just relied on their own correspondents for that.

But it’s even more interesting that the Tea Baggers were only to happy to try to provide that anger.

Fox News, take note!

When I am King, there will be censorship based on content and this crap won’t be on the air.

TJ/Breaking: President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias se contagió de la gripe, first head of state with H1N1.

@Signal to Noise: When they put out a DVD of Stewart/Wilmore segments, I’ll buy it. Rigging the desk as a locked car remains a classic.

Happier TJ from the “With that many kids, one is bound to turn on you” Dept:
Rep. Michele Bachmann’s son has brought shame on his family by up and joining AmeriCorps’ Teach for America. His mom has derided AmeriCorps as a “re-education camps” run by Democrats.

I thought I detected a little freudian slippage at about 2:09 of the segment:

“just in case the universalness of the program doesn’t somehow or another quedge his (Obama’s) reparations appetite…”

I’m sure he meant to say “quench” but he was thinking “quedge” Was this a falafel moment? Kinda creepy.

@texrednface: Damn, I’m getting old. Had to look that one up.

And no, I’m not sparing anyone else the pleasure.

@texrednface: Is it like a quince? They go good with lamb.

@nojo: It’s in the Urban Dictionary – I had to look it up as well.

@blogenfreude: @nojo: moi, tambien.

Upside? I now also know what a “quebecois picnic” is, and I’m richer for it.

@blogenfreude: Urban Dictionary won’t load and I’m leery of googling it.

@mellbell: Let’s just say it’s related to queef.

@nojo: and quim, it’s really a wedge of quim.

@nojo: Should I apologize for having mentioned it? If so, then I deeply regret pointing out Mr. Beck’s verbal gaff.

Stephen Hawking responds to moronic IBD editorial:
“I wouldn’t be here today if it were not for the NHS,” he told The Guardian. “I have received a large amount of high-quality treatment without which I would not have survived.”

@texrednface: Actually, until you brought up Beck again, I was in happy-thinking-about-quim land. Damn you!

@texrednface: Apologize? Hell, no! Congratulate yourself for adding to our Scrabble vocabulary. And most likely inspiring Thursday’s site blurb.

I’d have some respect for him if he was honest and just read from Mein Kampf for three hours a night, openly advocated a genocidal program of racial purification and called elimination of taxes on the rich or stock-held company. At least it would be clear who he is working for.

@Mistress Cynica: Plus didn’t Hawking dump his wife and marry one of the NHS-supplied nurses that cared for him?

@mellbell: It’s a fancy way of saying camel toe.

@nojo: I’m always looking for new Scrabble words to use against Dodger.

@texrednface: Welcome, stranger. Beers are in the cooler on the back porch, if you want a cocktail let Prommie know.

Beck and his ilkkk (see Lewd Obbs, Malkkin, Hatennity, etc. ) want nothing short of a lynching in the rose garden.

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