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6a0111689637a7970c01156e5b020e970c-800wiTeabagger and insane person Catherine Crabill:

“We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box…That’s the beauty of our 2nd Amendment rights,” Catherine Crabill, the GOP nominee for Delegate in Virginia’s 99th District said Wednesday, as the video posted by the blog shows.

Crabill adds, “Our 2nd Amendment right was to guard against tyranny.”

Huffington Post notes, “Crabill, who proclaims on her campaign website that “America was founded by right-wing extremists,” has already drawn fire for her controversial views. Among other things, she believes the U.S. government played a role in the Oklahoma City Bombing.”

One black man makes them this crazy. It’s gonna be a long eight years.

VA GOP Delegate Candidate May ‘Resort to the Bullet Box’ [Raw Story]

Note to dipshit. US American revolutionaries kicked out the US American conservatives (read: Loyalists) to Canada City with not much but the clothing on their backs for not supporting the CHANGE in gubbiment and wanting the status quo.

Or as her distant relative Gabby Johnson would say: Gmfigt Blap Humpf.

I used to wonder why some Southerners (note, I said SOME not ALL) used to scream about being Rebels when they were fighting to keep the status quo (blacks as slaves) in the US America Civil War–rebels against change? Not even mental illness can explain it. Dumb, just absolutely fucking dumb.

Glad to say she’s a *former* New Mexican. Now she’s someone else’s problem.

@redmanlaw: That explains the lack of accent. I’ve been enjoying the drawling senators talking shit to the uppity Latina.

Puke doesn’t have the guts to strap on a bomb vest, doesn’t have the right to call herself a Republican!


We should just vote Porn Stars into office and cut out the middleman.

@blogenfreude: Don’t come a knockin’ if the Executive Mansion is a rockin’.

Of course she’s right. The first settlements in MA were founded by right-wing extremist Brownists. The only librul settlement, Merrymount near Plymouth, failed within two years. The Mass Bay Colony took the Mosaic law and wrote it into law. Which of course caused havoc. It is my form belief that the writers of the Constitution, seeing the havoc wrought by religion in MA, separated church and state to protect the state. They just had to pretend it was the other way round to get it past the Coffins of this world.

Apropos of nothing, Joan Walsh strings clauses like a necklace.

Her head and jaw line are extremely warped, exactly what you’d expect them to look like if someone was repeatedly kicked in the face by mules who she accidentally bit while blowing them. Should I let her staffers know they need to consider this when she is with the make-up artist?

We need to do a re-assessment here. Look back at what we were predicting (FCS and I and others) back in the fall, when it became clear that Obama would indeed be the next president.

We predicted that the pigfuckers and jesustards and dyed in the wool racists, that their heads would explode, that they would erupt in an actual shooting uprising.

Well, we were not wrong, about the general scheme of what would happen, we were only wrong about the timing and the methods of their uprising.

It is happening, we were wrong in underestimating them, and thinking they would go stupid with the shooting and all. Other than the numerous morons who have gone shooting, thats not what happened. Instead, we have this; the right wing has embraced outright seditious rhetoric. Its across the board, they talk treason and revolution, constantly.

What we predicted is happening, its just happening more slowly, and yes, they are not as stupid as we hoped they would be. They are doing it more intelligently.

There will yet be blood, this stage of elevating rhetoric, the “normalization” of the idea of revolution, is a precursor, which will do much to legitmize the eventual violence.

What is left of the GOP true beleiver base is now at the same place that the fringe lunatics were at after Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Bombings in Jakarta, do not seem to be massive, but significant loss of life.

The initial partisan response, of course, from the CheneyTards, will be “look, Obama has weakened us,” but realistically, it seems a lame effort, in the grand scheme of terrorist attacks, more indicative of weakness than strength.

@Promnight: Domestic Indonesian terrorists blew up one of the biggest tourist bars in Jakarta during the early Bush years. Australians were amazed at the Bush Administration response: complete silence.

We really should take another look at the Ark concept, the prices on used cruise ships and expedition ships is much softer now, I have seen ships with accomodations for 100 going for under $1 million.

@Promnight: we were not wrong, about the general scheme of what would happen, we were only wrong about the timing and the methods of their uprising.

Way to go Kristol on us.

Despite the elite-fueled hyperventilation, the country has yet to go up in flames, as predicted for January 21, nor are we seeing any worse idiocy than usual. Palin’s rallies last fall were far more threatening than anything Rick Perry can say now.

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