King of the Birthers

And he’s on CNN:

[ Media Matters Flash video not available. ]

“Anyone can get a certificate of live birth” Really? Why the fuck call this a news program if people can just make shit up without challenge? How can anyone say shit like this?

“You know, Lou, there is NO proof he didn’t step off of a spaceship in California in 1977. NONE!”

“That’s right – and wasn’t there a UFO flap around that time.”

“I dunno. Our investigators will be reviewing newspaper articles from that timeframe.”

“Thanks, Lou, you are a real journalist!”

…urge to kill rising….I can’t make it through this damn video. At least Chris Matthews made the fucker look stupid. Lou Dobbs has pissed me off since he decided to buy the “Aztlan reconquista” bullshit.

Show me a Latino in the southwest who wants Mexico, with its even more deranged one-party rule by the PRI, to take back the entire American southwest.

@Signal to Noise: There’s dudes in the mountains here in Northern New Mexico who are still loyal to Spain.

@redmanlaw: what, do they think King Philip is coming back from the dead for them?

Not even my creeping insomnia will allow me to watch this video…Lou Dobbs makes my b.p. rise to dangerous levels even if all he’s doing is giving the fucking weather.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, those Mexican upstarts were traitors to the Crown. And don’t get me started about those heathen Americanos.

@redmanlaw: Doesn’t everyone else make fun of their lisping Spanish?

@SanFranLefty: With all the confusion of José Marías and María Josés spouting thí, claro, how can they not?

OTH, Central Americans retain the ability to opt for Spanish citizenship at any time, so there’s a lot of incentive to keep the minority speakers of castellano content.

ADD/TJ Sport: Armstrong slipped to third in GC, Luxie Schleck the Younger moves up to 2nd, another valiant second effort by the old man keeps him in line for a podium place. End TJ Sport/

@Nabisco: A friend of mine speaks Catalan. He is suspicious of this whole “Spain” thing.

Are the birthers — and Lou Dobbs — suggesting that Obama’s mother was NOT Madelyn Dunham? Because that’s the only way this discussion even begins to get legs.

Where a person is born is irrelevant if one of their parents is an American citizen.

@karen marie: They are too crafty to rely on your “logic” or “reason”. Remember, these are folks that think “mavericky” is an acceptable modifier.

I can’t look at that nonsense. I just ate.

Wait, wait. Has this world gone crazy?

Did that man just say certificate of ‘live’ birth i.e. living, i.e. I live!???

Its called a certificate of live i.e. alive i.e. not dead birth. Live. Not dead.

And this guy is on national tv? How did he possibly not notice his mistake??

Live, birth! Live!

What have we come to??

@RZ: ‘Live birth’ is anti-abortion languange. The baby is born alive, hence ‘live birth’. As compared to a ‘dead birth’, ie. babies who are murdered by abortionists.

An important distinction to many among us here in the shining city on a hill.

@RZ: @Benedick:

Actually, if you look at your birth certificate, that’s what it says at the top “Certificate of Live Birth”, which distinguishes the baby from a stillborn one. I imagine a baby unfortunately delivered deceased or aborted has a similar document that keeps track of that status.

Now that I think about it, I should have said if RZ; looks at their birth certificate. God only knows how the Britons do it…

@Benedick: @Tommmcatt Floats: RZ’s pointing out how stoopid the guy is to say “live (rhymes with give) birth” instead to “live (rhymes with hive) birth.” Gotta live the dream birth, man!

@flippin eck:

Oh, I see. I didn’t watch the video because I am having a good day….

@karen marie: I thought so as well, but googling:

Only native-born U.S. citizens (or those born abroad, but only to parents who were both citizens of the U.S.) may be president of the United States …

@blogenfreude: This is the reason I didn’t run in 04. I was told at the time I had a pretty good shot.

@blogenfreude: But karen marie is still right; one parent American, child considered native-born. My kids can be President one day, because I could as well.

@flippin eck:

Thank you. I tried to explain without saying:

Live with a long ‘i’ is right. Live, alive, live birth. That is what everyone says.

Live with a short ‘i’ is dumb. Like fundy dumb.

@Benedick: Heh. Good one.

@Tommmcatt Floats:

Heh. Don’t watch that video!

Its not worth it, Tommcatt!!1!

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