Beer Goggles

Elizabeth Eckford in front of Little Rock Central High School, September 4, 1957.

We wish we could be all witty about the Beer Summit, but six months into the Obama Presidency, we fear that something ugly has emerged from the rock it’s been hiding under. It’s Jeff Sessions calling Sonia Sotomayor a racist. It’s Glenn Beck calling Obama a racist. It’s people in positions of authority and influence not calling them on it, for fear of — what? Disturbing the peace?

Have you seen the face of hate? Happily, we haven’t, not personally — only in pictures we grew up with, as a child in the Sixties and a teenager in the Seventies. Iconic images, many of moments we literally lived through, but seemed a distant past by the time we came to consciousness.

We’re not stupid. Social manners may have improved, but we knew the feelings were still there — just a few days ago we called it “racism by other means”. At least folks had to be somewhat polite about it, which was something of an improvement.

Now we’re not so sure. The political histrionics we’ve seen this year — and, frankly, enjoyed — sound increasingly like cascading howls of desperation. Glenn Beck may be an opportunistic creep, but his shtick wouldn’t play unless there was an audience for it. Like Sarah Palin at her rallies last fall, Beck and his kind are picking at a very dangerous scab. And if they succeed, the blood that flows will not be metaphorical.

It’s still very early. Like teabagging, like the Birther Bubble, this too may play itself out. But so far, every development has been worse than the last. Which makes us very wary of what comes next.


Nojo, I lurve you. To quote @JNOV: “Yes. This. Exactly.”

Let’s call it what it is – a white power movement led by the MSM icons of besieged white male America, O’Reilly, Dobbs and Beck, telling tales in code of Obama kicking down their doors, killing their kids, killing them, the besieged white American male, and taking their wives to breed islamofascist infantrymen to garrison the N American caliphate. They fear irrelevance and extinction, skinheads with TV shows, mewling like kittens in existential dread. Ha. Haha. Hahahahahaha.

@RomeGirl: I’d love to buy you a beer very soon…

@FlyingChainSaw: Please, please, please work your magic, such that it is, and take another stab at posting my video before I go all apoplectic.

@FlyingChainSaw: They have already lost the war. This is their dying gasp.

I’ve seen that ugly face. Got punched out by it a couple of times (bloody lip and nose.) Also had the satisfaction of making it cry and bleed, too.

Where ever there are assholes whose sense of entitlement is way beyond their abilities, you will find that face (which ironically knows no color.)

@RomeGirl: @JNOV: @FlyingChainSaw: @rptrcub: Maybe it is racism finally being dragged out into the sunshine after decades of not so subtle dormancy. Question is whether the light will kill it off, or feed it. We’re a different people than we were in the 60s. But are we stronger?

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds:
I think US America is better. Barry has survived several race baiting attacks that would have sunk a black candidacy in the previous decades.

It takes time to change attitudes.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: It is still a tribalist species composed of extremely fragile organisms who’ve spent most of their evolutionary trek quaking in the shadows. Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity et al are exhibiting raw existential fear based on their own expectations of a biologically superior class of interlopers snapping their necks, taking their women and breeding cadres of afro-supremist islamofascists who will burn their churches, pillage their banks and establish a hybrid super-race that will eclipse them and their pasty, pudgy progeny and cut off their gene line like a machete through a candy cane. It’s the same kind of existential terror that inspires white cultures to find ways to stuff as much as the black male population into prisons as possible. In a very real way, Obama ripped their fucking balls off.

I have nothing to add except to say that Nojo rocks. And FCS’s potty mouth never ceases to put a smile on my face. My morning started out incredibly shittily, and this has oddly enough made me feel better.

@FlyingChainSaw: Yup. Black men are OK wearing silly uniforms and running around doing Sport for the amusement of the fat idle white fucks. Beyond that, it’s time to send them all back to Africa. Right, Pat Buchanan?

@Dodgerblue: Reminds me of an excellent scene in one of my favorite all-time movies, John Sayles’ Lone Star, between the racist fuckface south Texas sheriff (played by Kris Kristofferson) and a young black man named Otis, set in the late ’40s or early ’50s:

Sheriff: “I sent your daddy to the farm once.”
Otis: “Mmmm hmmm, I know that.”
Sheriff: “Why do you think that was?”
Otis: “Some crop needed pickin’ and the Man was shorthanded.”

@rptrcub: You hang in the wrong circles.

Ya’ll remember how I get all maudlin, in my cups, and tearfully confess my love for you all, and how I am so woefully lonely in my day to day life because I do not live in a sophisticated city, nor do I work in an intellectual or progressive enterprise, have you not heard my cries of desperate longing for the company of like-minded people like you all? (and if you haven’t, where were you? In my imagination, you all hang on my every word).

Well anyway, I am out there in the blackest pit of regular Joe-dom all day every day, and racism never went anywhere, is all I can tells you. I see those faces daily, been seeing them all my life. If you haven’t been, you are lucky, and have been hanging in the good neighborhoods.

Though among the young, there has been remarkable progress, that I will grant.

@SanFranLefty: Awesome movie.

@ManchuCandidate: I haz hope.

@FlyingChainSaw: Speaking of species, did everyone hear about not-Steve-Doucey’s Freudian slip about how our melting pot nation keeps marrying other species, and that’s why we’re not advanced like the “pure” Swedes. Heard about it last night, mowing the lawn to Harry Shearer’s Sunday podcast.

@Promnight: I think the younger generation is growing up better, but teh stupid and the racist lives long. How many married and/or procreating couples could disagree on matters of race, after all? Strikes me as a deal breaker.

Endearing yet slightly sad story: my kids were born abroad, and went to international schools until we repatriated when the eldest was getting ready to start first grade. His three years of international pre-school up until US American public school were with a mixture of Asian, African, Latin American and Europeans, a real tower of Babel in the literal and figurative. He has cousins who are anglo/asian/african-american, not unlike Tiger Woods. When we first got here, he honestly thought the south Asian and African-American kids were just “more tanned”, and that’s how he’d refer to his new friends. It was sweet, innocent and how it should be.

It took a full year, but eventually I caught him doing the “Chinese, Japanese, look at these” thing with his hands and eyelids that we all also learned in public school or on the playground. My kids are still fundamentally color blind, but racial attitudes percolate up and spread out from kids who get it at home.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: Yes, I read about it and looked at the clip on the soundfree desktop. It was so insanely ignorant it left me speechless. The chick on the show tried to appear as if she thought the Doucy guy was sideways but the other two guys seemed to Sieg Heil right along. He was forced to apologize, which was a shame. I was hoping the show would devolve into a white power hour of impotent rage.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: No I had not heard of that Freudian slip.

@Promnight: Judging from the homophobic, sexist, and racist banter going on at 8 am in English and Spanish on the other side of my office window by the construction guys, ignorance and hatred are well represented everywhere in this country.
Hint to men: Please don’t discuss how your baby mama is still “tight” even after having your kid when a woman is within earshot.

@SanFranLefty: I assume the “now it hangs like sleeve of wizard” (a wonderful simile or metaphor, as the case may be) remark is right out?

@Promnight: Not yet, but thank you for that grotesque image so early in the morning.

@SanFranLefty: I thought it was the funniest line in Borat.

I have known perfectly nice people who, all of a sudden, come off with a racist/xenophobic/homophobic blast, and it stuns me. I’ve usually reacted with a polite version of revulsion — a cross look, a hushed tone, etc. Except one time.

A beloved family member and I were setting up for dinner when I was visiting her, and I asked her (whilst I was carrying something) to grab something off the counter. She said: “what am I, your nigger?” I looked at her and gasped loudly and (after putting down said thing I was carrying) put my heads to my hands and said “no” repeatedly. This elicited repeated apologies on her part. Which was to be expected, I guess — she is one of the lovely people of this planet who (fortunately enough) loves me to pieces and doesn’t have a hateful bone in her body. (Only, perhaps, a hateful neuron or two in a long-abandoned sector of her brain.)

My guess is that, really, just about everyone now knows, instinctively, that racism is NOT WHAT IS REQUIRED OR REQUESTED. It’s been drilled into them, and virtually all decent people accept the truth behind it. Yet it is a switch that can be flipped, as we all know. And it comes out and presents itself — veiled, disguised perhaps — in ways that are shocking to a post-segregation world.

@Promnight: Short-listed for Nojo’s tweet tomorrow.

@chicago bureau: My mom referred to “the coloreds” throughout the 60s when I was a young biscuit. My brothers and I would always holler, in harmony, “What color, Mom?” to which she’d respond with an eyeroll before exhaling her latest Pall-Mall. When “persons of color” was finally rolled out, she suggested that she had been a pioneer, after all.

@chicago bureau: Jeeze, you must have flipped over the John Lennon song the sentiment of which she was echoing, in nearly the same words.

@JNOV: I’ll be state side mid august, we’ll hook up!

@RomeGirl: You should go to Cafe Prom together and file a field report.

Promnight: Wait, what?

[CB does modest amount of research]

You know, being born in the late 1970s does have certain drawbacks.

@Dodgerblue: Do you think the Democrats in the California Legislature are finally going to grow a set?

@SanFranLefty: John Perez is a righteous guy but I would be surprised if the so-called “leadership” wants to go down that road. Our Sacramento people tell me that we are likely to be back in budget negotiations (read “extortion”) Hell in 3 or 4 months anyhow because state revenues will continue to underperform projections.

@chicago bureau: You know, being born in the late 1970s does have certain drawbacks.

Like missing out on being stuck with an atrocious sense of style.

@nojo: Are you kidding me? As someone who was dressed in lots of neon pink, purple, and teal as a child, I assure you that you are wrong.

@mellbell: Here’s the thing: I’ve started watching the Brit version of Life on Mars, the cop show where a present-day detective finds himself stuck in 1973. (The premise actually works a lot better than it sounds.) And I look at the wide lapels and bellbottoms, and think: What was so wrong about that?

When I grow up, I’m getting a personal stylist.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Well, it’s not like the Cal Supremes thought very much of the revision/amendment argument in the Prop 8 case.

@SanFranLefty: Isn’t this what the GOP really wants? Totalist dictatorship. Part thug rewrites the budget based on psychopathic ideology. Dissent spills forth. Troops ordered into the streets. Blood spills. Party thug appears on TV to denounce the violence of the ‘anarchists’ and promises law and order will prevail.


O my God, teal, I remember all the teal. And Dorthy Hamill bowl cuts, amirite? And freaking pastel Members Only jackets. Checkerboard vans.

What a sick, sick era the 80’s was. I was in my teens, and I’m still getting over it.

@nojo: I guess the difference is that, while most people in my age group (let’s say 24-33, since I probably have more in common with Bicentennial babies than anyone born in the latter half of the 80s) would never be caught dead in the things they wore back in the day, folks younger than us, who don’t bear the emotional scars of having worn that stuff the first go-round, think it’s hot shit. I saw a girl the other day wearing a teal leopard print hoodie over a pink leopard print shirt-dress with black lace leggings and flats. It was like, wait, what decade is this?

@mellbell: Shorter version: 70s fashion, by now, generally only recurs in fiction. 80s fashion, sadly, lives on.

@nojo: “And I look at the wide lapels and bellbottoms, and think: What was so wrong about that?”

Stop and remember what was behind that fashion: polyester. Just as my glands started to produce something akin to a musky aroma, I encased myself in ill-fitted polyester. And the moist film of deodorant left by the roll-on just added to the clinginess of the fabric. And don’t even get me started on how uncomfortably tight the pants of the day were, especially during those awkward years of unexpected tumidity.

@Tommmcatt Floats and Dodgerblue: I don’t think we should wait around for a member of the Assembly to raise the argument; it can be thrown in the kitchen sink of other claims for relief in a writ petition brought by advocates for AIDS patients/kids/elderly, and we’ll all see what sticks. Any Superior Court judge worth her salt will try to avoid big constitutional interpretations like that and kick it upstairs to the Court of Appeals or the state Supremes ASAP.

@‘bisco: Unexpected Tumidity would be an awesome band name.


Women tying little bits of rags and lace in their hair. Mesh gloves with the fingers cut out of them. PARACHUTE PANTS.

The horror!

@mellbell: folks younger than us, who don’t bear the emotional scars of having worn that stuff the first go-round, think it’s hot shit

I used to call that dumpster-diving in my past, and I was very happy to see the crowd move on to the next dark alley.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: I will grant that I’ve learned one thing over the years: It’s cotton, or nothing at all. Keeps me relatively safe.

@chicago bureau: Because of your avatar, I think of you being older than I am.

I like this tough evony chick, and she is not CGI. Though obviously edited some.

The Annie Hall Look, ‘member that disaster?

I simply cannot show anyone my high school senior picture, with my polyester patterned, what as the fabric, qiuana? shirt, wide collar, 3 buttons open?

I strongly suggest you polyester haters go check out the new “technical fabric” t-shirts and clothing that are available. “Technical fabric” is polyester, but you’d swear it was cotton, when you feel it. Big advantage: it doesn’t act like a sponge, the way cotton does; it wicks moisture away and dries out a lot quicker. It also doesn’t rot/disintegrate like cotton does. Very handy for your average bicycle rider who doesn’t want to carry several changes of clothes per day.

I have gotten my t-shirts at REI (where I get free stuff due to a bicycle commuting incentive program), but they’re available at most clothing stores now, particularly in the sporting clothes sections.

@Promnight: I have photos from college to refresh my memory of the Annie Hall years. Boggles the mind that anyone ever used Diane Keaton as a fashion role model. Ah, youth.
And yes, I remember Qiana™ (monsanto, wasn’t it?), best described by the word “sleazy”–the fabric, not necessarily the wearer.


I bike in that stuff all the time. It is genius.

However, I tend to avoid wearing it at some of the finer restaurants in town.

@all: I disagree with the band names. Best ever: The Carmen Miranda Warning.

@IanJ: Wal-Mart and Target also have tech t-shirts. I’m not down with REI (member since 1979) because of their support for The Access Fund, which advocates for climbing on Indian religious sites such as Devil’s Tower without restrictions or consideration for religious uses. (Remember that I am a theocrat on these issues.) Fuck them and fuck REI for supporting those assholes. TAF gets their ass handed to them in court all the time, but still.

Good news on the boycott front: After canceling my order for a .22 LR conversion kit for my 9mm Glock 19 at Glock World last week over some upside down flag flying shit the company CEO said about My President, I went over to the local gun shop to see what they had. I lucked out when I found a Ruger 22/45 target model 10-round .22 LR semi-auto pistol w/adjustable sights and a bull barrel for $289. Suck it, Glock World. The 22/45 is the classic Ruger Mk I – Mk III style pistol with a grip and controls that resembles that of the Colt 1911. Can’t wait to pick it up on Wednesday. (Name like that of a bad guy = de facto 1 wk waiting period for me).

@redmanlaw: @IanJ:

REI is overpriced. Plus the marketing is bland and too mainstream for my taste, and when you do marketing for a living, you become a bit of an ad snob. I’d do something altogether more crunchy and counterculture, appeal to a kind of upscale hippie sensibility. You know, a kind of smoke pot on the weekends and drive out to the mountains in my BMW X3 kinda feel. A lot more casual and fun. Kind of like an “Urban Outfitters” vibe for the great outdoors.

@redmanlaw: Dammit, now I have to ask: Can I watch Close Encounters without fear of inadvertently desecrating a religious site?

Special Geek Digression Bonus: A Gallery of Test Patterns.

We of A Certain Age are familiar with the Indian Head test card (the Boring Indian Movie of RML’s youth), but Life on Mars uses the British version — a little girl with a grotesque stuffed doll — to truly creepy effect. It worked so well, I had to double-check that they weren’t shitting me.

@redmanlaw: I’m with you on this. The tech polyester is great, but as much as I love REI (member since ’83) their prices are just too high. I’ll go on-line through campmor if I absolutely need something brand name. There was a great local outdoor outfitter in Austin when I lived there, Whole Earth, that was my default for years.

ADD: My band name is “Nabisco Quiver And The Melody”, which I think is totally awesome.

@nojo: Just don’t climb it when the homies are praying or touch the groovy Indian stuff they may leave there.

You’ll note my clever early-escape parenthetical note. I get $30 a month in vouchers which are good at a few useless places, and REI. Thus “shopping at REI” means spending money I can’t spend anywhere else. I have no problem blowing free cash there. Otherwise, I agree, their stuff tends to be over priced.

RML: if I gave up on every company that did something I found distasteful, I would have to become a subsistence farmer and make every item I wanted to use. I guess I choose my battles. And I’d suspect that Target and Wal-Mart commit considerably more heinous sins than REI does, in any case, although they may not be so directly infringing on anyone’s religious practices.

@IanJ: Everybody buys from China and China employs slaves.

@IanJ: . . . and that’s why I shop at the grocery chain with unionized checkers and meat cutters, etc. The religious thing with REI/TAF is a direct affront to me since my tribe spent 56 years trying to get 100,o00 acres, more or less, with religious significance back from the Forest Service so we would not have to share it with anyone. “Land of many uses” my ass. It’s a wilderness now by law and also as a management philosophy of the tribe. I didn’t ski for at least 15 years because I hated the way USFS and the Santa Fe ski area dismissed the local Pueblos’ concerns over site desecration. I’ve gone a handful of times over the past several years, but I don’t feel right about it.

ADD: I’m not trying to be holier than thou (and we have plenty of those people here in SF), I’m just trying to do what feels comfortable for me.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: I’m torn between “Cynica Of The Prickly”, “Cynica Morphine”, and “Tenderloin Of The Cynica Curb”.

@IanJ: Yeah, I don’t split hairs so much over company backstories, because as the ‘Saw points out, there ain’t much good meat going into the different sausages.

When I had an REI near me, I loved to go there and just try shit out, one of the great things about their stores. I learned to rock climb at an REI, mainly because I’m a-skeered of heights and my buddies couldn’t get me up on walls in the outdoors, but the fantastically cute and toned REI sales gal sure did.

Oh and the remainder bins, I’ve picked up a lot of great deals on stuff that was returned at REI because of slight discoloration or a nick on the handle.

@Mistress Cynica: Tenderloin of the Cynica Curb, how could there be any question? I didn’t think to type in my avatar name in the band generator, I just typed the first word that popped into my head, and for some reason that word was enchilada.

@SanFranLefty: My SFL band names, I think that #2 is my favorite:

#1 Speech Faith Lubrication
#2 Serial Funnel Lucifer
#3 Samba Family Lord
#4 Spark Forehead Loin
#5 Sperm Fame Laughing
#6 Swinger Fly Linen
#7 Steak Filter Loin
#8 Shipping Freeway Land
#9 Summer Failure Language

I feel the REI love as well.

@SanFranLefty: They’re all great, I like #6. Ever hear of Robert Pollard or Guided By Voices? He makes up song titles and album titles like this all the time. Famously asserted (correctly): “I’ve written more fucking songs than Elton John!

@Nabisco Quiver and the Melody: I have mentioned before, that symbolic acts of selectively politically correct consumption really don’t strike me as meaningful, the modern economy is simply too interconnected for it to be meaningful. Probably the most meaningful basis for such selective boycotting has to do with union and worker treatment.

But on this topic, I have taken the unpopular view towards such symbolic products as hybrid cars. The problem with our system is not that people drive the wrong cars, its that we rely too much on cars, period.

Oh, its a golden age for us, consumer goods, priced as a percentage of average wages, are far far cheaper than they were even when I was young, TVs, stereos, computers, are ridiculously cheap. Tools, almost all small manufactured items, they were much more serious purchases in our parents days.

My first computer was an IBM 286. I got it as a cast off from my brother in law’s dental office, in 1987. It cost him $5,000 a few years before.

Jeans, shoes, gadgets, all the material things in a hardware store, the prices now, are the same or lower than they were 25 years ago, adjusting for inflation, whats that, about 1/4th the real price. I feel guilty, when I buy things and I know that as a matter of simple time and labor, the people who made it are not paid a living wage. They can’t be, its not possible, or else these things would cost so much more.

@Promnight: Well how are all those U.S. ‘Meriken children who are fat and lazy that we’re squirting out are ever going to compete with the lean and intense off-spring of the Indian and Chinese factory workers who are the reason why you jeans, shoes, and gadgets are cheaper than they were 25 years ago? Seriously? I’m sure you and every other parent has fabulous kids but they’re going to get their asses wiped in the global race by the Indian and Chinese kids who want to eat their lunch. I don’t have kids but I want to scream at every kid in U.S. ‘Merika regardless of age who is under 13 and engrossed in his or her video game to get off their lard-ass and be ready to be under cut by a Chinese kid.

And then it makes me sad that I’m screaming shit like that at the amorphous blob children of America, or that I think of them as these Idiocracy/Wall-E blobs of uselessness, and that’s mean to the kids, and I want to move on the ark or my commune in Northern California and just mutter to me and my fellow Stinquers.

Such as. And so the kids are sad because crazy lady screamed at them.

That’s why there are cocktails for the non-breeders, I suppose. I shouldn’t worry about the future, because it’s not like I’m that invested in it.

@SanFranLefty: Fact is, 50% of people are below average in intelligence, and their highest and best calling might be putting things together, but we have decided we are not going to make things here anymore, so they are left, with nothing to do, basically.

We decided that we are gonna have a 40 hour work week, and worker safety, and child labor laws, and a living wage, and it worked great, until the rise of the multinational corporation that sees no national boundaries, and they saw they could make better profit by closing all the US factories, where the dummies might have had relatively decent lives and retired to Florida like my grandfather. And this whole new morality arose, “free trade,” which benefits noone but the big companies arbitraging different standards of living by moving manufacturing to where there are no environmental protection laws, no child labor laws, no 40 hour work week, no unions. So the only way our fat little children will be able to compete will be to go to work at 10 for 25 cents an hour.

So don’t blame them, the corporatocracy that controls our government sees shortsighted gain in exporting their jobs and making money selling them artificially cheap sneakers and ipods, and it will work until the standards of living between the consumers and the producers have levelled, become equal, when we are too poor to buy the things they are now making in even poorer countries.

Entropy, my dear, is flatness. Energy flows from abundance to scarcity, until all is equal and flat, and then there is no energy. In the physics of electricity, its called potential, in simpler physics, a damn encloses and traps water at a height, there is energy in it because it is at a different level from the rest of the water, in the ocean. You can use the flow downward to power a turbine and translate that energy.

Thats what the corporatocracy is doing, we have built up a high lifestyle, lots of money. They opened up our previously closed system, opened up the floodgates of the damn, so our wealth will flow down to the poor countries where they have moved the making of things, the real generation of wealth. They are making their money off of the flow, as our standard of living drains down.

But some day, soon, we will be as poor as those countries where the real wealth creation has been moved, and the system will be flat, that energy potential arising from the differences between the economies will be gone. They will have siphoned off their percentage, and retire to their walled enclaves, having destroyed the highest and most productive civilization ever in human history, just to get their cut.

They are making money from arbitrage, not from production.

The poors in the USA are not to be condemned for failing to understand whats being done to them, Obama does not understand, he seems to be in the pocket of Goldman Sachs, when he bailed out the automakers, he said “those jobs aren’t coming back.” Then why the fuck bail them out, if they were, are, not going to create, provide, jobs, for us? Because Goldman Sachs does not care for production, making, creating wealth, value, jobs. Goldman Sachs and the international financiers have become addicted to the quick fix, the crack, of making money by speculation and arbitrage, not through investment in industry, industry being, real, physical, tangible creation of things of value, and jobs, and wealth based on a real economy, and not the paper trading and speculating and bullshit that this economy has become.

Don’t hate the fat little american kids, they are being screwed six ways from sunday by a corrupt culture of finance that no longer has any interest in any real economic value creation, they are simply mining a once-rich country until its accumulated capital is gone, and this year, they acheived their greatest swindle ever, with the trillion dollar bailouts, of “industries” that make nothing, while we write off and bid farewell to industries that do create value, and jobs, and real economic productivity.

@Promnight: The problem with our system is not that people drive the wrong cars, its that we rely too much on cars, period.

Some call it “infrastructure,” and you’ll need to go back fifty years to fix it.

My Civic has only 16,000 miles after four years, but I’m freelance — no commute — and I live cheap. But Southern California remains a Great Big Freeway, and most folks here don’t have the luxury of dictating their lifestyle. They don’t just rely on cars — there’s simply no alternative.

We had a thirty-year window to deal with it, starting in 1973, when it first came to public attention. We decided to live in Fantasyland instead. And here we are.

@Promnight: Y’know, I was thinking today, despite all the Unicorn talk — and especially after the Strategic Sellouts of a year ago — I really wasn’t expecting Barry to fix everything. But I did figure he at least wouldn’t make things worse.

And compared to the alternative, he’s certainly fucking things up less. Doesn’t make much of a rallying cry, however.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: eventually I caught him doing the “Chinese, Japanese, look at these” thing with his hands and eyelids that we all also learned in public school or on the playground.

I learned it as “Chinese, Japanese, American Knees.”

From my Japanese-American friend.

Whom we didn’t call “Japanese-American”, because that would have been weird.

Eugene: We Really Did Grow Up That Innocent.

@Promnight: I know I shouldn’t yell at the kids, and yell at the CEOs, but I’d be arrested at the Greenwich city limits if I tried to go yell at them.

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