And We Are Outta Here

Whoever wins, we lose.

While interviewing Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol on his radio show yesterday, Dennis Miller suggested that…

  • They compete to see who can eat the most shit while grinning.
  • They compare whether political failure is easier to live down than comedic failure.
  • They entertain themselves with Paul Lynde impressions.

  • They check each other for lice.
  • They investigate the cholesterol content of smarm.
  • They confirm that neither one is Dana Carvey.
  • They drill each other for oil.
  • They thank God that America isn’t really a meritocracy.
  • The second lead on a Seventies cop show is more to the point than the romantic interest in a Sixties comedy, but less relevant than a one-term governor during Reconstruction, not withstanding the role of croissants in storming the Bastille.
  • They try putting their heads up each other’s asses for a change.
Bill Kristol And Dennis Miller Think That Conservatives Should ‘Plant A Flag On The Phrase Progressive’ [Think Progress]

Your typical Bordello of Blood.

It’s on the same level as calling Kristol an intellectual and Miller a comedian. Just doesn’t make any fucking sense.

They want to co-opt the term? Good luck with that. Didn’t work out so well for the former Progressive Conservatives in Canada City. Mostly because when the Kristol clones of Canada City took over, they purged their ranks of anyone who was progressive.

Deep Thought: I wonder who Sessions, Kyl, and Graham would rather be sentenced by if convicted of a crime – the Wise Latina, or one of those sociopaths appointed by George W. Bush?

Clipped from the linqued article was this:

Kristol agreed, citing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s frequent use of the phrase, “progressing Alaska forward”

I hope that my posts and comments have been progressing Stinque forward.

The suprising performance of Tim Wakefield this year has been progressing the Red Sox forward.

Fulton’s steamship was responsible for progressing transportation forward at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

God damn.

If anybody wrote like that on, say, admissions office essays, they would be tossed on the Pile of NO.

(Unless it was the University of Illinois — which, in case you hadn’t heard, is undergoing an admissions scandal (GASP!) in which pols are accused of squeezing admissions officials to let in the kids of friends. Not unusual, sure. Even outside Illinois, this is done for jocks and legacies. But this happened at the Law School. That is somewhat peculiar.)

It makes a nice little solipsism, doesn’t it? Dennis Miller is to comedy as Bill Kristol is to intellectualism as Dennis Miller is to commentary as Bill Kristol is to rational thought as Dennis Miller is to attractive middle age as Bill Kristol is to a full head of hair…

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