What, No Tacos?



I guess Mr Steele thinks all those skinheads and militiamen are just evidence of his party’s spirit of inclusion. Also, he might try not to look like an ahistorical fuckwit when he talks about the party he purports to represent. Even Abe wasn’t an integrationist and, like, freed slaves could not vote. You try to give a fellow points for showing up to work in what must be a nasty job but the few times I’ve heard Steele speak proves to me that the RNC’s controllers are just going to abandon any pretense of public participation and operate the party as a long-term covert operation dependent completely on assassination, swiftboating and voting system manipulation.

See, if they want my vote it would have to be Lumpia and Cripsy Pata all the way…

Didn’t anyone ask about S-So’s wet burrito kisses?

I must have misread the Constitution (1787) and the Bill of Rights (1791) and missed the parts where the Republican Party (founded in 1854) fought so hard for the slaves. Thank you Mr. Steele for educating me about the history of your bizarro world.

Well, I owe Mr. Steele an apology. I misunderestimated him. I thought he’d said, “I got the fried chicken and the POtato salad, y’all.” Which would, obviously be elitist. But, no. What he said was, “I got the fried chicken and the TATER salad, y’all.” So my bad.

On another front: the US freed her slaves after almost every other western nation. Russia freed her serfs before we freed the enslaved Africans brought here forcibly. Only Brazil, if I remember correctly, freed her enslaved Africans after we did. But why even bother with what may or may not have happened? As if reality has any place at the table.

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