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the wife is fittingly on the rightSenator David Vitter (R-LA):

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana slammed fellow Republican George Voinovich Wednesday for saying the GOP’s problems stem from the fact that it is “being taken over by Southerners,” calling the Ohio senator “a moderate, really wishy-washy.”

“I’m on the side of conservatives getting back to core conservative values,” Vitter told the Washington Times. “There are a lot of us from the South who hold those values, which I think the party is supposed to be about. We strayed from them in the past few years, and that’s why we performed so badly in the national elections.”

“[Voinovich is…] a moderate, really wishy-washy,” he said.

And yes, I am going to post this video once more:

Vitter Defends Southern Influence on GOP – Slams Voinovich [Political Ticker]

Second of Reagan’s Rules for Republicans: don’t soil your own nest; wear a diaper!

That’s right, Sen. Fuckface. people want to hear you shouting SIEG HEIL! over and over again until you’re blue in the face and strafing crowds of starving, homeless people with rifle fire from attack helicopters, campaigning to repeal the 14th Amendment, and launching senseless wars every afternoon between lunch and dinner, the kind of core values that define the party. Go for it. White Power! Oligarch Power! Firepower!


That’s a bit of an exaggeration. Would he really restrict himself to afternoon hours before starting senseless wars?

Ha ha Voinovich let the mouth breathers have it. He has always been somewhat moderate, if still a mostly reliable vote.

Too bad its too little, too late for that guy.

Adios, Jorges, and watch a Dem take your seat.

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