Maru Has Moved

The Birthers, the C-Streeters, the health insurance industry – can you sense my outrage fatigue?  So have fun watching Maru while I curl up under my desk in the fetal position.


I’ve spent time rolling around in a trash can.

Maru is genius. First time I’ve laughed in 2 days.

So has the Taco Bell chihuahua died?

@redmanlaw: First Billy Mays, now this … who is left to sell us stuff??!!

I like how Maru reenacts the Fargo woodchipper scene.


THERE you are! Where have you been lately, dude?

Look at the Ahhhnold video I just posted. He’s losing it.

Who among us hasn’t ended upside down in a trashcan at one time or another?

Or passed out, limbs splayed, underneath a cardboard box?

Maru is us.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Busy busy busy. Tonight’s “business meeting” turned into a five-hour drinking adventure among high rollers who know Steve Wynn personally.

And that’s what I love about Southern California.

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