222_snakehandlers_deweyAlabama is well and truly fucked:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — It is hardly unusual these days for a government building to forgo a fresh paint job or regular lawn care to cut costs. But last week, the director of the Jefferson County public nursing home was told that the county could no longer afford to bury indigent patients.

Across town at the juvenile detention center, the man in charge was trying to figure out how to feed the 28 children in his custody when the entire cafeteria staff is let go. The tax collector warned local school districts to expect a six-month delay to get their share of property taxes. In family court, administrators plan to delay child support, custody and child abuse cases, leaving some children in the hands of the state indefinitely.

And what does you suppose Alabama’s junior senator is doing to help his constituents (other than opposing the stimulus)?


Too stupid to be a federal judge (don’t get me started) so instead he gets himself elected to the Senate. Alabama, you have reaped what you sowed. Brilliant!

Alabama Area Reeling in Face of Fiscal Crisis [NYT]

If Session refuses to bury the indigent, he should be forced to eat them. That’s what a real conservative would do.

If Circus managers (how the fuck are they professionals?) in Alabama can’t live in the luxury they deserve then it’s fucking socializm.

My jaw doesn’t hit the ground these days when I hear low tax advocates whine and bitch about poor gubbiment services and the need for lower taxes in the same sentence. If gubbiment’s only SOURCE of revenue is taxes then how the fuck do they pay for shit with money they don’t have?


On my way through Gallup, NM this morning, I saw a campaign sign for Adam Kokesh. One of those paultard ones with the rEVOLution thing on it.



QuitterILF soon to be CougarILF? Actually, I don’t want to, but just following Rich Lowry’s Starbursts.



Way too good to be true, but consistent with her evident craziness.

@Jamie Sommers: And why didn’t you grab the sign and auction it off to the Stinquey gheyz to raise money for Nojo’s server?

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, how we all wish, that would be so fabulous. But Talibunny isn’t going to relocate to Montana. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s going to move her lower 48 H.Q. to Vegas. Cheap direct flights to everywhere in the country. Plus prostitution is legal, and no income taxes.

P.S. Has anyone read Persepolis besides me? Mr. SFL is almost done with the “Iranian comic book” as he refers to it.

There’s too many crazies in this country, its scaring me. They were more docile when they were in control, they got used to it, and not being in power is making their crazee get worse.

We got 3 things happening that I think never happened before simultaneously.

First, we have a right wing culture of anarchy, and “anything goes” in the quest to attain and seek power. We have a right wing that basically had power from 1994 till now, 15 years, it spoiled them, and they started out from 40 years in the wilderness, so they had a paranioac chip on their shoulder to start with, and now, having lost power, they are tearing up all the rules and the basic understandings that have allowed for orderly and peaceful transitions in power through most of our history, Bush started it with the stolen election of 2000, and they now have no qualms about using the courts, election challenges, and the most violent and seditious and anarchic rhetoric, in a distinct break with american tradition, which was, you lose the election, you lick your wounds, and wait for the next one, it started with the Clinton impeachment, and it has never stopped. Their rhetoric encourages a disbleief in the legitimacy of the system of democracy itself, and as a result, we are close to plunging to the level of a bannana republic or other third world shitbucket where there is no political stability ever, precisely because noone accepts the legitimacy of the results of elections.

Second, we have a depression, a severe economic crisis, that has the working poor and rural poor rightly fearing for their very survival. That makes for some instablity and wierdness in politics in general, kooks come out of the woodwork, scared people do desperate things.

And third, and this is the one thats unprecedented, we are in the midst, and at the point of crisis, of a paradigm shift in our national economy, we could call it that, we couold also call it the deliberate shitcanning of the national economy by the financial industry, the final death of real industrial production, the complete takeover by agribusiness of agriculture, so that there is no longer an american farmer class, those farmers who remain are serfs to agribusiness, what it spells for the average red state poors is, there is no jobs, none, absolutely none, except frying chicken for each other.

And then throw in an uppity negro as president, and rampant fear of the bogeyman that the right has painted liberalism as, and we have a rural poor population that is literally convinced the end of the world is at hand.

There will be blood.

TJ/I’ve moved to Dailymotion. “Afterbirth Lou Dobbs”

It took forever to make, but it’s only about 2 minutes long.

ADD: And I owe somebody a Corona with lime for that afterbirth business.

ADD ADD: Dailymotion sucks, too.

ADD ADD ADD: Oh, NOW it’s up: Afterbirther Lou Dobbs

Oh, and, I did forget something, since when has Alabama not been well and truly fucked?

@Promnight: Vigilance, yes, but don’t go hiding in the basement just yet. We’re at the tail end of a political era that began around 1980 — and that economic hijacking shift you mention began around then as well.

You want anarchy, wait until the water starts running out.

@Jamie Sommers: That crap is all over Santa Fe, in at least three different designs, including one classic “Enjoy Coke” style. Give a shout if you pass near RML World HQ.

@SanFranLefty: I did. Loved it. I had to check he sequel out of the library today.

@SanFranLefty: Amazon stuffed $50 in my bank account last month (thanks, everyone!), bringing Stinque’s total revenue to pennies shy of $220. Which tickles me to no end.

Some day there may well be real money involved, which would be a mixed blessing: How the hell would we divvy it up? I guess it would be nice to have that problem, but I’m not looking forward to it.

@Promnight: There’s too many crazies in this country, its scaring me.

Yes. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe it’s the distance I have from it – geographical and emotional – but there is some really scary shit being said, and no one is seeming to take it seriously. It’s scaring the bejeebus out of me. I often joke about various things being a sure sign of the apocalypse, but honestly I can’t see this brutal, animal-in-a-corner anger coming to an end that’s anywhere near quiet.

If I had to guess, I’d say that “the end” for lack of a better term is going to be some kind of country divided – not unlike that map that went around a few years ago – and frankly, I welcome it. I am tired of wingnuts who get air time in the name of fairness. I am tired of people talking about abortion, guns and Jesus. I am tired of my gheys being persecuted. I am tired of the awesomeness that is America being dragged into a weird alternate reality. And most of all, I am tired of them being better than us at legitimizing their issues, while we’re all too rational and good to do the same, even though our issues are ACTUALLY LEGITIMATE.

I’d feel bad for the people who would wind up living in Jesusland instead of the United States of Canada who don’t want to.

@SanFranLefty: only saw one on the side of the freeway on my way to the new Navajo casino.

@redmanlaw: I’m back in Phx now. I was up in Farmington just for a day. Didn’t think that was close enough to SFNM to drop you a line.

@RomeGirl: The red states, they cannot leave, they cannot survive on their own, no, they need us.

Its the first stages of Idiocracy, this is how it starts.

@Promnight: Ha! Yes.

I want them to shrivel up and die on their own.

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