Unholy Government Faith-Based Initiative Mints Yet Another Hack Confessing to Lurid Sex Crimes

Twisted GOP Psychopath Uses the Internet to Sell Teenagers into Slavery. Free enterprise, the way Jesus wants it, McFadden says!

Twisted Psychopath and former Office of Fuck Me Jesus hack used the Internet to sell teenagers into slavery - inspired no doubt by the GOP's inspirational Faith Based Initiatives program.

A deviant, beady-eyed Ohio-state hack and former chief of the state Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives pleaded guilty yesterday of pimping a 17-year old girl on the Internet, ending his sex life of buying desperate little kids off the streets of cities shattered by GOP kleptocratic governance and bragging about it on the Internet.

Robert McFadden, 46, pleaded guilty to two counts of compelling prostitution, for which fuckface could do up to 10 years, after prosecutors dropped five other prostitution-related charges.

When this near-child molester was arrested in January, the initial charges included compelling prostitution involving a minor, promoting prostitution and pandering, yes, a career of incredible evil, even for a hack but one so lustfully pursued and with such braggadocio that even the Columbus, Ohio vice cops were able to track down his damp, slimy trail on the Internet.

Fuckface apparently loved to play the child-hooker connoisseur, posting his impressions of prostitutes’ services on Internet discussion forums under such names as, “God O Thunder”, finally getting involved with a website, the principals of which organized a hooker sex raffle that caught the attention of the gendarmes last year.

What drove McFadden to abuse the flesh of trainwrecked human beings for his own wanton lusts? Apparently, like all these other perverts, some mixture of monotheism, fascist politics and psycopathy. McFadden apparently started his career of Jesus-fueled evil as the field director for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, yes, the fucking papists.

Then the sick and twisted freak was was hired in February 2007 to head up the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, established by the Ohio legislature in 2003 and inspired by the Bush Office of Fuck Me Jesus, one of the most wanton nexuses of boondoggle looting in the history of the Republic.

That gig only lasted some months as, apparently, McFadden was so busy scanning porn and whacking off in his office that he didn’t get anything done and was gently transferred out to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Finally, the unemployable fuck was laid off and will send the rest of his life, likely, as the bride of neonazi serial killers who will righteously stomp him to death once they tire of shredding his asshole. Die, fuckface, die!

So, Stinquers, how log before McFadden goes like Geoghan? A day? A month? A year?


(Thanks for the tip, Cuthbert!)

Cuthbert! Woo Hoo! Way to go, ma brutha! (cockney for “well done, me old china” – ‘china plate’ being rhyming slang – aka ‘back slang’ – for ‘mate’ i.e. esteemed companion)

I was thinking it was about time for a new Republican sex scandal to replace the old new Republican sex scandal because I can only concentrate on a Republican sex scandal for a total of four days. Tops. We need to keep them cuming, people.

This makes me think of those boots camps for ‘wayward’ boys in the Utah deseret owned by senator Butters. If one puts one’s mind to it one could become just a tad depressed by these people.


I saw a movie about a camp for wayward boys once…

@Benedick: I hope for Endless Cummer again.

@Tommmcatt Floats: @rptrcub: Gentlemen. Though we might hope for an endless cummer about wayward boys who are compelled to wrestle each other for what few scraps of clothing they are allowed by their muscular leather-clad guards before being taken down to the dorms….

The Utah Butters concentration camps are quite astonishing. Not least because he’s made so much money from parents placing their boys there to be cured of gay. They are kept chained upright for days. And not in the good way.

@Benedick: I think this is why I’m getting a “SarahPac” ad on this page.

@Dodgerblue: Just made a screenshot, but probably not worth posting. Busy day and all that.

TJ/ Son of former OK rep Ernest Istook (R-Mormon) was arrested by bounty hunters yesterday — penny-ante crap like failure to appear, DUI, etc. They found him hiding in the closet in his bathroom, appropriately enough. There’s video.

@Mistress Cynica:
They found him hiding in the closet

Literally, figuratively or both?

@JNOV: And here I thought racism was dead…

I can’t wait to get back to the States this summer and see all these crazy ads you guys talk about. I get Muslim marriage arrangers.

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