Blame Canada

But what about Boozing Brad?Well, that didn’t take long…

Having conquered Africa and Australia, Barack Obama’s peripatetic birth certificate is now storming Canada:

The supermarket tabloid the Globe features a cover story this week proclaiming Barack Obama’s “official birth document” a fake and suggesting the president may actually have been born in Canada…

The Globe also quotes Canadian broadcaster Brian Barron as saying Obama’s mother gave birth to the child in Vancouver, Canada, before transferring as a student to the University of Washington in Seattle.

When WorldNetDaily exclusively! cites the Globe as a source, you know you have a winner.

Left unanswered: How Barry’s Mom faked out Hawaiian officials and newspapers with only a three-day window of opportunity — two of which fell on a weekend.

Globe: Obama’s Hawaiian birth document fake [WND]

She wanted baby Barack to have two passports so she drank a half gallon of seltzer and ate a whole tube of Alka Seltzer and shot the kid from Hawaii to BC where her mother was waiting with a catcher’s mitt.

As one of the Canadian Stinquers, I politely suggest we get to keep/take back Eh!bama and you guys can have david frum, for good.

How do people this crazy even make it through the day? What’s next, WND citing David Icke’s website to prove that Obama is actually a lizard alien?

A quick google search for Brian Barron leads me to the Globe article and not much else. If this “Barron” fellow is legit, then he’s a BBC correspondent for the MIDDLE EAST.

Another punk on the Globe and the birthers.

For a knocked up 18 year old, Stanley Ann Durham Obama sure was a global traveler.

Wait a second…Barry’s mother’s name was Stanley? That’s a man’s name! That means Barry is the product of a homosekshual relationship between a black man and a white man! Call WND now!

@moeman: If you take Joe Lieberman, it’s a deal.

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