I’m sorry, but I had to post the video:


Please forgive me.


@Jamie Sommers says take this job & shove it!: Yeah, those slutty pinstripes and ‘fuck me’ glasses show that Brooks was just asking for it.

Darling. I can’t watch Brooks pleading for a hand job. Not even for you. Though I would totally give you a hand job or, if the missus was away and you needed to explore your Socratic side and had your fist wrapped around my adamantine love-rocket well… pass the towels, big guy

@Jamie Sommers says take this job & shove it!: Oh you know he loved it.

BTW, 10 bucks sez it’s Lindsay Graham.

@SanFranLefty: Pfft, it could be half of the GOP Senate delegation, all them damn homersecktuhls. But it would be suwheet if Lindsay goes down next. I think the state of South Carolina would just implode.

OK. I had a night to think about it and my money is on Jesse Helms because… well because it’s Jesse Helms. And the thought of his hand on David Brooks’s thigh makes me so happy. So very very happy.

Is it just me, or was this actually hilarious, and also interesting that someone is finally addressing the fact that male Republican politicians are freaks?

Brooks need to fess up. I’m sorry, but after the revelations about those entitled C Street assholes I’m even more certain that these horrible people need to be driven from public life using any means necessary. They need to be shamed (hard to do that to a member of the GOP, I know) to the point where they go hide in some fenced compound somewhere, reduced to preaching to the choir and yearning for the Rapture. Fuck ’em.


Lindsay goes down all the time–it’s how he meets the Senate’s community service requirement.

@Original Andrew: It’s so obvious that Lindsay is a naughty bottom.

it’s not just you….i’m still laughing at “republican politicians are DROOLING BULLDOGS licking their aids”

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