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Put a fork in it, Dano.Poor WorldNetDaily. They’ve been flogging the issue for months, raising money for billboards, even producing a new DVD — and when their moment of glory finally arrives, they’re left out in the cold:

On a story that no news organization has followed more closely than WND – questions surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate – one of the Internet’s top news portals, Google News, is now placing dozens of sources and even left-leaning blogs higher in the search rankings than WND.

Shocking! that Google would give Glengarry placement to news sites with Glengarry audiences. Less Shocking! is that WND is treating it as a conspiracy even more threatening than President Mombassa himself:

“In more than 12 years of Internet experience, I have never seen anything like this,” said [WND Editor Joseph] Farah. “As of today, all the major search engines systematically began scrubbing our content. This happened at the very moment this story broke into the mainstream.”

From a geek perspective, the thought of Microsoft and Google cooperating on anything is even more hilarious than WND styling itself as a “news organization”. Game over, folks: the shark has jumped.

And the long-gestating Birther Meme is about to die.

Not completely, of course — we still haven’t heard the untold story behind Vince Foster, after all, and teabagging will long outlive general interest. But after grabbing the national limelight for a few days, the birther story has no second act. For most folks, a “Certification of Live Birth” is a birth certificate. And even if you allow the briefest reasonable doubt whether you can trust the State of Hawaii at its word, there’s the tricky problem of the two contemporary birth announcements printed in Honolulu newspapers.

Don’t think WND overlooked that hole. But when they attempted to fill it earlier this week, we knew the adventure was nearing its end.

Let’s set this one up. Obama was born Friday, August 4, 1961. Both Honolulu papers — WND asked — printed birth announcements provided exclusively by the state. The Advertiser’s notice was printed Sunday, August 13. (We can’t find a publication date for the Star-Bulletin’s notice.) This would mean the paper would have received the notice Saturday at the latest — and probably a few days earlier, given how Sunday editions are assembled in advance. And if you want to get really picky, the latest births in the microfilm copies we’ve seen of both papers are from Monday, August 7, which suggests the cutoff for the state report that week.

So how does WND address this completely typical arrangement? By completely ignoring it, of course:

The newspaper’s “proof” of birth, therefore, could be based on a state-issued “Certification of Live Birth” which, as WND has reported is insufficient alone, even for some State Department officials, to document the birthplace…

Hawaiian law specifically allows “an adult or the legal parents of a minor child” to apply to the health department and, upon unspecified proof, be given the birth document.

Fair enough. It’s quite reasonable to assume that Obama’s mother popped the brat on a Friday in Kenya, packed a Hawaii birth application in advance, filled it out and airmailed it from Mombassa to Honolulu, where the Hawaii Department of Health received it the following Monday, ignored the Kenyan postage on the envelope, rubber-stamped it, and added Baby Barry to the birth list in time for the Advertiser to print it nine days after the blessed event.

We all know how famously efficient the post office and government bureaucracies are, after all.

If that’s the best WND can manage — even with a financial stake in prolonging the issue — then you can assume the Birthers have received about as much national attention as they’re going to get.

Never mind that Obama’s mother is from Kansas.

WND being censored from search engines? [WND]

Hawaiian newspapers don’t prove birthplace [WND]


I can’t wait till WND throws the Masons, the Jews and P&G as players into this conspiracy of racist fools.

I guess that no one at the WND has ever had to undergo obtaining a top secret clearance. I have a couple of friends in Canada City who did. It’s not pleasant, but I’ve been told the US America equivalent in much worse (mortgage applications are much more pleasant to obtain.)

Any discrepancy is torn apart. So how could a bunch of stupids do a better job examining records than experienced professionals at the FBI especially for the stuff that Barry has to see (Area 51, Transformers, Faked Moon landings)?

@ManchuCandidate: I’m two months into the clearance process, with no light at the end of the tunnel…I’ve lived a very complicated life, apparently.

You actually read WND? You go there and read the articles posted? You do that for us? I am humbled.

@Nabisco: I once saw my FBI file on the desk of a sub-consul in London and it looked like it was about two inches thick. God knows what was in it; the brand of my first boyfriend’s underwear? Since I like to sleep at night I’d prefer not to know. I cannot imagine what it’s like to get hard-core clearance. Luckily that will never be a concern of mine.

@Nabisco: Mine took seven months, and I had no life to speak of… You’ve got a while yet.

Speaking of Hawaii Five-O, there is extra high surf in So Cal this weekend. One bodysurfer already got killed at The Wedge, a spot in Newport Beach where the waves come in at an angle to the jetty and beach and can hump up to 25 feet on a good day. Good for the ambulance drivers, that is.

@Benedick: In 2005 I wrote to the FBI to see if I had a file. They said no. I took it at face value. Now? Not so much.

@ManchuCandidate: They probably presume that, like their ex-candidate McCain did with Palin, everyone gets nominated after a three-hour conversation, with no background checks at all.

@blogenfreude: I did that too. Wasn’t it a Move On or ACLU campaign to have people request their files? I was so disappointed they said they didn’t have a file on me. Though they left unsaid, “But we’re starting one now, you flaming civil libertarian.”

@SanFranLefty: I was responding to that campaign as well. I also had been wanting to check for some time. I would have been surprised had they had a file on me.

@SanFranLefty: Yep, you now have a file which reads: “2005: requested to see copy of FBI file.”

@Benedick: WND publishes from Medford, Oregon, so I’m obligated.

Medford’s in the heart of Oregon’s survivalist region, so the crazee has a long history there. It’s also near Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

After all the elite Masonic Illuminati shape changing Reptilians in thrall to International Banking (spelled “j-e-w-s”) who are linked to the Queen of England (Bushes, FDR, Washington, Jefferson) we’ve had in office, I don’t see why they’re so bent out of shape over a guy from Hawai’i (“not the corn- fed Heartland” in Polynesian).

@Nabisco: It’s that goddamn punk rock music.

@SanFranLefty: I hate to have to break this to you but if you have ever sent money to ACLU, or SLC, or almost anything that isn’t the NRA, the FBI has a file on you.

@nojo: It’s also near Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Speaking of crazees.

T/J. I just dug a big new flower bed. I have 150 daylilies to plant. Where are the Mexicans when you need them?

@Benedick: I have a few daylilies in my back yard, but 150 together would be awesome.

@Benedick: Call it a tribute to Sarah Palin, and you can raise five grand to have someone do it for you.

@Benedick: That’s going to be gorgeous. I sometimes wish I had space for huge displays like that, but I have as much as I can handle without staff.

@Benedick: That’s what I thought, too, but alas they had no record of subversive donations – or so they said – not to mention that I have *worked* at some subversive organizations, and I traveled to Cuba with the State Department’s permission.

P.S. I love day lilies – they’re everywhere in our flower garden – about the only thing I seem to not kill in the flower world.

@Benedick: I would like to thank the immigrant community of Santa Fe for their assistance in sanding and sealing our oak floors and in painting the bedrooms, hallway and dining room. (I did the grunt work of moving shit, bagging or covering stuff in the closets and, biggest drag of all, spent 18 hours putting masking tape and dropcloths on floors and walls, doors, baseboards, and painting ceilings. )

OK. I got 100 planted and the rest go in tomorrow morning. I got the special deal offered by White Flower Farm: 50 unnamed plants for $100. I planted 100 a few years ago (it was 50 for 50 then) and got a beautiful mix of colors shapes and bloom time. They are my very favorite flower. I’m planting this new bed with nothing but and put them in quite close. I’ll mix in lots of tulips later on and next spring will be worth the wait.

@SanFranLefty: For something so exquisite they are amazingly tough.

@Mistress Cynica: I don’t have staff but the dogs like to help by sitting where I want to dig and then acrrying the plants around before they’re planted.

@Benedick: Please post photos when appropriate.

@Dodgerblue: Roger wilco. I’ll post in that secret place that we are NEVER TO SPEAK OF.

@Benedick: Oh, they help like my pupster used to help in the garden. She’d manage to find the one spot that I needed to work in and get herself comfortable there. Then when I’d have to move her there would be so much puppy sighing and huffing and puffing.

And a guy is moving into my condo complex who has two wiener dogs – I’m so excited!

@Benedick: It was likely filled with errors. A friend from another life, died last year, was a Russian language studies major at a university you’d know during a tumultuous period in US-Russian relations, retrieved her file after a friend from her class filed to view his – and she was amused to see how little the FBI got right. The report was a complete hash of confused and mis-placed facts, leavened with fictional speculations. If she’d seen at the time it was being composed, she would have been overwhelmed with fear and outrage, but read in the comfort of her kitchen 25 years on, it was just pathetic. I’ve been interviewed by the FBI for colleagues’ clearances and the guys I met were straightforward, stepwise in interview approach and asked ridiculous questions that would reveal nothing of interest about the character of the applicant. Exit interviews at Ben Gurion by teenaged security sweeties are more rigorous.

@FlyingChainSaw: My first interview was ridiculously facile, but very pleasant and efficient. Dude was on contract, tho, and so far none of my peeps have had face-to-face follow ups on the forms they had to fill out. My overseas travels are gonna make this thing drag out.

Exit interviews at Ben Gurion by teenaged security sweeties are more rigorous. For the self restraint required, judging by the IDF hotty links RML keeps sharing.

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