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John Campbell


All of this crap is completely beside the point. Pieces of shit like this know this is beside the point for a lot of reasons. They are just keeping the noise level up as loud as they can to drive the crazies into howling rages – until someone rushes Obama in a crowd with a gun or an improvised bomb. This guy with the grin needs to be kicked to death.

It think it is cool that the demonstrably insane can still be elected a state representative in Orange County. Very progressive of them.

@FlyingChainSaw: Or they’ll go after a federal judge, maybe Sonia. She’s going to have to have a Secret Service detail. No more wandering around the Village looking for the perfect bialy.

@FlyingChainSaw: I agree. They’ve honed their tactics since the Clinton days. Back then, with a white hillbilly in office, it was just a slow drip-drip-drip attack on his horndog tendencies and his careerist wife (“The Other White Man’s Threat”). It even required some skill, given that at heart they were at best one generation removed from a white hillbilly holler.

Now, with a hugely popular black man in office, they can revert to the moonshine wingnuttery that does the ghost of Lee Atwater proud. Just step aside and let the dimmest of the dim southern hacks spew all the shit they’ve been thinking since they were old enough to hold a slingshot, it’s all code for “There’s a Black man in the White house; git ‘im!”

@blogenfreude: That is the plan. Lay siege to everything the Democrats succeed at, make Obama and any progressive leaders fear for their lives, lay plans for long-term response to any progressive advance, keep the crowds of snakehandlers and Adkisson brigades at fever pitch full in the knowledge some of them will shoot the people the RNC wants eliminated.


Oh, Stinquers, how do you deal with this (see below). This guy is a friend of mine at work, but a total wingnut. Look at this BS. You try and enlighten someone and this is what you get (in e-mail chain order):

On 7/21/09 6:14 PM Tommmcatt’s Wingnut Friend wrote:

NOPE! Hitler came to power the same way. No job, no experience nothing just a big mouth and someone to hate. The have nots rallied around him like flies on sh!t and he narrowly made it in to power. Once in, he changed the political face of Germany in a matter of months. Just like the flim flam man living in the white house today. And ahhh, FYI, everything I stated below is fact. Unless you feel naming Jews as scapegoats and blaming them for every problem in Germany had is incorrect. I would not get caught saying that to any Jews. Tisk Tisk!

On 7/21/09 6:11 PM, Tommmcatt wrote:

That has got to be the least fact-based, most wildly unfair and speculative thing I have read in about twelve years, congratulations. Trying to rebut that would be like trying to argue with Dada poetry it is such nonsense. Yeesh, you can do better than that, Dude.

On Jul 21, 2009, at 5:50 PM, Tommmcat’s Wingnut Friend wrote:

Why? Historically, it is the same campaign. Find a scapegoat (in our case the rich). Blame them for us not being able to get ahead. (just like the Jews were wrongfully accused of) Convince people that if they were out of the way (i.e. Taxing the top 2%) then life would be bliss. Same campaign and definitely not a weak argument. Seems that your group, unfortunately, has fallen for the same propaganda those foolish Germans fell for. Underlying cause of the up rise in Nazism was greed. People wanting that which they did not earn or felt they were prevented from getting. Sound familiar? Hell you could even compare Biden to Hess. A top leader of the Nazi Party identified as a loose cannon and always sticking his foot in his mouth.

How do you answer this bullshit? I am speechless.

There’s video over at Gawker of Rep. Mike Castle trying to fend off a gaggle of birthers in Delaware.

ADD: That last line by Matthews had me laughing out loud. Well played, tweety.

@Tommmcatt Floats: “You know what? Your emails have convinced me. The rich aren’t the reason you’re not able to get ahead. It’s your own stupidity.”

@Tommmcatt Floats: You don’t. It’s tilting at windmills. They are right because, well, they have to be. Otherwise their world collapses.

Hey, it’s another family values Republican slash ghey-hater slash anti- choicer caught in a sex sting.

Pretty lame, despite the extortion attempt from the cuckolded boyfriend. Two diapers, unless the photos include pictures of the Republican wearing a fuzzy bear head while getting ass-fucked by the young intern wearing a strap-on.

@Tommmcatt Floats: So he’s saying that taxing the rich is like rounding up the upper class and putting them in camps? You should probably just remind him that this is 21st Century USA and not post-WWI Germany, and you could draw parallels between Obama and everyone from King Ashurbanipal to Putin if you wanted but why bother? These wingnut alarmists need some xanax for serious, jeez oh wait it doesn’t even work isn’t Limbaugh a giant pillhead, and he’s frothier than ever.

Mojo Nixon, the incomparable Mojo Nixon, had a political talk show on Sirius satellite radio. I love Mojo. Why? Because the name of his talk show was “Lying Cocksuckers.”

The entire public agenda of the Republican party is a pack of baldfaced lies, covering up their real agenda, a racist, theocratic christianist, nativist, militant white supremicism. They have to lie, all of the republicans, they have to lie, each and every time they make any statement in public about what their policies, their beliefs, their goals, are.

Lies, lies, they lie, always, in every statement they make, the lies.

Its making my head asplode again.

@blogenfreude: That would be called ‘cognitive dissonance,” I believe.

The fact is that the majority of people do not think, they emote. When presented with facts and asked to think, and when the conclusions which must logically follow from the facts they are presented with conflict with their emotionally based beliefs, they simply cannot compute, and they just emote harder and louder, and eventually start screaming and spittle flies from their mouths. Cognitive dissonance.

When you tie your personal sense of self so tightly to a belieef system, usually an irrational belief system, you react to any criticism of the beliefs you hold as an attack on your very worth and existence as a person. And they react as violently and extremely as a person who has been physically atacked. Cognitive dissonance.

Our culture has the mental illness, real bad. Its a crazy culture, we live in.

We still need the Ark.

@Promnight: Besides Mojo’s awesome “Elvis is Everywhere”, I’m always reminded of the Dead Milkmen’s Punk Rock Girl:

we went to a shopping mall
to laugh at all the shoppers
a security guard trailed us
to the record store
we asked for Mojo Nixon
they said, “HE DON’T WORK HERE!”
we said if you don’t got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixinnnnnnn….

@drinkyclown: “Destroy All Lawyers” is a Mojo classic, as is “Don Henley Must Die:”

He’s a tortured artist
used to be in the Eagles
Now he whines
Like a wounded beagle.

Don Henley must die
don’t let him get back together
with Glenn Frye
Don Henley must die.

God, I almost forgot, “I Ain’t Gonna Pee In No Jar.”

And “Legalize It.”

@Tommmcatt Floats: One cannot argue with someone who can’t even spell “tsk! tsk!” The stupid, it burns.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Why bother arguing? Just ask him if he noticed that all the characters on the wall at the Chinese restaurants have changed recently. Tell him now the message reads, in Obamacommie code, ‘On the signal, knife the fat, rich white people’ and only real-life Marxists like you have the secret decoder rings to get the message and that you can’t wait to disembowel a family of six that can afford Lo Mein.

@SanFranLefty: Without analysis (I’m sleepy and on my third cocktail) I’d go three, that due to the age difference and the extortion, but I want to see the press conference with the wife. If she wears something like Wendy Vitter did, the score could change.

2 1/2 Diapers. The half for the age difference. 2 for the fact that it is a Repub Family Values guy. 0 because it is vanilla het sex.

@blogenfreude: I’d say three just because the intern’s name is “McKensie”, no her first name I mean somebody in this country had a baby and named it McKensie? Mc-anything, really why would you do that? Naming your kid in Klingon would be less cruel.

@drinkyclown: I had not noticed that … like naming a boy Cody, or Montana, or Butte. It can only result in FAIL.

@Tommmcatt Floats:

Tommmy, there’s nothing you can do. They’ve done psychological studies on people like this and found that even direct, incontrovertible evidence which disproves their false belief actually has the opposite effect of making them cling to their mistaken assertions even more fervently.

If you spend time with this person, avoid subjects that set them off at all costs.

The more time I spend reading, talking about, thinking about, politics, the more crazy I get.

I used to spend more time than I do now immersed in nonfiction reading on science and technology subjects. It all fascinates me, I find science satisfying on even a spiritual level, I look at the world around me, all the time, the explosion of growth that is spring, the amazing spectacle of a summer thunderstorm, and learning the science of it, learning to see more, and deeper, and to know more, about the amazing beautiful, fascinating, endlessly complex phenomena of the world around me, makes me think it even more beautiful and miraculous, and I am able to be even more in the moment in times of severe, zen appreciation of the world and the sensory inputs into my mind, and its beautiful, the world is beautiful, the exploration of the world that is science just opens the mind up to more of the beauty.

So that was always my escape, my spiritual joy, experiencing life, seeing it deeply, all that is around me, its so wonderful to be alive and aware and to be always questing to explore and see more and understand more and know more.

But there was always loneliness. So I swing to an interest in people, and the ways of people, and psychology and sociology and economics and politics and where these things all intersect, this is the crux, is it not, where it all comes together, why do people behave as they do individually, and as a group, as a society, and how do these things affect politics and the economy.

And the more I study, deeper and deeper, into philosophy and sociology and religion and politics, and apply all that to current politics, the more my head asplodes.

As a liberal humanist objectivist, I am deeply inclined to look for rational rules to describe natural phenomena, even the behavior of humans, individually and as societies.

And the more I learn, and think, and observe, the more I first off, know, that people do not act rationally based on evidence, this is the exception, not the rule, and any ideology based on the assumption people do, is a fantasy. Like the invisible hand.

But even error and random illogic I could understand. But what I see, and what I have never found a ‘scientific” philosophic basis to even try to understand, is systemic illogic, what I am fascinated and horrified by, is the way huge numbers of people come to believe and base their real world actions, on falsehoods, myths, assinine stupidities.

My head asplodes.

I know these people, we all do. We grow up in the same families, even, we have parents, siblings, children, let alone coworkers, caught up in fucking insanity.

What the fuck is this?

And you cannot bridge the difference, I cannot do it with my brothers, how can you hope to do it with a coworker?

I feel alienated, deeply different and apart, from almost everyone.

Except you all Stinque denizens, and even then I know I raise hackles and my esteem for most everyone here is not universally reciprocated, but still, I feel less a fucking freak among you all then anywhere else.

Oh, you marvelous bastards, we are a rare bunch, and will never, never, be the majorty in any society. We think, we hurt, we are mostly rational and kind, and I see so little of that in my life elsewhere.

maybe I should get out more. I was a lonely child and never learned to socialize, it was a blessing because I devoured books and dedicated myself to learning and thinking, and that was a tremendous gift and gave me much great joy and satisfaction. But I think it also made it even harder for me to be a social being, for the more I delved into learning and knowledge and thought as my primary activities in life, the more alienated I became from the vast majority of people.

And the thing is, I also rejected falling into any of the established paths for a thinker, an intellectual, because I always found the conventions and strictures and traditions and the politics, above all, of academia, to be as absurd as anything else I have observed in any human social group.

So, what the fuck? I just want to feed people delightful treats and make them happy, I like that, I feel so fantastic creating something noone has ever tasted before, and seeing someone enjoy it, such a primal simple elemental need, but satisfied with an artistic, feeeling, loving appreciation.

The most fulfilling emotion I have ever had, ever still have, is the emotion of connecting, sharing, with someone, something beautiful, that I have seen, or created, just sharing with someone else some joy that I have been able to discover or create, just sharing beauty and joy, with someone else. For all my entire life spent in books, my social awkwardness, my dfficulty with really connecting and forming friendships, still, its all I seek, all I want, all I long for, to make people happy sharing what happiness I can in the appreciation of the world, of life, making someone aware of something maybe they didn’t ever notice, sundogs, or the way food can taste if prepared with love and complete commitment to it. If I were a poet I would do it with words, if I were a musician, with sounds, but I can do it with tastes.

And I love people, I do, I love people, and I am so inclined to give them all so much benefit of the doubt, and thats why politics makes my head asplode, because its in politics that I see so much of the way people so totally suck.

My head is asploding.


That was quite eloquent and beautiful, and I assure you that the feelings are mutual.

The best advice that I ever received: Hold on to joy*.

And because I wasn’t mad enough already, ABC and Faux are running stories criticizing the Surgeon General nominee for being “too fat.” Faux actually had a talking head wearing a “No Chubbies” T-shirt. I refuse to link — it’s up at TPM.
Thank FSM its’ almost time for my xanax/flexeril/lortab cocktail with a wine chaser.

Mistress Cynica: The only thing I know about the Surgeon General is that she operated a health clinic in Alabama. And Cavuto has a split-screen with B-roll of neck-down shots. All class, that guy.

Promnight: “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” A little new-agey, true, but it works for me.

ADD: As to the birther — I almost feel sorry for Tom Campbell (the Republican in California that most easily passes for sane) for having the same last name as this clown.

@Mistress Cynica:

And if there’s one thing Dumb Fux Nooz is known for, it’s viewers that are so svelte they have to order the weird European sizes outta catalogs.

@Mistress Cynica: I thought that “NO CHUBBIES” meant that the dude on Faux was taking too many steroid shots to the butt and couldn’t get it up any more.

The “No Chubbies” guy owns a sex gym in Denver – called the Anti Gym – that features a DJ and cage dancers. The goal being to get you to want to have sex with the lights on because you’re body is just so bangin’ you can’t help but look at it all the time. He’s a regular on Fox, always with the same t-shirt.

@drinkyclown: 3 for the name of the politician producing an obvious but no less surprising name check of KISS in the local press:

I bet it was just the bad influence of Rep. Peter Criss.

@drinkyclown: @Promnight: Mojo and the Milkmen were bushwackers on the path to 21st century ironic commentary!

@Mistress Cynica: The “she’s too fat” meme started as soon as she was nominated but was drowned out in the Sotomayor hearings.

@Jamie Sommers says take this job & shove it!: Did you notice the title of the clip? “Mike Castle on PeeBo’s Birth Certificate.” Apparently the nutters took to mockingly calling Obama PEBHO (i.e., President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama) after the election and still won’t give it up.

@mellbell: I was wondering what that was all about.

The More You Know …..*

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