“The Empire’s New Clothes”.  She actually says it.



Sorry, I couldn’t listen to more than 17 seconds before that whiny voice got to me.

Oh, yeah, and dem bugs in da air, the little magic creachas that the doctor people say make you sick! Ha! They just want to sell you dem stoopid antibiotics when they ain’t no such creachas! Ha! They just want to sell you these stupid sewerage systems to have a reason to tax us! Don’t let them fool you, they ain’t no creachas in the air and in normal human poop and excreachuns that make you sick. This is all about money and the power to tax!

Water is also essential to life, so what’s the problem with floods?

I think that teabag refers to the size and consistency of the average teabagger’s brains.

Er, love the editing feature!

@WaltTrombone: Trust me … watch the whole thing. This out-Bachmanns Bachmann. This is one of the closest things I’ve ever seen to Peak Wingnut. It’s … magic.

@WaltTrombone: I didn’t think I could make it through, and I’m from there fergodssake. Very palinesque, she is.

I actually clapped my hand over my mouth in horror at K-Y-O-T-O-L, which of course is pronounced Koto.

I love it when scientifically illiterate rednecks get up on stage and assure us there is no credible scientific evidence for theories that are broadly accepted as true by the mainstream scientific community.

An lemme tell ya that there ain’t a lick a truth to this confounded Satan-inspired notion that this here perfectly flat planet we’re standing on is anything but flat. It was scientifically proved in 1974 by mathematicians at the Creation Research Institute that if the Earth wuz a ball, that only the one person standing at the tippity top would be able to easily maintain his balance where everyone else would be sliding off the sides. That’s a geometrical truth! And I can tell you just by looking at everyone one here in this auditorium.. there ain’t one of you looks like you’re sliding off the sides of the Earth, and there’s a whole heap of you look to me like you’re standing up jes’ fine!

Reminds me of THIS ONE

Ignorance is bliss, and the smugness of the ignorant is simply irritating

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