Contextual Advertising Keeps it Classy


If only I could get a look under that hijab. . .


So, if I type “Meet Iranian Girls” here, we’ll get our own example?

I’m waiting for the Thai hooker jokes.

It seems less inappropriate here, but that woman holding up the “Where is my vote?” sign a few posts back? Rowr.

@IanJ: I know. Not only are they doing what we never did but they are bringing teh hotness.

@IanJ: Someone criticized Sully the other day for preferring beefcake shots of protesters.

OT – Hoekstra is comedy gold. Make sure and click through to the twitter feed – more there.

@blogenfreude: And a blog mocking Hoekstra already. Damn I love the tubes.

@blogenfreude: Yeah, dude has singlehandedly created a new LOL meme, at his own expense.

@Benedick: Let’s face it, teh coloreds are prettier than we pasty types. Jesus was a good looking dude, but he had green eyes, olive skin and curly hair rather than the blond/blue eyed Ken doll they’ve been selling us since the Renaissance.

ADD: oh, and Mary Magdalene? Total bombshell.

@blogenfreude: In defense of the Old Ways, Challenger jokes turned up very fast after the event. But I have no idea how in those dark pre-Internet days.

Still: dayum, that was both fast and spot-on. But I’m not yet sure how that can boil down to legendary “series of tubes” and “opposite marriage” status.

Oh, and memo to Grassley: You’re off the hook.

@Nabisco: Delacroix knew a thing or two about showing tit.

@blogenfreude: I can do the splinter/Jesus-on-the-cross entry one better: I dropped a knife on my foot last night, so now I know what crucifixion feels like. Not as painful as it sounds (mostly because the knife wasn’t very sharp).

@blogenfreude: The trail of tears one gave me stomach cramps, as I tried to keep from laughing out loud.

Now I know what it’s like to have cancer.

@Jamie Sommers: Trail of Tears was awesome but the waterboarding one made me crack up too.

Iranian national soccer team shows solidarity with protesters before game with South Korea.

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