Two Minutes Hate

Media Matters has a new daily feature:


Fucking Goldstein! Aarrrrrgh!

Meanwhile, Ricci’s swinging — in uniform — at the Sotomayor hearing. Wonder how he’s misrepresenting himself today?

@nojo: Zzzzz. Short statements, no questioning. Can Barry name a real Flaming Lib next time? My taxes pay for political entertainment.

I’m glad that i have a resting pulse rate of about 46 bpm, because otherwise this shit would send me off the cliff.

Oh, and the ring tone has been an unqualified hit in the local sweatshop unpaid labor pool. Some puzzled visitors wondering if I was a-freakin….

The douchebag testifying now said the case was one of first impression. Um, no.

@Nabisco dreams of pay for play, or at least pay: Looks like somebody else’s BeckTone won the Digg Derby. But the first comment there links directly to the tone, and not any post associated with it — no traffic value in that.

On the other hand, it’s an MP3. Bloggie, you might try that one for your not-iPhone.

@nojo: I will. I notified the folks at FDL – your fame is spreading.

Deep Thought: If a fire breaks out in New Haven, will it just burn to the ground?

In re El Rushbo — if there is one critique of White Sox fans that cannot be made, it is that they are dirty commies. Suburbanites, mostly. With kids, and minivans (or SUVs).

Plus, Sox Park (and Comiskey before it) is a monument to hucksterism, self-promotion, and capitalism. Soxogram. The exploding scoreboard. Exploding everything, really (see, e.g., Disco Demolition Night). Overpowering advertising (in comparison to Wrigley, where picketing was almost considered when Under Armour painted logos on the doors found amongst the vines on the outfield wall). Hell, Mr. Comiskey pinched pennies so hard, he made Lincoln cry. But Rush moves from Soxside Pride to communism without even thinking about it.

@blogenfreude: We.

Meaning everyone here. These things don’t happen in a vacuum.

blogenfreude: Look — the fan base of the Cubbies has its faults, too. Trixies are over-represented, for one thing. As are frat-boys. And Barry’s complaint about people not watching the game while there is well-taken.

Also notable: they’re two blocks away from Boystown yet, to date, still have not managed to have an LGBTQ Day. I don’t know why that bugs me, precisely. (They do manage to play some Erasure between innings on occasion. Don’t know if that’s on purpose, but it is intriguing.)

@chicago bureau: Had to google “Trixie”. Didn’t realize that law school conferred an MRS. Also, never been to Wrigley.

/hangs head/

@chicago bureau: Even us homosecktuhulz have a day at the Braves once in a while, though not officially — just mass congregations of lesbians and bears, generally.


There is nothing more fun than a bunch of Bears and butch lesbians hanging around drinking beer. Nothing.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Must… not… can’t… resist…

How do you tell them apart?

@chicago bureau: ESPN was playing old tape of Disco Demolition Night this morning. Man, there was some really bad hair on display.

@nojo: The lesbians are the ones in sensible shoes.

What the FUCK. Why the fuck did I watch that. Wow, did that make me absolutely furious. What the fuck, are these people insane? Are they really believing what they’re saying, or are they saying it for ratings? Why do people like this get such a prominent voice in America?

If Democrats had airwaves like this, and if they said the same hateful things with such consistency…DEMOCRATS NEED TO MAN UP. We are too fucking pansy-ass. I can’t take us being the nice guys who see all sides of the story, and who dismiss these wackos as quaint or to be laughed at or to shake your head at. We need to get up in their face and refute every single point, loudly, clearly and with the matched amount of venom.



@RomeGirl: That’s why I posted the video. Don’t you feel better now?

@RomeGirl: On the other hand, Saul Alinsky’s inheritors must be basking in the wingnut book sales.

@blogenfreude: You’re the devil. But, I love you just the same.

@nojo: I can’t believe how much I hate them all. I can deal with all manner of people – I was a public person for several years of my childhood and lived in New York most of my adult life – but I swear to God I don’t know if I could be civil if faced with one of these dipshits.

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