Everyone Knows It’s Wendy

Oh dear.You want shrill?  I got your shrill right here. 

You know her.  Her reputation precedes her, and clears out a room faster than a skunk.  Ladies and gentlemen: I give you Wendy Long’s Twitter feed.

WHOA…..Schumer was just overcome with emotion talking about the Nancy Drew stories Soto read! Historic moment. 

Stuart Smalley just said “I may not be a lawyer…” I can’t resist: but he plays one on tv?

If Durbin thinks “calling balls and strikes” is “easy,” let’s put him behind plate in Wrigley Field and see how he does.

Whitehouse says all Soto has to do is “promise” she will “use the WIDE discretion of a SupCt Justice wisely.” Tough one.

Admittedly, this is somewhat tame.  As was the day on the whole, frankly.  Tomorrow, when the questioning gets rolling, her feed might be quite amusing.


What is a “Wendy Long” and why should I care?

Oh, and Hai everybody. My boss is out of town and I have to deal with Senior VPs and other such psychotics. It becomes very clear to me that to succeed in the executive heights of corporate structure takes rank stupidity and a self-centeredness that borders on obsession. That, and the ability to do it all while smiling and being bland.

God I hate my life sometimes.

Anyways, I miss you and will be back soon.

All my love!


ps. Welcome Moeman don’t let Benedick hog all the peanuts.

Tommmcatt Floats: Ms. Long is the showrunner for the Judicial Confirmation Network. Which is really against judicial confirmations, especially for dirty hippies like Sotomayor. Darling of the usual suspects on the right wing blogosphere.

Hey, I’m in D.C. Maybe I’ll take her for a romp in the Tidal Basin tomorrow. God knows, it’s warm enough.

@Dodgerblue: What part of town will you be in around, say, lunchtime tomorrow (assuming you don’t have work obligations)?

Wendy has won honors here at Stinque before. She is dumber than six chickens.

@melbell: regrettably, I’m in an all-day meeting with management, including a working lunch, then hustling back to Dulles.

@Dodgerblue: Dagger. Well, enjoy your visit nevertheless. (Believe it or not, the humidity has actually been reasonable the past week or so, and today looks to be no exception.)

@Tommmcatt Floats:

Stay strong, Tommmy! They own your body, but they’ll never own your soul!

Nil carborundum illegitimi.

@chicago bureau: Appreciating the love for The Association and their #1 hit from, is it possible, May 1967 just before they opened the historic Monterey Pop Festival.

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