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CNN won’t run this ad because it’s “unfair”:



Shocking- not really. Truth is, who spends the most ad money on the 24/7 newsnets?

If I based my assumptions on who watches them, it would be people who desperately need health/home/auto/life insurance, have low libidoes, small dicks, limp dicks and have allergies like there is no tomorrow.

If you’re going to reject political ads because they’re “unfair”, then chuck all your advocate ads. CNN runs plenty of anti-health-reform ads. Obviously, calling out multi-millionaire CEOs offends their sensibilities, because they’re likely run by one.

Sure it’s douchtastic not to run the ad, but it’s not that great an ad to begin with. What’s the point there? We’re supposed to support health care reform because one guy makes $12m a year? C’mon.

People who already have health care (and are most likely to vote/advocate for change) have real concerns about changes to the health care system. Address those.

Expose the lies that Republicans are telling about the reform plan.

Explain how the current system is inefficient and costly.

That’s a winning plan. This ad is bullshit.

We’re supposed to support health care reform because one guy makes $12m a year? C’mon.

Could not have said it better myself.

Could say this:

“This man makes $12mil a year by denying your family the health care coverage you need.”

@ManchuCandidate: No, I think Jamie’s right — the ad misses the point, especially in “aspirational” US America, where everyone supposedly applauds the wealthy.

(An exception can be made for the Wall Street windfall talk, since there’s an intuitive relation between them making boatloads of money for fucking up the economy.)

Michael Moore (yes, I’m going there) was onto something with Sicko: He starts with a few pity stories of uninsured Americans — and then pulls a switch, saying “But we’re not going to talk about them.” It’s the insured Americans who are the focus of that movie, and the problems they encounter when they’re surprised to learn what their policies don’t cover.

No need to demonize the execs. Just take the GOP up on the “bureaucrat” canard: insurance bureaucrats already screw you over. Wouldn’t you rather have a bureaucrat working in your interest?

Or something like that. Democrats are ducking the problem, and letting repugs have the field. And despite town halls and primetime press conferences, that includes Barry. Don’t expect the troops to follow if you can’t fucking lead.

@nojo: No need to demonize the execs. Just take the GOP up on the “bureaucrat” canard: insurance bureaucrats already screw you over. Wouldn’t you rather have a bureaucrat working in your interest?


@nojo: This is such an easy pitch to make, but Barry is still hiding in the clubhouse.

@Dodgerblue: Barry abdicated the issue from the start, “letting Congress do it.” He should have laid down broad terms, and kept hammering at them. I hear “public option”, I hear “competition”, hell, I even hear “choice”, but none of it registers. Republicans are more than happy to fill that vacuum of meaning.

If I had time, I’d look into how LBJ rammed Medicare through. Times have changed, of course, but Republicans are using the same script as forty years ago.


They also spout the same lies about lifting the ban on gays in the military–and yes, it is effectively a ban–that they did about integrating the armed forces.

It’s especially galling to hear these anti-gay arguments from Colin Powell. Someone really oughtta do a mash-up video of him spouting the reasons for keeping gays out of the military alongside some white racist listing the reasons for keeping black Americans separate in the military.

Shorter version: Democrats need to stop implicitly buying into the Republican premise that Government Can’t Do Anything Right. You play on Reagan terms, you get Reagan results.

@Original Andrew: Precisely. We’re told that “elections have consequences.” Fine. Let’s see some.

I know I sound like a broken record, but the Dems are paid off by the same industry lobbyists as the Repukes. None of them want reform.

That’s why we’re having endless debates about “insurance,” instead of how to provide everyone with “healthcare” since the only obvious solution is to lift the age restriction on Medicare, thereby giving everyone coverage and having them pay the low Medicare premiums instead of private insurance co. premiums.

@Original Andrew: Yeah, I wish someone had at least put that on the table. There was a New Yorker article some time back saying how other countries effectively eased into universal health care, building from what they already had instead of starting from scratch. There was an intuitive sense to that argument.

But I don’t recall the article mentioning Medicare — even though it fits the argument perfectly. Here we have a Government Program that’s been running well (or well enough) for two generations. Lift the age restrictions, and problem solved!

This shit reminds me of Barry’s approach to the Stimulus, where he took options off the table before even talking to the obstructionist opposition. I was hoping he had learned from that experience, but apparently not. “Pre-compromising” the approach only muddies the issue, and Republicans lurve mud.


All to get two mean ladies from Maine and Texas to agree to legislation they then won’t vote for! Sheesh!

/totally mind blowing news/

Gerard Butler is biseckshal:

“I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight. ”

Y’all excuse me, my trouser rocket just hit lift off & full ignition.

@nojo: because the easiest, simplest solution is the one to go first because “America isn’t ready for single-payer yet.”

@Original Andrew, nojo: I get to spend the afternoon reviewing an agreement on medicare/medicaid reimbursements to tribal health care operations carrying out federal programs out in Indian county. Yay.

ADD: Ooooh – 30 pages.

At least I got to hit the range for a bit on the way home (working @the pad this afternoon).

Or hell, skip the demonizing but broaden the focus:

“Here’s how much money insurance companies handled last year. Here’s how much they spent on actual health care. Who gets the difference? Not you.

Government health care. Money in your pocket.”

@Original Andrew:
LOL. Not at the fact Butler likes both mussels and oysters. Just that it makes 300 into the greatest gay comedy of all time… only the joke’s on the wingnuts (and Frank Miller) who took it as a conservative commentary on war.

@Signal to Noise: We can’t do single-payer, silly, because you just know the insurance companies would spend $1.3 million a day lobbying against it.

What’s that? They already are? Against the milquetoast option?

Well, then. Never mind.

God, I hate Pat Buchanan. Why do they keep letting that asshole on my teevee?

The ladies at Jez have a photo of the Arlington Cemetery funeral of one of the U.S. soldiers that I had mentioned was killed this weekend in Afghanistan.

Absolutely fucking heartbreaking, and we need to see more photos like it so we know the price that people are paying for Shrub’s misadventure.

/TJ back to bitching about corrupt Congress


Squeaky Fromme is getting out. Strange days indeed….

@Original Andrew:

Sweeeettt…a little hairy for my taste, but still.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Squeaky Fromme is getting out.

Here we go recycling my youth again…

@nojo: The awesomest of it all? John Waters is her biggest advocate for release, and I agree with him!

ADD: Charlie, on the other hand, should remain there, with our freshest memory of him being his encounter with Tom Snyder.

@nojo: Aw hell, at least he’s a president we have an actual chance of having a beer with.

OTH, my wife just called for an appt. and can be seen by her lady bits doc in (wait for it) two friggin months!

@The Nabisco Quiver: I was going to mention John Waters, but Patty Hearst didn’t fire off a shot at the president.

@nojo: Yeah, but that was Ford.

Advantage Nojo.

@nojo: I think I’ll get Barry the Robert Caro biography of LBJ as a birthday present. Lyndon woulda had the Blue Dogs’ testicles in a jar.

@Dodgerblue: Exactly what I was thinking, although I forget whether the New Yorker excerpts of Caro’s books reached the presidential years. (Which is to say, I haven’t read the books themselves.)

Lincoln bios are all well and good, but the point of assembling the team of rivals was to play them off each other. I didn’t mind Barry appointing all the sellouts to his cabinet — mainly because I presumed he could get what he wanted out of them.

And maybe he has. Which is the depressing part.

@nojo: I read the NYer version of the first book and the real second volume. I may hint around about vol 3 during this year’s birthday/Hanukah season.

And speaking of testicles, here’s a brief Sport T/J. I read where the Milwaukee Brewers’ Fat Guy Prince Fielder had a hissy fit after Dodger whack job Guillermo Mota hit him with a pitch late in last night’s blowout Dodger victory (I was there). This, after the Brewers hit 3 of our guys. If my boyhood idol Don Drysdale had been on the mound, Fielder wouldn’t have had time for a hissy fit because he would have been on the ground in agony, searching for his nutsack.


If my boyhood idol Don Drysdale Nolan Ryan had been on the mound, Fielder wouldn’t have had time for a hissy fit because he would have been on the ground in agony, searching for his nutsack.

@Jamie Sommers: yeah, charging that good ol’ boy was not a good idea.

Some batter once got mad at Dodgers steroid-enhanced closer Eric Gagne and started towards the mound. Gagne, a heavily muscled former hockey player, dropped his glove, grinned, and motioned the guy forward. The batter stopped in his tracks, earning mockery from the crowd but probably saving himself a trip to the ER.

@Jamie Sommers: Puh-leeze. If my boyhood idol Doc Ellis had been on the mound….

After all, he famously said about trying to hit Johnny Bench – the fifth batter in a row, starting with Pete Fuckin Rose – “I tried to deck him twice. I threw at his jaw, and he moved. I threw at the back of his head, and he moved.”

He missed, but the Bucs went on to wrench the 74 pennant from the flaccid Red Machine.

/retreats to listen to “Glory Days”/

@The Nabisco Quiver: The Bucs then went limp for the Dodgers, who could not get it up against the A’s, who had an awesome pitching staff plus Reggie Jackson. Our only win was by the vastly-overrated Don Sutton.

@Dodgerblue: @The Nabisco Quiver: @Dodgerblue:

Has it occurred to any of you guys that whenever you start talking baseball, references to the peen, and words we associate with it, are rife in your postings?

Just sayin’….

@Tommmcatt Floats: And yet baseball is nowhere near as homophilic as football, the tight pants, the fanny patting, the quarterback groping the center on every play. Do you know the song “Backfield in Motion”?

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