The Colbert Nation of Iran


So we’re checking out the homepage of Press TV, Iran’s state-supported English-language satellite service, and we notice the blurb for the second video: “Hate filled commentary on U.S. media outlets growing”.

And then we notice the image they’re running with it.

The story, filed from Washington and posted at 2:05 GMT Friday, highlights Rush, O’Reilly, Beck, Dobbs, and Uncle Pat, with expert commentary from the SPLC and Media Matters, among others. But in the entire 2:37 video, there’s no sight or mention of Stephen Colbert.


Hmmm… is this a sign of cluelessness or a wink, and a nod from a guy on the inside wants us to know that they’re not all theocratic retards where he works?

re cluelessness

what kills me is armadinnerjacket couldn’t take a page out of america’s playbook on how to rig an election.. they just threw bundles of certified votes, mass bundles, off of a truck!
what, they don’t have shredders in iran? kitty harris?

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