Glenn Beck is a Dumbass Racist Douche

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Thanks, My Love! You did it!

What has been funny about this is what Barry Obama has done is separated those who aren’t racist from those who are, particularly in the all “wonderful” RW MSM.

Beck, Dobbs, Limbaugh and Hannity. Pretty much confirmed.

O’Reilly, Coulter ((s)he once dated Jimmy “J.J.” Walker) and Kraphammer. Actually not racists. Just assholes.

@JNOV: Huzzah! Great one. And I love that song.

@JNOV: Awesome vid! I’ve had a few of my own yanked from ‘tube for using copyrighted songs as backing tracks, so let’s get this viral before it disappears!

@JNOV: I know you wanted to use the whole song, but your video would be more powerful if it were shorter. It should only take a minute or two to demonstrate Beck’s racist douchebag propensities.

It’s a great video, no question, but it’d be even better at a quicker pace. The production quality is fantastic, it sticks well to the point. Keep ’em coming!

@IanJ: UPDATE: JNOV is apparently getting flack for the vid, not sure if it is because of the backing track/copyright issues or the commenters are piling on. She’s in the playground but not on stinque. The Nabisco Quiver suggests everybody push the video out by any means necessary so it catches on before getting yanked.

@SanFranLefty: @Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: @Tommmcatt Floats: Thanks! :-D

@IanJ: Thanks for the advice. I actually make the video before I mess with the sound, so I wasn’t trying to extend it; some of my videos run approximately 2:30 with samples and mixing. Here I just had more to say, so it ran a little long. When I finished and realized there were about 20 seconds left to the song, I decided to let it play out.

I use my kid as a guide to how long text should stay up — we all read at different speeds, and I chose the length of the Beck clips to provide some context; there are lots of shorter versions out there. I made a megalong video that kept people’s attention, so while I try to stay under 3 minutes, I have no problem going to 5.

@Nabisco Quiver and the Melody: The copyright issue is being handled, but I might lose my sound if I lose the dispute. So far I’ve only lost one dispute where the music can’t be heard in the EU, so that’s cool. BUT I’m getting some flak in the comments from exmos who wanted me to address Beck’s Mormonism. I didn’t feel like going that way.

THEN, I inadvertently started an email thread/discussion meant to just be an email on FB, so I had someone bitching about me putting them in thread because of all of the responses. So, yeah. And I’ve got people pooping on my YouTube wall, so I have to go take care of that. (I let the comments stand, but I address them.)

Basically, I’m a nervous wreck right now.

And this post was linked to on HuffPo, but alas, the link is gone.

What is this playground people keep talking about?

@IanJ: I think it’s the Super Secret Clubhouse, where your toonified avatar is present and accounted for.

@nojo: Naw. I can’t get there from my BB. I was just sending messages to Nabeesko. Yesterday I was in the sandbox asking questions, and SFL stopped by, but the video took a different turn.

@JNOV: I can still here it here, but maybe it’s coming from a different YouTube server.

@nojo: Nothing here. Gar! They’re not supposed to mute it until the dispute is settled. I’m working on it.

True Story:

1. I tend to have a lot of tabs open on my browser.

2. Today, while watching this video, I also had the “Mad Men Yourself” site open, because I wanted to check it out.

3. That site has hilarious, kitschy lounge music playing on it.

4. There was a discussion in these comments about music being used on this video, as well as a comment from JNOV about the music running 20 seconds longer than the piece. There was also a discussion about this post being linked on HuffPo.

5. I watched the video, enjoyed it thoroughly, then went over to HuffPo to see if I could find it.

6. The music that I had originally thought was a part of this video WAS STILL PLAYING. For like FIVE MINUTES. I thought my computer had a virus of some kind.

P.S. – watch the video while you have up and running. It actually TOTALLY FITS.

RIGHT! I want my whole LIFE to be set to that background music.

@RomeGirl: Too funny! New music:

And the LAST video I upload to fucking YouTube. I also grovelled to fucking Warner Bros for permission to use the original music. If they even fucking reply, I’ll post it on my channel, AND I’m going to use a 1st Amendment friendly web host from now on. Electrontic Frontier Foundation has a white paper on DMCA business, fair use, etc.

@JNOV: I noticed that moved all their videos to a new place, and they’re happy with them.

Way to go my incredible JNOV!!, great vid. You know that is the first, only, and last time I have/will watch that greasy fucking turd, Glenn Beck.

@AARPrick: Thank you, My Love! I have a new one (I stole the title from you guys): “Afterbirther Lou Dobbs.” I just don’t know where to put it. Fuck YouTube.

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