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angelina-jolie-and-pitt-5-16--08It’s not often that I bitch about my place of residence, the Upper West Side, but today is an exception.  Which is worse?


After crying poverty for months, Mayor Bloomberg authorized fat raises Friday for 6,692 of his managers and nonunion employees, worth $69 million over two years.

The raises, which will cover virtually all his City Hall staffers, but not himself, will match those given to District Council 37, the city’s largest municipal union.

There will be a 4% raise retroactive to March 3 of last year, and a compounded 4% raise – or 4.16% – retroactive to March 3 of this year.

Or this?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be looking to buy in Manhattan.

We hear the star couple has been quietly checking out the Apthorp, the century-old upper West Side landmark that’s undergoing a condo conversion.

The Apthorp is four blocks from my building. The horror …. I should probably be glad to pay for Bloomberg’s bonuses, but can’t I have a Brangelina-free-zone in exchange?


B Pitt bought a big house in Woodstock a few years ago. The locals loved him. All the contractors and etc who worked there had nothing but praise. I hear that he’s a very sweet and unassuming person. They can only be a plus to the neighborhood. You should have them over for drinks.

I think it’s more the paps and the starfuckers that make things hell.

I just got back from a friend’s cottage up north (not camping at all, sorry about the bad FB update.) I’m sunburnt. I’ve got bug bites on top of my bug bites (no shit!) I have one on the bottom of my foot that drove me nuts. I refrained from rubbing it on the accelerator on the 3 hour drive back. Oh and I got real wasted on Friday night and I’m still feeling it today.

On other hand, I had a great time doing squat and drinking beer.

Pardon me, I’m going to go scratch my bug bites for awhile.

@ManchuCandidate: I think that we should be grateful that people like this, who could live anywhere in any city in the world, are choosing to live in NYC. Perhaps all is not yet over.

4 blocks is heaven, last i looked brangelina was tearing up the beach next to my house in T&C. i have the option of renting that house again, but we’re looking around a little to find a brangelina free zone too.
i’m sure they’re lovely neighbors, but who needs papparazzi? remember back when i was muttering, bradpittruinedmylife…bradpittruinedmylife…….

@baked: Hordes of photographers trying to decide whether her uterus is packing their twenty-ninth child … no. No no no.

I used to live in the Ansonia, part of an effort by the original tenants to keep the apts occupied before going condo. I love those grand old UWS ladies. They don’t make buildings like that anymore.

The UWS has seen worse (in terms of popularit) than the likes of Brad and Angelina. I wouldn’t be too worried. It’ll be a paparazzi nightmare for a while, and then it will calm down once New Yorkers close ranks. And all kinds of shit can happen four blocks from one’s apt in NYC and you’d never know.

@RomeGirl: They cleaned the exterior recently – building looks great. My bank is in the building, so I get to see it often.

When I’m in the city later on this summer I want to get up there and take some exterior shots; wanna meet up?

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