Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Pining for the fjords.

Seems we left a few things behind at the old-old joint when we evacuated last year, but we still have a fair claim to Cocktober and Butterstick. And we retain a passing interest in Adam Kokesh, who appears to be running for Congress on the Paultard ticket, right down to the moneybomb.

But what Ralphie is doing in Adam’s Flickr feed is beyond us. Did the parrot die?

Kokesh for Congress

I don’t know what any of this means.

WTF is that video on his site. It’s like a movie trailer of a bad remake of a video game of some kind.

I love his beard, though. It’s so bear-tastic. WOOF!

Also, someone should clean up his Flickr feed. It’s messy. But I love the flak jacket stuffed with flowers he’s wearing.

@RomeGirl: I indeed can forget the Paultardisme with a face like that.

Also, I will be sharing the Lortab with the highest bidder.

If he’s serious about running, then he’d better hire a professional marketing/campaign person ASAP. That website looks like something a 14 year-old boy cooked up.

And Adam, Rule #1 of campaigning is selling yourself. Let’s see those beefy arms that make us swoon.

Is that Ralph’s collection of Car and Driver in the background?

What’s going on with Ralph’s nose? It looks weird.

@Nabisco: Dodger’s just on a fricking roll today. He’s about to beat me in Scrabble by more than 100 points – he’s breaking 500!


/looks up from licking wounds/

oh really?

@all: at kind request of Prom, and for the uninitiated, we offer David Peel.

@Original Andrew: @rptrcub: I wonder if you make a donation if he will send you some more revealing shots.

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