Entirely Predictable

It’s an Orly Taitz remix, because I have nothing else today:



Also predictable is this read-betwixt-the-lines distancing;


Good for Jenny. (Also, does this add at least 1/2 a diaper to Sanford’s douchescore?)

@moeman: In terms of Douchescore, possibly, but in terms of Stinque Scandal Diaper Rating (SSDR) not really. Hard to say how she could do that unilaterally, maybe if she had sex on ESPN pay-per-view with the USC Marching Band and, in interview during the 227-way pestork fest admitted, “It’s gratifying to have sex with a couple of hundred guys who don’t have to hold a press conference and break into tears when they get laid. Restores my faith in the gender.”

I loved the end of that remix. “You’re crazy”

What more need be said?

@FlyingChainSaw: Thnx for the clarification FCS. I keep confusing wingnut douchebaggery with shitscandal-filled diapers. I just figured Sanford deserved a few smacks seeing as his wife-who-will-be-loved-even-more-by-Him-or-so-he-says, scored a few ass swipes.

@moeman: My pleasure. It is difficult to keep up to date with the latest metrics for personal and political malevolence and keep them all sorted. Sanford deserves, at the least, to be kicked to death by the USC Marching Band. After all the members describe to him in delicious detail what a great fuck Jenny was and how she preferred every one of them to this simpering fuckwit.

More fucktard (apologies to Trig) predicktability, this time from the Tallibunny herself;


@FlyingChainSaw: That’s a lot of Trojans! Hopefully for Jenny’s sexual sake they were ribbed (for her pleasure).

@moeman: Ook! Ack! You set that pun on stun! Um dyyyyyyyyyin’!

@FlyingChainSaw: “Ook! Ack!” an orgasm if I ever heard one (and I did). Time for a virtual smoke and some ‘Lays’ potato chips.

@moeman:Ironically I think FCS is talking about the Univ. of South Carolina Game Cocks, not the Univ. of Spoiled Children Trojans.

But both teams have awesome mascot names.

@moeman: For Chrissake, I’d say that woman is a certifiable nutcase, but that’s an insult to certifiable nutcases. Here’s her entire statement about how the Black Mooslem President wants to kill her son.

She’s such a piece of work.

@SanFranLefty: Very trudat and methinks FCS is wise to what he types. Go Longhorns!

@SanFranLefty: Thnx for the link to Mooselinni’s ‘death panel’ nutjob rant. Also, America should thank the Alaskan beauty queen for her “level of productivity in society”.

1. Talibunny and hubby were once part of the Alaskan secessionist movement.
2. Alaska secessionist movement wanted Alaska to join Canada City
3. Canada City has single payer healthcare, you know, the horrible type that would euthanize her and her entire clan because of lack of productivity (we don’t but facts aren’t her forte.)
4. ?????

@SanFranLefty: At Univ of Spoiled Children football games, Tommy Toejam, in a rather gay gladiator outfit, brandishing a wooden sword, rides a white horse around the field. My fond hope is that, before I die, I get to see this moron thrown and trampled after the horse takes a monster shit on Mike Garrett, the A.D.

@ManchuCandidate: If we’re euthanizing, can we start with the 31 Senators who voted against Sotomayor?

@ManchuCandidate: @ManchuCandidate: FYI to the fellow/feline Stinquers, I. Am. Canadian. (Bonus for me, I’ve yet to see a ‘death panel’).

Also, although some of us Canadianers enjoy the meat of moose, I’d surmise that less than 1% of us shoot them from helicopters. Also, a good 67% of us up here are left of centre and have our own purdy wingnut to look at;


@moeman: I see you beat me to it. That’s what I get for being distracted by work today.

Yay! I’m not the token Canada City dezinen.

Rona’s a utter moran.


I’ll give Sessions his due. At least he wore his Klan hood on his sleeve, so to speak. The US senators back then did US America a favor keeping that good ole boy off the bench.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes Rona is dense but at least she took her many Harponian demotions in stride and didn’t quit midstream like Saracuda.

Not really in stride. From what I’ve read, Rona had some major behind the scenes shitfits. For some reason, she thinks she’s all that. Publicly all smiles though.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, publicly Rona has kept a straight face. She’s been downgraded so often (rightfully so) that I’m surprised she has crossed over to join The Jack Layton Party, um NDP.

@ManchuCandidate & @moeman:

I absolutely adored Jessica Holmes’ vapid, deadpan impression of her on Royal Canadian Air Farce. Pure genius.

Not quite as good as Craig Lauzon’s lampooning of the snarling, shrieking, turbo-scary environmental guy (John Baird?) who preceeded her (is that asshole still in Harper’s cabinet?), but still spot on. He was a face-biter, no question.

Call me paranoid but wasn’t there a small crowd of strange white Russian emigres around Oswald, centered in Texas, maybe Dallas, in the time frame after he returned to the US, apparently a clique of counter-communist operatives whose connections to old European money and mutual interests were useful to the US intelligence community at the time. Just sayin’.

@Original Andrew: The total y disgusting Baird is still sucking air through his rotten dentures > http://pm.gc.ca/eng/bio.asp?id=48 . Bonus, nice hair doofus.


I still don’t see how people can look into Harper’s stone-cold, robotic eyes and not recoil. I get a shiver down my spine just looking at photos and seeing him on the teevee. I would definitely wear a garlic necklace and firmly revoke any permission to enter my home if I met him IRL.

@moeman: Wow, what’s the speech from the throne all about and since when did Canada have a hot Francophone queen? If I ask nicely will she come down and allow herself to be filmed in long slow-motion make out scenes with Elizabeth Kucinich?


The Canucks always get these gorgeous, fabulously dressed women to be their Governors General.

Watch out for this one, though. She’s hawt, but she has a taste for blood.

@Original Andrew: Can you talk to her about her destiny with Elizabeth?


Baird is like a Chris Farley sketch gone way wrong.

@Original Andrew: Trudat eh. Michaëlle Jean ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michaëlle_Jean ) is our Royal Babe. Even the tréma ( http://mapage.noos.fr/mp2/tr_ma.htm ) on her name is sexy.

@Dodgerblue: Next time UT beats U$C, maybe we can sic Bevo to gore Tommy ToeJam.

@moeman: Hook ’em! /native Texan

from the scrabble wars:@SanFranLefty:
i’m going back to bed…annoyed. wordscraper is calling “yeoman” invalid. WTF….even checked THEIR dictionary, and there it is. perfectly valid.
now what? 54 pointer!

@moeman: She shoots wolves from helicopters, and more accurately, she supports the method of reducing wolf population by shooting them from helicopters.

She is a batshit crazy, pathologically narcissistic, fucktard, and something about her, and the way she has learned to spout a few bumper-sticker, dogwhistle racist, jingoistic, flag waving phrases, somehow, she managed to connect with and incite an uprising of the stupid and hateful in this country, and she is a dangerous phenomenon.

But I have a very strict personal sense of fairness, and well, much as I am not a hunter and don’t necessarily think hunting all the wonderful an activity, nevertheless, this particular criticism, the killing of wolves, well, this is a conservationist thing.

And you have to understand the difference between “conservationist” and “environmentalist.”

Here is an absolute fact, and I am expecting RML to back this point up, hunters, the organized hunting organizations and hunting enthusiasts, have done more to preserve what little of the original ecology of North America than the environmentalists have, historically. Teddy Roosevelt, who created the national park system, was a bloody, committed hunter. Where I live, along the New Jersey coast, I am surrounded by an enormous national wildlife preserve, created to preserve the nesting, and stopping off, migratory routes, of birds. My town is a small spot on the map, surrounded by enormous areas of protected land and marsh. And these preserves were not created to protect the birds for the sake of the birds, they were created so the birds would flourish so there would be more of them to hunt.

Ducks Unlimited has a project where they go all over the country and plant wild rice in waterways, just to provide food for the ducks, so there will be more of them to hunt.

The hunting lobby of conservationists clashes with the environmentalists, because the hunters balk at protecting the top predators, like wolves, that compete with them for their hunting targets, like caribou (also known as “reindeer”).

So, though I despise Palin, utterly, and wish pain and failure on her, this particular criticism is somewhat exxagerated. The people who shoot moose and elk, who fish for salmon and shad, who shoot ducks and other waterbirds, have and continue, to do more to preserve the populations of these animals, than anyone.

And I have this thing, this fairness thing, that won’t let me just opportunistically seize any available criticism and blow it out of context.

There is a genuine debate to be had about whether its legitimate to kill predator species to preserve other species, or whether to let nature take its course. But she is not someone who actually thinks hunting should be done from helicopters.

@baked: That’s totally a word. Sorry honey..

I’m sorry I didn’t bother to read all the comments before commenting, but this whole birther thing just seems to me like absolutely nothing made into something. A birther souffle of sorts, full of air but in this case not much taste.

I’m tired of seeing it here as well as in the, um, more mainstream (?) intertube news sources I was wont to haunt until of late…

…not to mention on the teevee the few times I’ve turned it on in the last few weeks…

There is plenty of other crazy shit the nutjobs are pulling off right now, yes? This “issue” is just too easy.

@Promnight: Honest hunters are of course preservationists and more environmentally sensitive because they need to preserve their game.

Contrast that to our industrial meat processing system. I’m not trying to guilt anyone about eating meat, but when I go to a mid-scale restaurant and every single fucking salad on the menu includes some kind of dead flesh by default, I start to wonder, WTF?

Even 50 60 years ago our people, our US American People, did not consider meat an essential part of every single fucking meal.

@Pedonator: Don’t worry, the FEMA camps may be moving to the front burner soon.

No, really. But I’m saving that for Monday.

Meanwhile, what brought the Birther issue to mainstream attention wasn’t WND flogging it — they’ve been at it for months, most of which I’ve passed on — but Lou Dobbs putting it on the national agenda. That lasted less than a week, after which the consequences of that attention came into play. And even that was starting to settle down when Orly decided to provide value-added amusement.

None of which matters if you don’t have a taste for the spectacle of it — the very nothing made into something. And that’s fair.

Which leads to your other comment: Obama is indeed getting a wonderful free ride right now, and not because of the Liberal Media. He’s getting it because the Republicans are providing amusing distractions instead of dealing with issues, and because the media has long forgotten how to do its job. But I’ll cede that turf to Greenwald, since I don’t have it in me to hammer at it day after day. At least until the circus leaves town.

@nojo: I don’t expect you to censor Stinque! I was just venting my angst at the fact that the “birther” non-issue has got so much attention.

I DO, usually, have a taste for the spectacle, but perhaps not right now. I just see the same old Dem/Repug thing going on in most of all the media I consume, and none of it, as usual, addresses anything fundamental.

Because nothing is going to Change until we get ALL the private money out of campaign financing. Even then, I’m not sure anything would change — it seems obvious that the Democrats in Power right now are eager to continue the status quo.

After a few years of nominal Democrat control of the Congress and Senate, with nothing substantial Changed, you have to start wondering if the Democrats (as a whole) really want anything changed.

@Pedonator: No censoring involved, just the Stinque Ombudsman whitewashing editorial decisions. Special courtesy to readers who know where to find me.

As far as anything Changing, well, this is as good as it gets. Enjoy the Fine Words and Dirty Deeds.

@nojo: I didn’t mean to imply that you were censoring, no no no. Stinque is my primary source of Truth, even when I’m not participatory and just lurking.

I’m just determined to hold the Unicorn’s horns to the fire. Because even with my low expectations of his presnidency, he’s managed to EPIC FAIL.

And I’d love (?) to have this conversation with some Oklahoman relative of mine about why each of us thinks Obama isn’t the right President for (me).


OK, I just got that last line.

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap!

(except not cheap)

@redmanlaw: The clusterfuck of race, class, and sense of entitlement, combined with the ruling class’s almost effortless ability to coopt those who are indentured to them…

@Pedonator: Despite my Disappointment, I can’t quite go Epic Fail — not compared to the alternative on the menu last November. Or a year ago spring, for that matter.

We knew the rest of them were bog-standard politicians. We hoped Barry was the exception. I remember being personally offended by Palin because she destroyed my fantasy that we could leave behind the politics of the last generation. Well, joke’s on me — Barry’s guaranteed that we’re stuck with it.

@nojo: I guess I can retract my Epic Fail because I really didn’t expect much Change.

Sure, there’s the theory that this is all some kind of triangulation to get us to a more progressive…”center”…?

I just call’s it as I see’s it. No Change. The oligarchs decided that Barry was their best bet after 8 years of too-overt thievery. Now they have some cover.

Just look at his advisers; his fucking chief-of-staff; and their minions deployed against any Hope™ of transparency or rule of law. It just doesn’t get any more corrupt than this.

Except now we all have the illusion that something has Changed.

Sorry to be so glass-half-empty, but this is why I’m ready to give up on US America.

@Pedonator: Not that I think there’s anywhere to escape to, except perhaps Bhutan.

@Pedonator: Well, I did stop using Unicorn after the Summer ’08 sellouts…

But I still expected him to be, how you say, competent. At least he wouldn’t make things worse. At least he wouldn’t subvert the Constitution.

That almost sounds Republican, except for one thing: they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. If McCain were doing what Barry’s pulling right now, they’d be quite happy with it.


If McCain were doing what Barry’s pulling right now, they’d be quite happy with it.

Exactly. They were quite happy with that shit when Boy Wonder/Commander Codpiece was doing it.

And so were the Demrats, for the most part.

That is why I don’t think we’ll have any real political change in this country until we hit the reality wall of declining energy and water resources combined with the delightful side-effects of global warming.

i.e., Cannibal Anarchy.

@Pedonator: That’s my line from the mid-’80s: people won’t change until they have no choice. By which time, of course, it’ll be too late.

But don’t think commodity shortages will make us better people. I’d lay odds on the political environment getting even worse.

@nojo: Commodity shortages will make this place a hellhole. Not if, when. Especially Sandy Eggo — got water?

I expect the politics to get really ugly in terms of race, immigration status, sexual orientation, and musical tastes.

My hope is that somehow all people will find a flavorful chewing gum and it will be so groovy now, and people will finally get together…

…and then the cannibal hordes will eat those hippies of course. But I don’t know where else to look for Hope, now that He has Failed us. I feel, personally, Fallen.

OK. Here how health is handled in the “Merry, merry land of Oz”

Each individual taxpayer (and deceased estates where death occurred within 3 years), is levied 1.5% of their taxable income (Total income less deductions, add back rental losses and taxable fringe benefits then deduct capital gains) to fund the federal government’s contribution to health care. This includes GP visits. It’s called Medicare.

State Government’s also contribute to hospitals and ambulance services. Although the ambulance services will charge a shit load of money for transport (6km = $300) but if one has private health care or is on social security, the cost goes away.

There is something called the Medicare Levy Surcharge that is levied by the federal government on them what no have Private Health insurance that covers hospital admissions. This is 1% of taxable income with thresholds for singles, couples, and them with children before the levy is applied.

It’s all horribly complex when you get down into the details, but the upshot is, if you get hit by a bus or get cancer, you get medical care. None of this “A liver transplant is not medically necessary” nonsense that some poor bastard in the US of A died from.

where is our jim garrison?

that’s why alice baked doesn’t live there anymore.

very similar to here. and i recall oz is up there with israel in the top ten for life expectancy.
do you get dental too? that’s the only thing hanging me up from getting back to my island. my last appt is august 23.
i was whining about the hoops you have to jump through, but once you get it figured out, top notch free medical and dental care is a wondrous thing of beauty to this uninsurable american.

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