Clowns to the Left of Us

No, fuck you.

Fearful that the Charlatan Right would get all the attention for exploiting a tragedy, PETA rushed to Wichita last week to get their not-at-all-profoundly-inappropriate billboards posted around town.

And after the expected refusals from the local billboard companies, PETA was then able to get some free coverage from the local paper (and now, us).

PETA has denied ties with the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front, two groups named by the FBI as “domestic terrorists” in 2002. (And if PETA’s hyperactive trollers would like to drop by and deny those ties in person, welcome!)

But even if PETA stormtroopers regularly crashed our door to grab our cold, dead chimichanga from our microwave, it’s not like they have a major cable network and popular radio bloviators cheering them on. Everybody hates them.

PETA abandons plans for ‘vegetarian’ billboards [Wichita Eagle]

Everybody hates them.

Except when they do the nude model or model covered in veggies things. Cuz, you know, who doesn’t like nudity?

They are classic attention seeking babies. The more shit they pull, the harder the blowback and the more publicity they gain. They don’t bring anyone to their side, but just like North Korea, they are whiny crybabies acting out when people don’t respond to their tantrums.

Thank the FSM they don’t have nukes. Ditto for Code Pink.

Personally, I’m all for better farming methods and reduced meat consumption, but I think the Simpsons showed how really annoying they can be with “Lisa The Vegetarian” episode.

A lot more maturity and sophistication would help besides “Won’t Someone please think of the chickens?” wailing.

(And if PETA’s hyperactive trollers would like to drop by and deny those ties in person, welcome!)

PETA’s trollers are wasting their time. Their efforts should be put to better use, like pressing the government to provide full support to the Millenium Development Goals.

/TJ/ Point of inquiry: the reports I’ve seen thus far on the Iranian election doesn’t say anything about vote rigging. Anybody got some intel on this? I have my suspicions about Mr. No Tie.

@chicago bureau: The bits and pieces I’ve read warn about vote rigging, but I think we have to wait for the announcement of a 97 percent victory.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, we’re all in favor of the right things. But you don’t have to support Operation Rescue to oppose abortion.

This PETA/ALF/ELF business is fascinating — ALF & ELF being the closest thing we’ve got to left-wing terrorists these days, and some very self-interested folks claiming a connection similar to OR decrying violence but hiring a former clinic bomber. There may be nothing at all to it, but PETA is at the very least philosophically radical. Besides being fucking idiots.

@chicago bureau: Mayor Mahmoud was suspected of rigging in 2005, but Iranians are fantastically independent people.

Vegetables are plant life that are cruelly ripped out of the ground and then boiled, steamed, sauteed or fried.

Ergo, PETA = murder.

I love my furbabies more than just about anything, but PETA has always made me so fucking stabby.

@Jamie Sommers: I actually used that argument, slightly reworded, with one of my kids when they declared they were “going vegetarian” because we caught, cleaned and grilled the trout we had for dinner that night.

“You can’t live on Legos” has been one of my dinner table sayings the kids like to repeat.

@Jamie Sommers: But you sort of have to respect the Jains on that count:

Jains make considerable efforts not to injure plants in everyday life as far as possible. They admit that plants must be destroyed for the sake of food, but they only accept such violence inasmuch as it is indispensable for human survival, and there are special instructions for preventing unnecessary violence against plants. Jains don’t eat root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, roots and tubers, because tiny life forms are injured when the plant is pulled up and because the bulb is seen as a living being, as it is able to sprout. Also, consumption of most root vegetables involves uprooting & killing the entire plant. Whereas consumption of most terrestrial vegetables doesn’t kill the plant (it lives on after plucking the vegetables or it was seasonally supposed to wither away anyway).

They mean business.

What a vicious, vicious planet God created.

@mellbell: Guess they wouldn’t care for the new weed whacker I got myself for Father’s Day. Mrs RML have an ongoing debate on what constitutes a weed. If I like it it’s wildflower and I’m not cutting it.

Time for a little plant ultravi and have that salad I picked up this morning when I got cookies for the office.

Confession. I was a member of PETA. Till they got too weird even for me. But they have done good things. And the story behind the founding of the group is very interesting. Besides, we’ll all be vegetarian in 100 years. If anyone’s left.

@Benedick: Thanks ‘dick. I’ve always had a soft spot for PETA, even if I can’t get with their entire bandwagon.

Yes some of their agenda is looney-tunes, but I’d think Pamela Anderson’s bewbies would make the het male Stinque population, at least, show a bit more respect.

And what do you guys have against ELFs? What would you do if humans invaded your forests? Doesn’t an occupied nation have the right of resistance?

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