Fun With Post-Its

Take the edge off.



Whenever I see post-its, I can’t help think about a bunch of Seattle Grim Reapers.

Where can I buy that brand of post-its?

Help. I am going nuts, my mom was admitted to the hospital tonight, my deli is obverwhelming me, I am crazy nuts, I need a laugh, music, sex, blahhghgg, me going insane crazy coocoo for cocoapufffs, whats funny in the world, no more serious badness, must take drugs now.

@Pedonator: That thing is so widespread I saw it on a gun blog last night. For reals.

@Promnight: Our prayers and best wishes for Prom Mom. Maybe time for a leave of absence at the straight gig?

I wish the Martini Fairy would magically appear. I think the gin evaporated due to its volatility, so it’s just cheap Sam’s Club red wine (Torrez malena) left over from the waycool summer party for me tonight. It’s OK. Tasted funny after the Foster’s the other night, though.


Sending good wishes your way for your mom from the Left Coast.

@Promnight: Good thought-beams toward Prom Mom. Wish I could provide you the perfect combination of sex/music/laugh, but after a cursory Google and a pensive repast on the patio, searching the inner self for memories of such a combination, I come up with nada. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

@Promnight: Just now saw your 12:22 am comment. Since it’s now 5:15 am here and where you are, I hope you’re sweetly sleeping.

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed, it’s been that way for me this week too. Has felt like the world threatening to come down around my ears. Spent all day Tuesday in the hospital while my husband was having surgery. Rule #1: Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Take care of yourself first by whatever tried and true means you have ever discovered. Deep, slow breathing; no caffeine; a long, or short, walk somewhere pleasant, preferably outside; yes, yes, yes to the laughter idea – do you have a favorite comedy on tape or DVD, or a book you can rely on for laughs, SJ Perelman, say, or Mark Twain (maybe Youtubes of your favorite comedians, or of baby animals); keep reminding yourself that there is really very little that you can control or that you are truly responsible for, that things will work themselves out, often in surprising, and surprisingly good, ways.

If you can stay in the moment, stay calm, and do the next thing that needs to be done to keep yourself on an even keel, you’ll make it through this storm. I needed to say all that to you to hear it for myself. Wishing you all the best and, like Pedonator, sending good thought-beams toward you and Prom Mom.


If that URL doesn’t work for some reason, go to Youtube and search for “baby twin panda”.

let’s all have a laugh…’s one drug none of us need.

thanks for that lynn, and love to mom prommie.
and a summer sabbatical from dunder miflin would be ideal.

@Promnight: Sending all my St. Francis furbabies in the sky karma and good wishes to you and PromMom. Can you take a break from day job and focus on deli? Any culinary school students on summer break needing an “internship” available?

Watching George Carlin or Chris Rock clips, reading a little David Sedaris, these things might help.

i’m telling you, you are gonna be some kick ass publicist after your inevitable breakdown that prom and i already had….
you mention 3 of the top people that keep me from killing myself!
prommie, i DEFY you to read sedaris’ “me talk pretty one day” and not pee your pants. just do it.

@Promnight: Hope your mother is feeling better. Thinking of you all.

@lynnlightfoot: Mr Lightfoot too. Hope he’s recovering well and you’re managing to cope.

Keep us post-ed!!!!

See what I did there? Kind of a pun? Post-it. Post-ed?

This film scares me.

@lynnlightfoot: Hope Mr. Lightfoot is feeling better soon and that you hang in there.

@baked: I’d like to at least finish paying off my law school loans before I quit the law. And I did PR-type work in a former life, do not want to go back to that…

see, your expertise in that area shows.

of course my very best to you and mr lightfoot. i’ll add that to my next massive missive i stuff into the wailing wall.
god has a lot of ‘splainin to do

@lynnlightfoot: We’ll also be thinking of you and Mr LF. When my nephew was in the hospital, I took my brother my travel fly tying kit, which gave him a welcome diversion from the whole hospital routine.

When my mother in law was in the hospital last year, she had this super cheery nurse who reminded us of a Sunday school teacher for pre-schoolers. Mrs RML was ready to slap her.

@SanFranLefty: I’ll quit law when (a) I die; (b) I win the Powerball. That is also my retirement plan.

@redmanlaw: At the rate I’m going with Citibank, I will die or win the Powerball before I pay off the loans.

@redmanlaw: Well, my 401k is now a 201k, as the saying goes, so I am also relying on winning the lottery for retirement planning.

I think winning the lottery is everyone’s plan. Beats a pension (mine is currently 50% of what I paid into it.)

@SanFranLefty: @Dodgerblue: @ManchuCandidate: On the rare occasions that I look at what’s left of the cash-out I got from my former gig, I wonder why I didn’t stay with the original plan: keep smoking and not exercising and stroke out before I need to “retire”. Now I’ll be fit but poor.

@flippin eck: A pension, as I understand it, is your pittance of a reward for being a drudge for forty-five years. I decided I’d rather have the time up front.

@flippin eck: Next, Manchu will tell us U.S. ‘Merikens about having a guaranteed level of health care paid for by the state as a basic human right.

@SanFranLefty: Right? Silly canucks.

@nojo: I have a 401k, which could magically disappear if the market dips right before I retire, and contributions to a Medicare program that will have long since disappeared before I retire, as the program will be going bankrupt in a decade or so…neither are much more reliable than the lottery ticket retirement plan or on par with this so-called “pension.”

@SanFranLefty: The place that managed my 401(k) had this annoying wired skate punk asshole calling me way too frequently about hot tips. I called his boss and told him to make that guy quit calling and to put my stuff into cash until I could think of something to do with it. Here we are a few years later and I still have what I put into it.

@Nabisco: My brother and I joke that our retirement plan is by Smith & Wesson: when the money runs out, we shoot ourselves.

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