Sarah Palin Loves Her CrackBerry

Calorie counter.Selected Saturday tweets from America’s Quitter, all via the “TwitterBerry” software…

  • More precious time, public & private resources wasted today w yet another frivolous false ethics charge, I’ll send presser. So sorry, Alaska
  • Love those Fairbanks constituents who appreciate our Constitution protections via 2nd & 10th Amendment bills/resos event today Thnx Frbnks!

  • Caution w/new “short-term 1-time only” Stimulus Pkg programs:”The nearest thing to eternal life we’ll see on earth is a govt program”-Reagan
  • Problem w/Professional Politicians:They’re more concerned w/holding a title in perpetuity than just accomplishing goals they promised voters
  • More talk of #2 “Stimulus” Pkg? Please no- for so many reasons- incl the 1st one hasn’t done what’s promised, & debt forced on AKn kids is..
  • selfish & immoral bc it robs their future opportunities!”If there is trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace”Thomas Paine

We suspect Bristol would enjoy more peace if she weren’t forced into a Mommy-enhancing abstinence program, but we’ll let that pass. Instead, let us take this opportunity to celebrate Twitter God pourmecoffee, who’s been on a wicked roll this week, including this instant classic:

Playing Palin Scrabble. Not a lot of fun. We just make stuff up, get challenged and quit.

Sarah Palin [Twitter]

Image: Chocolate Scrabble [Mary & Matt]


That’s how I play Scrabble against SFL!

Can I still have my feminist credentials if I call her a twat?

@SanFranLefty: Yes, yes you may. You’re even allowed to use the C-word when speaking of her.

@Mistress Cynica: She is relying on her bed-cred as an MILF to remain popular. If a man said and did the same wacky shit she does, he’d be laughed out of the gym.

@Dodgerblue: I forwarded the Peggy Noonan re-think piece from the Journal to some of the more conservative members of my family. The only response, from a particularly hawkish one, was “I don’t think of her as anything more than an attractive, bubbly [he actually said “bubbly”!], media savvy dimwit.”

Then he went on to say that it was “typical” of the media to dumb down the national discourse by giving her so much attention.

Could it be true? Are we enabling Sarah Palin?

@Nabisco say Relax: Yes, in the same way we’re enabling Rush, Newtie, and their fucktard ilk.

@Nabisco say Relax: Are we enabling Sarah Palin?

Yes. For our own devious enjoyment, of course.

I don’t think she’s writing her own tweets.

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