Stormy Attacks!

stormy-daniels-mugshot-729-largeI don’t suppose I’ll be chastised for putting this picture of Stormy up:

Stormy Daniels, an adult entertainer who’s considering running for Senate from Louisiana, was arrested Saturday on a domestic violence charge in Tampa, Fla.

Daniels was charged with battery after she allegedly hit her husband, Michael Mosny, over the head with her hands. According to the police report, she was angry about a bill Mosny hadn’t paid and about the way his father had done the laundry. She broke a flower pot and a few glass candle holders, threw their wedding album on the floor and allegedly hit her husband while struggling to get the car keys from him. She denied hitting him intentionally.

Neither Mosny nor Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, were injured. Daniels was held overnight and released on $1,000 bond.

Still, it’s not as if she paid anyone for sex.

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I dunno, this may be Stormy’s Chappaquiddick.

@ManchuCandidate: She not a Republican. And hey – if the old guy can’t fold g-strings, it’s a problem.

@blogenfreude: She didn’t believe the old guy chewing on her panties qualified as ‘doing the laundry.’

OT / I have no idea what “Gossip Girls” is … does this make me a bad person?


Just an old one, I’m afraid. If it makes you feel any better, I only know about it because I’m in the entertainment industry, so we are in the same boat, me droog.

Wait. She hits her husband and he calls the cops? What a wuss. No wonder she’s frustrated.

Heh. I was just checking to see if I needed to send you this tip.

No mention of the car belonging to her “political adviser” being blown up in NOLA, though?

Her arrest came two days after her political adviser in Louisiana, Brian Welsh, said his parked 1996 Audi may have been blown up by someone on July 23 outside his apartment in an upscale downtown area of New Orleans.

“It’s something out of The Sopranos,” said Edward E. Chervenak, a professor of politics at the University of New Orleans. “Very weird.”

Welsh, a Democratic adviser and manager of the Stormy Daniels Senate Exploratory Committee LLC., said his Audi convertible exploded into flames around 11:15 p.m. July 23, a Thursday, while he and his wife were walking their dog nearby.

He said he became suspicious after reviewing surveillance tapes of the street where his car was parked, wedged between other vehicles.

On fuzzy security tapes that Welsh posted on YouTube, a person in a white shirt can be seen loitering around his car and apparently getting into it shortly before the car explodes in a ball of flames.

“I really wish this had not happened,” Welsh, 38, said. “I need a car.”

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