Desperate Measures

Ladies and gentlemen, we might have a new low in GOP smear campaigns:


FWIW, this “Committee for Justice” is in the same office suite as “Americans for Tax Reform” and is monitored along with other right wing hate groups.

Oh, and they helped in the Swift Boating of Max Cleland.

Sounds like a great bunch of pigs.

@SanFranLefty: That was my comment – they needed a bigger swiftboat.

Yes: more contrived than American Idol.

But do these people read the papers? They drove Bill Ayers like a claimer in the 2nd race at Maywood Park. And U.S. Americans still voted for the Inadequate Black Male. Issue ad STOOPENDUS FAIL.

(NB: Maywood Park = bottom of the barrel harness track in the near west burbs.)

One too many S’s in their SSS ad.

STINQUE SPORT UPDATE: In the bottom of the 2nd at the All-Star Game at St. Louis — AL 2:0 NL. And then, up in the booth…

Joe Buck (play-by-play): “Well, Molina’s at the plate with two on and two out… no bailout plan, though, in place for the National League.”

Black Eagle: “We’re out of money.”

And then Molina immediately gets a base hit into center, scoring two (with the help of a throwing error at third). Prince Fielder tacks on another one (thankfully, without having to run), and after 2 — AL 2:3 NL.

That was funny.

Also, I’m liking the TaliBunny resignation Vox Stinque votes. I’m with the 16%ers.

@chicago bureau: Obama showed some Preznitential balls wearing that ChiSox jacket. Decent pitch for the POTUS.

Puerto Rican Terroroists? How in the world did they find a stick long enough to reach past Alice at the Tea Party to find that gem?

@moeman: @chicago bureau: Damn, I missed the Pitch. Did he follow through, as Willy Mays counselled him to do? Was he really in the booth doing play by play?

I’m afraid to tune in and see another future ex-Pirate do something great.

Nabisco: Over the plate, didn’t bounce — though I think Pujols edged out in front of the plate just as it arrived to ensure that it did not bounce. Above average, all things considered.

The booth time was kind of like any guest announcer spot that Presidents are wont to do from time to time. Nothing remarkable except for the moment of comedy noted above.

@hunkamonkiman: Hahaha Puerto Rican terrorrists are super srs you guys. They’ll make it the 51st state and/or die trying! No worries though, I’m certain that that ad’s target audience believes Puerto Rico is a party town in Mexico somewhere.

@chicago bureau: I ‘tubed it, where commenters bemoan the horrible camera angle used by Fox Sports. They don’t even show Pujols, just POTUS’ back/side.

Dude had sack to go with a real wind up, plus it looked like he was going with the splitter, a risky pitch early in the count.

Nabisco: Actually, it looked more like an eephus pitch — slow, swooping huge curve. Which is a very kind way of saying that he doesn’t throw baseballs much.

ADD (private to aforesaid Nabisco): Notable: present ex-Pirate Jason Bay. 1-2, had a hand in the 1st inning rally for the AL.

Can’t wait for George ‘never played catch with his Dad so that explains a lot’ Will’s fucktaRd take on Obama’s All-Star adventure.

@FlyingChainSaw: That is/was Bounty ‘The Quicker Picker Upper’ worthy.


[CB slaps self.]

@chicago bureau: It would be fun to pose as a Freeper, make that demand, and watch it spread throughout the wingnut blogs. They’d totally buy in.

This new thing about actually throwing the pitch is an abomination. Thats not the tradition, the honored guest never threw a pitch from the mound, the honored guest threw the ball out to the pitcher. When did this get all twisted into a macho contest?

@chicago bureau: The MSM keep saying she’s the daughter of immigrants. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, dumb asses!!!!1!!
@drinkyclown: Isn’t Puerto Rico right by South Padre Island?

@blogenfreude: I double dog dare you and Chainsaw to do that.

Its “throw OUT the first pitch, not throw the first pitch. O tempore, O mores.

@blogenfreude: Anybody here with the stones to run this play?

Oh, what the hell am I thinking? Of course we got a guy. FlyingChainSaw, Stinque Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

ADD: SFL has nominated you as well. It’s official. FCS iz drafted.

@Nabisco fought the lawn (and the lawn won): That is the theme song of my life. Breaking rocks in the hot sun.

The only band that matters.

Have you heard the stuff by Carbon Silicon?

Who is the hick chick with too much make up on who is yodeling “God Bless America” with all that American Idol-esque vocal vibratto but with a twang?

SanFranLefty: Couldn’t tell you. Fox Sports enforced moment o’ patriotism = run to fridge.

ADD: Could someone tell me what the hell is wrong with Take Me Out To The Ball Game?

@chicago bureau: Didn’t the Marx brothers do “Take Me Out to the Ball Game?” It’s a socialist song, man.

Just tuning in…and to show my steely resolve against all things Phillies, I am happy Howard didn’t just win the game for the NL.

@chicago bureau: I could only call it based on the glimpse I caught of his grip on the ball; the ‘tube didn’t really show how the pitch went. Oh and Jason Bay can suck my nor’east peen cuz you know I’m not bitter or anything that the fucking Pirates have a beautiful park and a historic franchise and total fucking clowns for owners who’d rather keep their team (my team!) scraping just above double A and perennial groomers of Next Year’s Model.

@Promnight: “Clampdown” defines me (hah getalong getalong), but yeah. Funny thing is, we saw this “fought the lawn” slogan on a fridge magnet or something at the shore and it gave me a mixture of teh sad and teh giggles. Carbon Silicon is a-ok. I think Mick and the guy from Gen X go back aways, and they mesh well.

ADD: Play Freddie! Play Freddie!

ADD2: Did Wakefield take a turn on the mound? My current favorite ex-Buc.

@Nabisco: Did Wakefield take a turn on the mound? My current favorite ex-Buc.

No. That blows a barn full of goats. Srsly.

@chicago bureau: OK, signed up as TheTruthByGod and posted a General Forum note. I am new – so they are reviewing it before posting. Text follows:

I am done arguing with the treasonous democrats about the thing they fronted for a candidate. They refuse to produce Obama’s original birth certificate and we’re living with the consequences of their perfidy: an alien and unknown agent in the White House with obvious Al Qaeda sympathies and unknown collaborations in the works with them.

Now these animals are populating the US Supreme Court with alien non-English-speaking racists of unknown origin.

They parade Sotomayor flagrantly, vaporing about she is ‘from poor people, so different, is female, speaks Spanish’, and we’re supposed to be impressed when she has time and again in her speech, writings and decisions exhibited a violent hostility to white authority and all that we can call American.

If someone is that against everything we can call American, I think we need to ask if she, indeed, is an American. Questions:

Has anyone seen her birth certificate – the original – and had it verified by an unimpeachable authority?

If her birth certificate is proven to authentic and it indicates she was born in Puerto Rico, can she really be called an American since PR is just an American dominion like an oil platform at sea?

We have to stop this madness before Obama sends assassins to take out Supreme Court justices and starts appointing scholars of sharia law to the court.

Say it loud and say it proud: no birth certificate – no appointment to the SC!


Before I go to bed, I just got to say, fuck motherfucking fucking fuckwad pigfucking shitwad asswipe fuckwad shitstick motherfucking douche cunt shitstain fuckhead dipshit douchenozzle cumrag fucking pigfucking fucking pig-ignorant racist evil hateful evil fucking douchebag shiteating felching smegma-gobbling cuntrag eating asshole shitbag fucksticks, all of you, die, motherfucking evil fuckwads.

God Damn there are so many irredeemable assholes, hateful fuckwad ignorant selfish mean nasty fuckwads in the world, and they are fucking it up, and fuck them. Fuckers. Fuck them. Fuck them all hard with a fucking chainsaw of flame.

FlyingChainSaw: OUTFUCKINGSTANDING. Advise as to reax. Kthxbai.

@SanFranLefty: They should have tied her to the guys who tried to put the hit on Harry Truman in 1950 as part of the fight for independence. Also, another group of Puerto Ricans hit Congress and wounded five congressmen around 1954.

@FlyingChainSaw: Oooooh that is so awesome! “Hostility to white authority” hahaha oh man that’ll get them frothing in no time!

FlyingChainSaw: I can’t find the post. To which thread did you attach this?

(One thing about Freepers — their posts are about two lines long. This may out you as a dirty hippie troll. But we’ll see.)

@FlyingChainSaw: You spelled everything correctly, so they might see through it. In any event – BRAVO.

@drinkyclown: This part is my favorite, indicative of wingnut proclivity to just make shit up, confuse concepts and facts while assuming an air of ultimate authority: “can she really be called an American since PR is just an American dominion like an oil platform at sea?”

@chicago bureau: I made a new post to General/Chat – but the forum annunciator generated an automated notice telling me it was going to review before it could be posted, I think because I am a new Free Republic member.

@FlyingChainSaw: I had no doubt you would rise to the occasion and pick up the gauntlet (to mix metaphors) that I threw down for you. Well done. The complete sentences, correct grammar, and spelling might out you, but there are many opera house claps for you from a hill in San Francisco.

@redmanlaw: Wow, who knew PRLDEF was so radical? Next thing I know you’ll be telling me the American Indian College Fund is setting off pipe bombs in Sioux Falls.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Which is why I’ve been watching Disc 1 of The State DVD set this evening.

@blogenfreude: No, he spelled everything right – they’ll probably recruit him to be a TV pundit.

Two things about the pitch:

1. The poor guy did pretty good, considering the flak jacket he had on under the ChiSox one. You can see the outline of it as he pitches from that camera angle.

2. Could the cart driver have been any less enthused about the Pres? Was he undercover Secret Service or something? How could you not look at the leader of the free world when he’s standing 2 feet from you?

I didn’t know that’s what they were called, so I read up on them just now – apparently 300,000 people signed the petition to know more about his birth. It seems like a big number, until you figure that it’s probably a little less than 100 megachurches’ worth of names.

@RomeGirl: Don’t forget that McCain wouldn’t look at Obama or use his name in one of their debates – so you can’t begrudge the Misery redneck from staring ahead.

@FlyingChainSaw: That’s my favorite part as well. I, ahem, “noticed” that the lead guitarist for Dinosaur Jr. (or someone using that name) has posted something over at Equipo Sarah (spanglish throws off their domain name searches!) which got immediate responses in re: “you sound like a trouble maker, just like those two other posters with Hispanic last names“. J Mascis is ready to move over to Freepdom, if called.

Wait, he pitched to Pujols? I was on an airplane and didn’t see the game. Now, that takes some balls. That pitch that Pujols hit against Houston in the playoffs a couple of years ago, it’s still in orbit.

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