Playing the Adkisson Card

Truly a thing of beauty – O’Reilly, flummoxed.


It was nice how calm he got when Walsh basically dubbed him Field Marshal O’Reilly of the Adkisson Brigades. He fucking loves it.

@FlyingChainSaw: I knew you’d like that Adkisson smackdown. Question is – will more talking heads confront O’Reilly, Savage, Hannity, et al regarding the carnage they participated in? I live in hope.

@blogenfreude: She should have asked him, “Hey, do you get hard when one of your acolytes pulls out a gun and blows people the fuck away? Did your loofah get a workout when Adkisson shot up the Unitoonians, asshole?”

Why does anyone talk to him? Or any of the others? Joan Walsh can’t persuade or influence anyone who watches O’Reilly. So what’s the point? He wipes the floor with her. He’s not flummoxed once. I don’t get it. She makes him look respectable.

@Benedick: To me, the sudden change in volume says something, and I don’t think it was because he was going into break. Reasonable minds can, of course, differ.

Memories, may be beautiful and yet
What’s too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget

@JNOV: C’mon – I went twice as long as I promised – 48 hours.

@blogenfreude: Oh, damn. Apologies. For some reason I read that as a week. Wishful thinking? :-p

@JNOV: I’ve been well-behaved, you’ll admit. No Stormy posts in … forever. No Fried Ferrari posts in days. No JeremyClarksonthrashessomecararoundsometrack posts in weeks.

I think it would play a lot better with a John Adams score.

@blogenfreude: True. I’m at 6:21 — she messed up — late-term ABs are not banned. They are restricted. (Back to the show.)

I’m kind of mesmerized by the fake Ess Eff background behind her. Geographically impossible, needless to say. But do they do the evening light motif when the interview is after 6 pm?

At 8:50 — wrong! He doesn’t have the const’l right to incite violence. That is not protected speech.

TJ: Meanwhile, GWB appointee fed judge here in EssEff sez Jose “Durty Bomb” Padilla’s lawsuit against John “Quaint” Yoo can go forward.

Flummoxed? Nope. Just the usual shouting, finger pointing, name calling, twisting of words and evasion.

My O’Reilly experience in this life is now complete, and I’m putting him on the shelf with Stormy.

@JNOV takes a little english to doctor the spin: Indeed. I love the comments on SF Gate accusing the judge of being an “activist judge” and “in bed with the liberals and terrorists.”

@Benedick: I agree. He doesn’t look or sound flummoxed at all. They’re merely shouting at each other. It simply does no good to play his game. What a waste of time.

O’Reilly begins the interview falsely charging that Walsh called him an accessory to murder in her column, then ends the interview by claiming that Walsh has blood on her hands. Typical right-wing hypocrite.

Reminds me: a few yeas ago I was invited to debate right-wing film critic James Hirsen (Newsmax) on the subject of Michael Moore’s Farenheit 911 for a Canadian right-wing radio talk show (I’d written a review for the Baltimore Chronicle). And true to form, Hirsen began the show by complaining that those awful liberals were comparing George Bush to Hitler, then ended the show by claiming that Michael Moore was a contemporary Leni Reifestahl.

You should never expect consistency (or shame) from these people.

Well that was atrocious. I think I’ll just be skipping any further O’Reilly posts: I get enough daily asshole without them.

Forget O’Reilly. This craft project Michelle wore to Westminster Abbey is a national disgrace.
[Note to Bloggie: Please let me have this teeny weeny fashion post. Baking cakes, gardening, and mocking other people’s clothes are the only things saving me from despair.]

@Mistress Cynica: I can’t believe she wore that out in public. Even if it was made by her daughters, she should have put her foot down and explained to them that Mommy will wear it in winter when it can be accessorized with a fabulous trench coat that will never come off within 150 yards of a camera.

And I’m glad we can agree on this because I’m a Dame Julie girl, m’self. Far more talented….

@Jamie Sommers: I love Julie–and I’ll grant that she’s more talented–so that was a tough one. But I worship Audrey. OMG, the Elegance.

@Mistress Cynica: @Jamie Sommers: WTF!?!? My fucking eyes, they burn, I don’t care if a 7 year old girl with cancer made that frock, there’s no fucking way you should put that on. And frankly the horizontal lines of craziness are doing Michelle no favors in batting down the breathless rumor in the tabloids that she’s pregnant (naturally the tabloids want all women pregnant or losing their pregnancy weight in 3 weeks, so I don’t believe it).

Where was this poll going on re: Audrey et al.?

@SanFranLefty: The poll is here. 460 comments/votes strong and counting.

@Jamie Sommers: I think that if you can’t answer the question about defending unborn children – to use O’Reilly language – then you should stay far away. Plus, they only have people like her on so they can claim to be ‘fair and balanced.’ But to hem and haw and evade does not do anyone proud. However, it’s posted a lot of places and Bloggie is no dope. Maybe there’s something I’m just not seeing.

@Mistress Cynica: What – is she wearing Bjork cast-offs? Dear God. Let’s hope Carla Bruni was nowhere near.

@Mistress Cynica: Givenchy couture. He could make Laura Bush look chic. Of course you know the story about Hepburn and the white socks in Daddy Long Legs? Hmmmm???

@Serolf Divad: That’s why she should have just gone into his face and torn out his heart and accused him of inciting retards to murder and done some riffing on his proclivity to make obscene phone calls and whack off. No use pretending you can have a discussion with a rabid animal like this – just enjoy shooting at it point blank and watching bits of flesh and fur fly.

@Benedick: Hepburn? White socks? No I don’t know the story.

I simply won’t watch, that man is a sociopath, he makes me vomit, and incites me to violence.

@Benedick: Don’t tease. Dish! (only white socks I recall was the beatnik jazz club scene in Funny Face).

@Jamie Sommers: @SanFranLefty: I see some people are still bitter about the My Fair Lady movie casting.

@Mistress Cynica: From the Mad parody of Sound of Music — which means this take on Climb Ev’ry Mountain has been rattling the noggin for decades:

When I beat Fair Lady,
Vengeance… will… be… mine!

I’m trying to wrap my head around BillO’s characterization of Joan Walsh as “far left”.

Again the krazeee right gets to define the parameters of debate. Anything less than fervent embrace of flag-waving cross-worshipping corporatist-sponsored theocratic fascism is considered “left-wingnutism”.


In Bill O’s world, anything to the left of Joe Lieberman is “far left.”

BTW, Frank Rich’s column this morning is required reading.

@Pedonator: Word.

@Mistress Cynica: Of course I meant Funny Face. But that’s the very scene. A lousy dance in a very indifferent movie. However, she was working with Astaire who knew everything about everything. He insisted on those white socks which caused her a good deal of grief as they violated her sense of what was appropriate and becoming to wear. He, however, wanted her feet to pop. When she saw the rushes she understood his aim and thanked him profusely. Point being she was a very intelligent woman who understood what costumes are for and did not confuse them with decoration for her body.

Astaire was always very involved in his partners’ costumes. The cloud dresses that Rogers often wore, as they both revealed and obscured her body, defined his legs and displayed his line. He was also often given to short trousers that showed sock to make his feet pop. Unless he was in tails. There is a very interesting aspect to what is my fave of their dances together, Let’s Face The Music and Dance in Follow the Fleet, a movie with a plot ridiculous even by their standards but in this particular dance Rogers wears a heavy metallic sheath that continues her movements after her body is still. At the climax of the dance there is a series of fast turns and abrupt poses in which her gown, with the aid of a beautiful orchestration, becomes part of the choreography itself, whipping itself about her ankles in a way that adds a series of dramatic visual punches to the dance. It’s both camp and slightly ridiculous but manages somehow to achieve a poetry that is surprisingly emotional. Then at the end they strike they deco ashtray pose and get the fuck out of Dodge.

@Mistress Cynica: Yeah, but that wasn’t nearly as annoying as the people who kept bringing up “Hanoi Jane” in her round. Jeebusfreakincherrios, people, get over it already.

@Benedick: I prefer Gene Kelly. He really knew how to wear clothes to display his fabulous ass.

@Benedick: @Jamie Sommers: I love both Fred and Gene–I don’t even think they can be compared to one another. Gene had a very sexy, exuberant, physical quality to his dancing, while Fred was almost ethereally graceful. I watch him just walking across a room in a movie and marvel at how he just glides through the world. In some ways I find them like Nureyev and Baryshnikov–Fred, like Nureyev, excelled with a partner, showing her off beautifully while still being more than just a prop for her, while the other two were really at their best dancing alone, where their raw animal power dominates the stage. My, is it warm in here, or is it just me?

@Mistress Cynica: It is quite warm in here. Oh my, oh my. Perfect description of Kelly’s and Astaire’s differences.

@Mistress Cynica: @Jamie Sommers: I find Kelly kind of hard to take. He was so damn coy. And he was obsessed with props. He’s always dancing with objects and mugging at the camera. Astaire just danced like a dream. Fantastic line on him. He could get proppy too but then he’d get together with Eleanor Powell or Cyd Charisse and dance like an angel. I guess its chalk and cheese. Amazing to think they were both making making movies at the same time.

For hotness I would go with Bob Fosse or Michael Kidd.

@Benedick: I thought the line on Gene Kelly was that he was determined to make dancing, how you say it, butch. “Elegant” is just code for fruity.

But I’ll let others argue Mick & Keith. I enjoy them both.

(Oh, and I happened to see Singin’ again a few weeks back. Cyd Charisse: Yow.)

@bloggie: Jr has a question: Have you seen the clip of O’Reilly where he started off discussing the whole Palin email hacking fiasco with a guest he expected to support his point of view, and the guest more or less shut him down?

(Boycott suspended due to reading FCS comments to Jr which led to his question.)

@blogenfreude: Excellent — JR says clip was embedded on Encyclopedia Dramatica (sorry!) b/c the channers had a field day with it.

@Benedick: I do think there was merit in Kelly’s agenda to, not make dance more masculine, but show that you could be a dancer and still be masculine. Yes, yes, I know, I treading on a fine line with homphobia, but in my mind he was trying to deal with that, and project a message that there is nothing either homosexual or feminine about dance. He was taking the American mass audience as it was, and still is, and trying to educate them and erase a stereotype that hinders mass popular acceptance of dance as an art form among american males of the troglodyte persuasion.

I also wish that the waistlines on mens pants would go back to that day, rise up above the navel, its a quirky, probably hopeless fashion quirk of mine, but I am high-wasted, oops, I mean waisted, and its so hard to find trousers with a longer fit between crotch and waistline.

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