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teabaggersAnd on and on and on …

1. Teabagger “injured” while protesting health insurance reform needs money because he has no health insurance.

2. Palin says Obama “death panels” will kill Trig.

3. Gov. Sanford flew his family all over South Carolina on the taxpayers’ dime, and that’s illegal.

4. UK death panel would kill UK-resident Stephen Hawking if he lived in the UK.

5. And this guy:


Speaking of enslaving our children, how are those wars doing?

“We’re tired of the government saying that we’re paid, and we’re organized. We’re not.”

I once got into an argument with a Canada City jackass who whined and bitched about healthcare. I proposed to him that if he doesn’t want to pay for sickos (note: he was an out-of-shape smoker) and women (he said it a very contemptible way) that he can “opt” out permanently out of the Canada City Health plan, get low taxes, and pay everything himself. Using that ugly word, choice. He didn’t like that plan, shut up and shot me ugly glances.

If these dunces don’t want it, they don’t HAVE to get it. I figure most would be broke and/or dead in five years.

I have an acquaintance, who is M->F transgendered. She had a girlfriend, now single, bounces back and forth between boy- and girlfriends. Around the 2004 elections she (then physically male but living as a female, as part of the transition) made the statement that she liked and voted for Bush because he projected an “image of strength.” She was asked about the astounding cognitive dissonance that must result from this, particularly as she was, at the time, a nominal girl dating a girl. What about Bush’s distinct anti-gay stance? Didn’t matter, she said, “it doesn’t affect me.” Uh-huh.

I witnessed an online conversation with her recently. She still supports Bush, thinks the Iraq war was a good idea, thinks that if we hadn’t fought it, we would have lost respect (whose respect wasn’t discussed, and I wasn’t about to step in and ask). When pressed on any point, she’d divert off to other subjects, introduce non-sequiturs, etc. It was like watching someone trying to play chess with a hyper ADD kid.

I am reminded of all this because it’s fresh, but also because she claims to be conservative, and her arguments are just as stupid and canned as this guy’s. She fits right in with these douchetards, and it’s really disturbing coming from a formerly gay man, now a woman, living in Seattle.

@IanJ: I’m going to flip over all the cards and declare a winner.

@nojo: I don’t think the queen is on the table, honestly. That’s assuming I’ve penetrated your analogy, and it was actually three-card monty.

@IanJ: Not even close, but it was deliberately fogey — the phrase is from either What’s My Line or To Tell the Truth, I forget which. Kitty Carlisle forevah!


I can confirm that our nation’s heteroseckshals hold no patent on stupidity.

Be sure to remind her that the US military has lost every major conflict we’ve been involved in since WWII, despite the fact that we blow a trillion a year on them.

Mrs. Secretary Clinton: “My husband is not secretary of state, I am… I am not going to be channeling my husband. (

So it that what they call it now?

@blogenfreude: he’s gonna need a bigger monument if he ever gets elected senator.

nojo: I think those cute little lace-fringed blindfolds they used on the shows were just the most fa —

Excuse me. Terrifying message coming in.

[reads blogenfreude comment]

Oh, just go ahead and repeatedly probe white-hot iron rods into every orifice of my exhausted body so that I may be done with it all.


Well, I will bite. I went to a wedding in 2005 I believe, and met two gay ex-roommates of the bride. One of them was a pharmacist, and made really nice money. He told me that he voted for Bush because of the tax cut he was getting. I tried my best to say what the heck? But he just shrugged his shoulders.

Things change when you, me, everyone starts reacting strongly and clearly to those who take the wrong path. Just shout it out loud.

So long as others are ambivalent or non-judgmental, these individuals, sadly, will not recognize their mistakes.

Oh, and on topic:

Great!!11!! They found a protester who is directly working against his own self interest!!

Now its quite simple. Idiots.


That took how many days? Turn-around time, thank you?

How quickly did Harry and fricking Louise get refuted? How bout, like, never?

Hey, how long do you think we can lead the press by their nose, without them knowing about it?

I say a decade or so. Unless Jake Tapper has a brain infusion.

@RZ: I called her on it this morning, no response yet. I doubt I’ll get one, we’ve never been close at all, just one of those friends-of-friends you get to know. Always seemed scattered and flighty, but I wouldn’t have guessed blind and stupid into the bargain before the 2004 comments. At the time, I was completely flabbergasted, and that instilled an “avoid” reaction which has kept me well clear since then.


BF you all been runnin’ hot. Good on ya. The holy grail lays yonder!


We all have our needs. Modern conservatism is something psychological, and its adherents cannot meet our pre-suppositions.

The critical thing I think is education and a stronger safety net, in order to (god am I writing this) free people of their fearful lives.


BREAKING: Jesus H. Christ Himself appears at Washington Secretary of State’s office in Olympia to demand a vote on Referendum 71.

“Thou shalt place this Holy Referendum on the ballot,” Christ bellowed as He covered office supervisor David Ammons’ face in His Holy Spittle, “or thou shall be cast into a lake of hellfire to burn like a witch. My minions shall repeal this demonic Domestic Partnership registry, as I frequently command unto them in messages which only they can hear! Enjoy your eternal damnation, David Ammons,” Christ added.

“DIE FAGS!” our Real Americans’ Lord and Savior screamed in front of the stunned assembled onlookers and passersby as He exited the Secretary of State’s office and ascended back to The Heavens.

@RZ: How quickly did Harry and fricking Louise get refuted?

Ah, but you’re missing the stateside return of Harry & Louise, now in favor of reform. “Reform” in this case meaning a windfall for their pharmaceutical puppetmasters.

@chicago bureau: Damn my obscure references. Now I can’t get Soupy Sales out of my head.

@Original Andrew: He uses the middle initial to distinguish Himself from Jesus F. Christ.

@redmanlaw: There’s a Bush-related Jesus H.F. Christ gag in there somewhere.


Yeah I heard about that, even saw their little video, but I thought those two were no longer acting as paid spokes-people.

Ah, cutting through the lies is always a chore. If only we had a working media…

@Original Andrew: I missed this — I was up in San Francisco today. [insert jokes here].

@Dodgerblue: Were you at the game? Dodgers got some lucky calls.

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