Every other lefty blog is posting this, so why should we be any different?  Stick with it until the end.


At least Marcy didn’t mention that Dick has a big dick .

Also, I’d like to thank Stinque’s God for the emailed ID confirmation.

@moeman: Nojo and Yoda Pez aim to please. Welcome, etc.

@moeman: It’s always a miracle when it works.

@moeman: Out of the gate with a well-played comment. Hat tip, and bienvenue.

@nojo: I’m wondering if you’re referring to the second sentence of moeman‘s comment, or the first.

Can you say “blowjob?” I knew you could.

[/ghost of Mr. Rogers]

But also: welcome to the show, moeman.

Well, Marcy. It’s because a blowjob is a more important event to investigate because a Dem (albeit a somewhat sleazy one) received it and a woman was the one who did it. This is alien to the usual GOP experience of rent boys and children.

@SanFranLefty: I have a Death Star Pez.

@moeman: And, joining us at the All Star break . . .Grab a drink, salty snacks are on the bar.

I just bought a bottle of absinthe.

@Promnight: Marilyn Manson has his own private label absinthe – 66.6% alcohol, of course.

I just drank one ounce, mixed with water, as prescribed. Does seem to be somewhat different than a cocktail buzz, but according to many published reports there is really nothing special, its just wicked strong (130 proof). But if I think I feel different, than I do feel different, and hey, woh, I can feel my clothes hanging on me, very intensely. Each thread. Kinda trippy.

@Promnight: /pours a hit of the Glenlivet – for medicinal purposes only (cough)

That was kind of awesome. But I kind of feel like firedoglake.com is like Stinque. When is Nojo gonna get to say something untoward on MSNBC?

@RomeGirl: Yeah. We can go on MSNBC in ski masks and demand a special prosecutor to investigate reports of wanton, illicit schlong gobbling and pestorking in the Congress. As these are clinical terms of art, they can’t be bleeped.

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