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Meet William Kostric, the patriot who brought a loaded firearm to the Obama town hall in New Hampshire.  Note the close-set eyes:


So THERE, Mr. Crazy Wingnut Guy! Pwnd by Tweety! Suck it!

Pussy didn’t have the guts to rock that thing, take down the cops, the commies, the Kenyan, everyone in America who disagrees with him. Piece of shit calls himself a patriot and all he can do is stand around with a piece of fucking cardboard?

Okay, I’m watching the Tweety cable feed. Dude’s eyes are strangely dilated.

If we’re obviously moving down the road to tyranny with excessive taxation now, where the hell were we when Reagan was in office?

John Cole put up a list of the other things birther-queen Orly Taitz believes, and he didn’t make it up:

There’s a cemetery somewhere in Arizona where they just dug 30,000 fresh graves, which wait now for the revolution.
Baxter International — a major Obama contributor — developed a vaccine for bird flu that actually kills people.

Google Congressman Alcee Hastings and House Bill 684 and you’ll see that they’re planning at least six civilian labor camps.

Google an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about train cars with shackles.

The communist dictator Hugo Chavez way back in 2004 purchased the Sequoia software that runs our voting machines and the mainstream media won’t report any of it — not even Fox because Saudi Arabia bought a percentage of Fox in 2007.

@blogenfreude: Oh, that Vaccination Thing. I didn’t go to the trouble of looking into Monday morning’s wingnut.

@blogenfreude: wow, that is an amazing laundry list of crazy. Can we get her and the Talibunny on the 2012 GOP ticket?

So, Lefty, been chained up on the Muni lately?

@Tommmcatt Floats: Why you ask, ese? Ugh, it’s been a bad few weeks for Muni. I almost had a nervous breakdown due to the 4 news helicopters flying over my house for two hours last week trying to get shots of the SUV (and the bodies in said SUV) that was squashed at Market & Sanchez between the two F-trains.

If she’s so terrified of America, why doesn’t she flee to one of the nine countries she’s from?

It was a dog whistle coup of an appearance for his guys. All his lines sounded like gun magazine/blog letters, postings and editorials. Expect more armed cats to appear in public now that he’s tested the waters.

/off to the range for deer/elk target practice with the vintage lever action Savage 99s in .308 and .250 Savage. (Working at home today.) Unlike the illustration below, mine wear scopes.

@redmanlaw: Yes, it sounded very bumperstickery. I think the militiamen are trying to provoke a shootout against one of their own to draw the crazies out of the woods and precipitate a full-bore civil war, not that any of them have jobs or businesses to attend to. NH has been drawing the death-to-everyone-to-the-left-of-julius-striecher crowd for a while. Have one buddy who keeps a collection of automatic weapons there, or semi-auto or something.

@FlyingChainSaw: Get a Class III license and you can legally possess full auto weapons. The shit is just hugely expensive, then there’s the ammo costs . . .

@redmanlaw: Is that license entitlement specific to NH? Is the Class III license a federal license? Do all states have to recognize them? My colleague was there specifically for collecting and trading.

@FlyingChainSaw: Correction – like many others, I was under the impression that an individual needed a Class III federal firearms license to own a full auto weapon.

Turns out your gun dealer must hold a Class III FFL to sell MGs. If ownership of “tranferable” (pre-1986, I believe) machine guns is legal in your state, you would go to your Class III dealer, plunk down your paper route money and start the paperwork, which includes having local law enforcement sign off on your application, get a background check done, submit finger prints, pay a $200 transfer tax, etc. It’s my understanding that getting the fuzz to ok the application is a real crapshoot, however.

I’m sure that all the ganstas, drug dealers and psychos get theirs by following the process above to the letter.

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