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I shit you not.


Colonel Sanders was a better friend to chickens than W was to the Middle East and Humanity in general.

Perhaps it’s a subtle way of suggesting that sending W to the Middle East might save taxpayers the cost of a trial and a long imprisonment, (ahem).

Not the National Review. Not Human Events. But Newsweek.

Tone. Deaf.

@ManchuCandidate: This one’s yours, Canuck…

Gregory Levey (born ca. 1978) is a writer living in Toronto, Canada.

He served as a speechwriter for the Israeli government, first for the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in New York, and then, in Israel, in the offices of Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert as Senior Foreign Communications Coordinator and English Speechwriter.

He is a regular contributor to, and has also written for The Globe and Mail, the National Post, The New Republic, the New York Post, and others.

Levey is Assistant Professor of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. Shut up, I’m Talking, a memoir of his experiences in the Israeli Government was published by Simon & Schuster/Free Press in April 2008.

Had to hit Wikipedia for that. Newsweek ain’t so clear about its writer.

We have our asshats of the neocon/Likudnik stripe, too.



The hotel I stayed at carried the National Post, which had an enormous anti-healthcare reform op-ed by none other than Conrad Black. Are they fucking kidding us? Does Connie fax these in from prison? How’s his US taxpayer-financed healthcare, I wonder.

As soon as I saw the other lead op-ed was by beady-eyed David Frum, the whole rag went into the recycling.


No amount of graphic-redesign is gonna save Noozweak, thank the FSM.

@Original Andrew:
The National Post was originally founded by Federal Inmate #58493231 aka Connie Black ex-asshat of Crossharbour in 1998. A huge money losing enterprise since.

Being printed as the National Post is the equivalent of dying in vain, for trees.

ManchuCandidate: On an Air Canada flight to Toronto, I was offered either the National Post or Le Devoir as reading material. I picked Le Devoir, if only to see if I could still read French reliably. (The answer: oui, plus ou moins.)

@chicago bureau:
C’est bon. Je pense que les Americains ne lit pas et ne parlent pas francais. Je suis mal.

If I had a choice between a Miley Cyrus Coloring book and the National Post. I’d pick the Miley Cyrus Coloring book.

ManchuCandidate: Sure. But note that I can’t speak French worth a damn. Heavy tongue + mind trying to process two languages at once = bad, bad results.

@chicago bureau: @chicago bureau: I can read French pretty well, but have trouble remembering my words in English to speak these days, much less trying to remember and not completely mangle pronouncing the French word.

@Mistress Cynica:

My español is passable, though I do screw up the tenses half the time, and I’d love to learn some français. Project!

@chicago bureau:
I can speak it in a english speaker kind of way. It takes me about 2-3 weeks to acclimatize to speaking en Francais. Only time I get crossed up is when I try to jump between “Quebecois” Francais and Francais Francais.

My grasp of other languages is limited to swear words and hello/goodbye.


You also need “I didn’t order this,” and you’re good to go.

Re the Middle East envoy, Obama needs to be as tough with the Israelis as the Israelis are with everybody else. He could send me, a Big Jew Bastard. I’d tell the Israelis and Palestinians that if they didn’t shape up stat, our money and toys would stay over here and they could fight each other with rocks.

Look at him. He’s so hot. Crunching abs at Camp David. His jock soaked in sweat. Spotting him at the squat rack. What most of the ‘pundits’ don’t know is how sensitive his nips are. They’s like a on/off switch to his cock. That sweet man. Those times we’d go cross the quad to listen to that counter-tenor guy sing Fauré. And Georgie’d snuggle close when I told him about how Poulenc and his boyfriend Jorge had to hide their love from their families just like we did. And we’d pick up a six-pack at the local Wawa then head back to the dorms. And he’d be all like fuck me. And he does have a sweet ass on him. Like all them Bush men. I’d cuff his hands to the headboard and pull down his shorts and his ass was so sweet. And he was all like “Oh daddy, daddy” till I stuffed his mouth with hard man-sausage. And he’d take it like a champ. Like a Sport guy with his Coach.

I miss my Bush. I miss putting him over my knee and pulling his bouncyeball pants down so he was all like “Daddy don’t hurt me.”

You tell me: what other hot ass sub would suck on cock like Dubya since he been gone.


Bleh. Now I’m off buttsecks for at least four days. Mr. ‘Catt will want to have some words with you.

Oh, and the answer to your question is “Charles Krauthammer”.

Now it’s up to five days. Thanks a lot, Benedick.

@ManchuCandidate: Most of us who took any French – or other language – in public school learned to read but not speak. That actually seems to be true throughout the world, except in Europe where everything is awesomesocialized. I only learned to speak Spanish when I was (a) interested and (b) thrown head first into total immersion overseas. My French rests underneath it all, coming up to surface only when I try to give over my brain to another language.

@Benedick: Okay, now try that with Darth Cheney. Double dog dare ya…


What most of the ‘pundits’ don’t know is how sensitive his nips are.

Especially the third one.

And the judges rule that Politicians Worth Hate-Fucking is indeed our Category of the Day. Watch your head while the duck drops!

@Jamie Sommers: Hey Jamie, can you get word to your ex-govnah Napster that thin horizontal black and white stripes on a suit coat never look good on anyone older than 23 or over a size 0? thx, darling.

@SanFran Hussein Lefty: Yegads. Is “zebra” the equivalent of “cougar” in the LGBT community?

@Nabisco: I can read newspapers in spanish OK, just OK, which is sad, after 5 years of it in high school and college. I made the mistake of taking linguistics and latin, in college, with the result that all languages (at least all romance languages, and English, which is half french) are the same to me, they just prefer different vocabularies and pronunciations. I am the king of cognates, and recognize the most obscure of them, but it makes it impossible for me to remember which language I am trying to speak my horrible pidgin in. I tried to learn some french, but every time I try to use it, I lapse into spanish, and vice versa.

“you have.” major sounds, “ooo,” and “Ahve” Vous avez, same words, just a different pronunciation.

You can go far in french if you know the french for “is it” and “it is,” the same, anyway, just different inflections, and then stick to english words ending in “ble.” They are almost all french words, too, just say them with a french accent. ce’st possible vouze avez vin rouge? Necessito un bano, no wait, thats not french, damnit. But wait, I know “voulez vous couchez avec moi,” I can say “avec moi, le vin rouge, cette acceptable.” Hey, I know its all an abomination, but its fun. I really can’t speak any language but english, but I can play a version of charades in several others, at least.

@Benedick: This is some gay version of FCS speak? @Benedick: “wawa,” where did you pick that one up? Thats a severe regionalism, dude, and yet, I like that its now probably the most common algonquin-family native american word in use in North America.

@Nabisco: Just because Janet is unmarried and has an unfortunate haircut doesn’t mean she’s a Daughter of Bilitis.*

*Friend of Dorothy for the ghey boyz.

@Benedick: Wawa! Man, I can’t wait to smell that particular Wawa smell this summer. I literally could stand in a Wawa and just breathe it in. I have no idea what combination of smells makes up the Wawa smell, but I love it just the same. That smell is hoagies, newspaper, Tastykakes and just a little bit of love. WAWA! I’m comin’ fer ya! I just realized I’m not dreading my impending trip back to the States as much as I had thought.

@RomeGirl: Tell me when you’re going to be in town.

@RomeGirl: @JNOV: SE Pennsyltucky stinque up would be awesome.

“Morning, noon and night: Wawa does it right!” I think it is the 24/7 pots of coffee, with at least one just a weee bit overcooked, that pulls all the other smells together.


Haha loves the comments…

You are joking about wawa, right?


@RZ: Its the word for Canada Goose, is that what you mean?

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