Thank You, Dana Milbank

Schlemeel! Schlemazel!

Because if you and Chris Cillizza hadn’t created a now-deleted WaPo video hilariously! suggesting that Hillary drinks “Mad Bitch” beer (we’re partial to Swampsow Stout), we wouldn’t have eventually stumbled across the Wasatch Brew Pub of Park City, Utah. And that’s our Teachable Moment.


Let’s send a six-pack of the PP to Uncle Orrin. FTW.

I’ve actually seen this stuff. Never tasted it, though.

That’s awesome! If I’m ever in Utah…

For the Polygamous Pestorker,
It’s Polygamy Porter!

@FlyingChainSaw: I am so sorry to still be beating this drum, but if you want the video for Glenn Beck to work, I have two new links (one with music and one without).



Utah? Beer? Mormoni?

Something doesn’t compute.

@ManchuCandidate: They have clubs where you have to pay for membership, and they have laws prohibiting the seated portion of a restaurant to have a view of the bar, if there is one. The drinking club laws are changing, if they haven’t already, w/r/t how much they can charge, and the state is going to issue IDs and keep a (short-term, they say) database of members. I *think* SLC has more nonmos than mos, but I could be wrong about that. The rest of Utah is another story, but Park City is a major ski area, so a lot of out of towners want booze.

My bro tried this during a ski trip to Park City, says it’s pretty good. He has a t shirt.

@The Nabisco Quiver: I had it when we stopped in Park City during a camping trip. I was concerned it would suck because of the novelty title, but it was tasty.

@JNOV: You can drink in restaurants in UT (or at least in SLC and PC), but you also can’t have more than one drink at a time on your table, i.e. can’t finish up your martini AND have the dinner-accompanying glass of wine on the table at the same time.

It’s actually quite tasty. Very light for a porter. I had a couple during a four-hour stopover in SLC on the way to Phoenix.

@SanFranLefty: :-D

For anyone planning a trip to SLC and would like a drink.

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