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1. Interesting that he thinks members of his audience are capable of, say, blowing up a federal building.

2. Interesting that he brings up the Tiller murder.

3. Most interesting is that his usual passion is missing. Seems like he’s covering his ass for the shitstorm he knows will follow his insane racist rants. Disturbing to say the least.


“It would destroy the Republic” or “It would destroy the Republican party”?

Sounds like to me one of two things:

1) “Don’t sue! Don’t sue! Don’t sue!”
2) Someone reminded him what happened to the Rwandan radio hosts who helped incite genocide.

Let them feel your burning gays on them!


I like miss fake cry Glen Beck. GIVE US YOUR FAUX TEARS, PUFFY!

I’ve been warning Congress now for a couple of years, and the time has come and passed for them to be able to learn from this. I’ve been telling them, you have to listen to the people, or they’ll be in real big trouble.

If that’s not calling out the orcs, I don’t know what is …

A custom-made Get Out Of Jail Free card. He can rant and rave all he wants now, and still say: “look, I told them not to shoot.” Well played.

(NB: The next time he starts crying on air, we need to get Marlon Brando into the studio, wearing a tux, and saying, “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!” and go on from there.)

[ADD: Six different regulars, and it seems like “self-serving” is the definitive answer.]

TJ: don’t know if anyone’s seen this on TPM, but apparently the web of Senator Ensign includes that wonderful shitstain Santorum.

@Signal to Noise:

I want Ensign’s hair! Look at that gorgeous silver do!

Oh, and fuck Santorum, but that goes without saying.

Now that I’ve finished poking this bear with a stick, don’t blame me for what he does next.

@nojo: Poke? Why bother? Let’s fling burning shit down his cave hole. Lemme thing of something. . . Perhaps a survey of American opinion!

Why do you suppose that all these wingnutz (Ailes, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.) are looking more and more like enormous malformed babies?

It’s squicking me out muy mucho.

@Original Andrew: Because they are sick fucking twisted fucks and they eat enormous amounts of pain killers and Taco Bell and cheap fucking beer they get for free from sponsors to keep from screaming and clawing their own eyes out because they know what scum they are and can only medicate themselves into unconsciousness every night after their shows.

That’s why.

The “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blow Up Federal Buildings” bumpersticker can go on the pickup right below the “Terrorist Hunting License” decal.

Gleeeeeenn! Gllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn!

I hear!


Kill all Democratsszzzzzz!

Kill all muuuuuud peeeeeeeeeeople!

Kill all Oboomaaaaaaasssssszzzzzzzz!


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